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Photos, shock supporters of Hillary Clinton

Thunderous fall of the Democratic candidate, former US first lady, former US Secretary of State, which became a candidate for the US elections earlier, Hillary Clinton.

Nude photos of the wife, Russian Deputy Defense Minister accompanied by a letter

Spread nude photos of the wife, the Russian defense minister, Zvilana Zacharova, by spending her holiday on the beach.

Breast cancer may not be accompanied by concrete tumors

Researchers from the University College London, discovered that breast cancer does not have to be accompanied by concrete tumors, and they said that if one out of every six cases of breast cancer do not start the emergence of a significant tumor.

Hollywoodlife, divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, began out of bed

Site Hollywoodlife, the magazine Life & Style, saying that Americans divorce two stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, began out of bed.

A court ruling as "blinded"

The second time, in Iran, issued a sentence, according to the principle of an eye for an eye, and be judged as "blindness".

American star will leave for America in the case of Donald Trump win

A number of Hollywood stars have vowed to leave America and migration to other countries, if it wins the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump presidency.

Video: player kills the referee after red paper

In protest at the expulsion from the game, the player Kanarios Mexican team, the face of a powerful punch to the referee Victor Trejo, during the game, which took place at the "Omegos del balloon", in "Tulansengw", in the state of "Hidalgo" Mexican.

Video: Adel Imam hugs anchor "Carthage" movie in his own way

Great actor Adel Imam, won three honors coming during the guest of honor at the event, Sfax capital of Arab culture, and the Carthage Film Festival.

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