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By order of the devil, she killed her boyfriend during the intimate relationship

 The remains of "Dmitry Sinkevich" were found in the refrigerator of Anastasia Onegina at her home in Orylevi, Russia.

Russian police reports that the victim's arms, legs and male member were amputated after his death.

The body is feared to be distorted until it resembles the demonic god Bahumet.

Genetic analysis predicts the potential for success and wealth

Who have genes for education, or high grades of genes, have become better academics, and the genes themselves have helped to make someone rise up clearly.

A study has been conducted on more than 20 thousand people that those who have certain genetic differences have earned more money, received better jobs and have more education.

The study found that those with high grades of genes were better in terms of education and wealth than their parents and siblings, regardless of the family social class of children.

The study also found that the genetic findings of the mother can predict the completion of her child's education, suggesting that someone's genes can improve the success of the next generation by changing its behavior.

Pavel Semnyuk, Ukrainian author of the digital standard in the Guinness Book of the World's Largest Family

Pavel Semnyuk, the 87-year-old Ukrainian man, is preparing to enter the Guinness Book of Records with a family of 346.

Pavel Semnyuk has thirteen sons, 127 grandchildren and 203 grandsons of grandchildren.

The Ukrainian man had a long life until he saw the grandchildren of his grandchildren and they also received their grandchildren.

Video: Residents of a Thai village are surprised by a giant plane in the middle of their fields

In a village in Chai Nat province in northern Thailand, people gathered to watch a giant plane carrying the purple and gold logo of Thai international airlines.

Some thought that the plane that arrived at night, perhaps run out of fuel landed in the field, but what surprised the villagers, is the cement bases under the wheels; how the plane boarded them, and so the questions remained unanswered, like the doors of the plane enclosed secrets inside.

Photos of the World Cup Russia 2018 confirms Qatar's inability to organize the World Cup 2022

The US Today newspaper published several pictures of the celebrations taking place in the streets of Russia after all the sports interviews and how the streets are crowded with fans and said: The overcrowding of the streets and squares of the Russian capital Moscow thousands of fans during the 2018 World Cup; Qatar will be forced to review the organization of the championship Coming.

The newspaper said in its report, quoting the Associated Press: "Even the fans of Latin American teams, which left teams, continued to be in Moscow; which raises the question of the ability of a small city such as the ability to absorb these huge crowds.

Egypt: The bodies of three children were found to be mashed and gutted

The bodies of three slaughtered children were found in a garbage bag in a street in Giza Governorate, Upper Egypt.

Social bloggers said in their comments with the footage they shared that they found the bodies of the three children and their necks were slaughtered, wrapped in black garbage bags, and their bodies began to decompose.

Experts from the forensic laboratory have taken the evidence from the scene. The prosecution began investigating the incident to reveal its ambiguity.

New about George Clooney 's health after he survived

Amal al-Din was accompanied by her husband, George Clooney, while receiving John Paul II Hospital and went out with him. They spend the summer in Sardinia, where Clooney depicts episodes of "Catch 22" and monitors them in a restaurant in San Polo.

Gang finds a huge archaeological city in Minya

A gang specializing in the smuggling of antiquities helped the Egyptian police to discover a large archaeological site after their arrest in Minya governorate in Upper Egypt.

The gang was specialized in archaeological excavations and was engaged in a stealth excavation in the village of Chiba Eastern Department of Abu Bakrqas Center in Menia.

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