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With the onset of spring, some health experts predict that the Coruna virus will end with the summer, and while others support this view, they expect to return again next winter, which means that it will become endemic.

"Lhasa" fever in Nigeria

Sunday, 01 March 2020

Nigeria, Lagos: - Government sources in the Nigerian municipality of Abuja said that Lhasa fever has killed about 118 people, which are spread in this country because of the lack of moisture, which appears during this period of the year.

While the Egyptian media reports did not address the events that occurred after the first leg match that brought together the Egyptian team, Zamalek, and the Tunisian sports club, unlike what the Tunisian media did, however, at the sports level, the Tunisian team began preparing for this fateful sports meeting for him.

Unidentified persons attacked the Russian news agency, Sputnik, and it appears that this attack came against the background of revealing the size of the losses of the Turkish army in Syria.

Dehydration in the body causes headaches or migraines, and a lack of fluid in the body leads to the appearance of wrinkles early, and here are the benefits of drinking water immediately after waking up, and the stomach is empty, according to the site "Bold Sky":

Luxembourg has become the first country in the world to provide residents and visitors with public transportation for free, in an attempt to encourage motorists to leave their cars and use public transport; with a view to solving the problem of traffic congestion, especially around the capital city of Luxembourg.

Casablanca, Morocco:-- After the United Arab Emirates handed over Moroccan model, Aisha Ayyash, to the authorities in her country, and she is the main suspect in the case of "Hamza Moon Bibi", Aisha submitted confessions condemning the artist, Donia Butma and her sister, Ibtisam.

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