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The wedding of Turkish artist Oiko Karaial

Turkish artist Oiko Karaial celebrated her marriage to Jean Bonomou a few weeks after the announcement of the engagement.

The bride will hold another party, invite a limited number of her friends and decide to prevent his portrayal of the media.

Here are pictures of the wedding of the Turkish artist Oiko Karayal:


The fact of the quarrel between the artist Zeina and an American family in Dubai

A video of a fight between Egyptian artist Zeina and an American family of Egyptian origin spread during a Dubai hotel.

The video featured Zina and was animated after the children of the American family filmed it without prior permission, which was rejected and reached the end of the mutual aggression between the parties, the charge of the Dubai Police to Zina and the American family.

Michael Jackson's father had subjected him to a chemical castration

The former doctor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson announced that Michael's father had subjected him to a chemical castration in order to keep his voice from thick.

The doctor, Conrad Murray, said that Joseph Jackson (Michael's father) had been very harsh with his children, "one of the worst fathers in history." His son, Michael, in 2016, injected hormones to prevent his voice from changing puberty.

Japan’sfloods and disastrous results

Floods and landslides in western Japan have caused catastrophic results. Government spokesman Yoshihid Soga said at least 199 people were killed and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a crisis cell meeting ordered the quickest possible rescue of the victims.

In addition to the 99 killed, the authorities said they had no information on dozens of people; local media reported about 60 missing.

Reality television star Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner, 20, will be the youngest billionaire in the United States thanks to a two-year-old cosmetic company, according to Forbes magazine.

Kinder Cosmetics was launched in 2016 with lip gloss kits, worth $ 29. It has since sold cosmetics worth more than $ 630 million.

Soon, dispense with chemotherapy to dissolve breast cancer

Scientists in Argentina from the University of Buenos Aires said in comments to the journal "Medical News": that estrogen is the main element of healthy cell growth, but the rise in activity is higher than the normal rates can become one of the main causes of the development of cancer cells and tumors of malignant.

After the arrest of Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar, where will the blondes go?

Turkish authorities have arrested Adnan Oktar and dozens of his followers for fraud, libel and sexual abuse.

Adnan Oktar, born February 2, 1956 in the Turkish capital of Ankara, is a Caucasian family. He kept some of the Qur'an and studied the books of fiqh al-Hanafi, and completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara. He moved to Istanbul in 1979 where he studied philosophy and fine arts. Al-Mimar Sinan University, and philosophy at the University of Istanbul.

How was the fake Saudi prince revealed after 30 years?

A US thief who managed to make a huge fortune by impersonating a prominent Saudi prince for 30 years, but "pork" was the reason for his arrest.

Anthony Giniac, a 47-year-old Colombian, has pretended to be a Saudi prince since 1991. He lived a luxurious life and owned a high-rise apartment in Miami and a host of luxury cars, including Ferrari, Rolls Royce, And Rolex watches.

Giniac has received many gifts, including expensive paintings and jewelry.

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