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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- PricewaterhouseCoopers International Professional Services has published a report entitled "The World in 2050," in which it predicts that major emerging market economies will grow twice as fast compared to advanced economies, and by 2050 today, emerging market economies will be among the seven most powerful economies in the world , Bypassing the United States, which will drop from second to third, and Japan, which will drop from fourth to eighth, and Germany, which will drop from five to nine.

Egyptian News Vision: - Playwright, American opera player, Terence McNally, 81, is a famous theater artist who has been awarded the Tony Award 4 times as a playwright.

Italia, Egyptian News Vision: - The health situation in Italy due to the Corona virus has had psychological repercussions on the medical staff there, prompting a nurse to commit suicide.

China, Egyptian News Vision: - The closure experience that China followed until it came out of the ashes and become the giants of the economy in Asia, has succeeded in the same experiment and recovered life after the closure to besiege the emerging corona virus.

America, Hawaii: - After the earthquake off the Russian Corel Islands, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued warnings of a tsunami in Hawaii.

Britain, Scotland, Egyptian News Vision: The latest news from Britain about the outbreak of the new Corona virus, Covid 19, reported that the situation has reached a degree of worsening, predicts that there are no indications of the authorities in London regaining control of the epidemic.

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