Did Erdogan's hopes sink in the next presidential election in the recent rains?

The latest rains have made cities and provinces of Turkey a hub and a river, amid a state of public anger at the deterioration of the country's infrastructure, posing a threat to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), coinciding with the country's early presidential election. Turkish voters are increasingly complaining about the inability of the authorities to redress the infrastructure problem. , As Turkey witnessed similar drowning in May.

The Turkish capital of Ankara, on May 5 last, heavy rains led to the injury of 6 people and flooded the streets of the city.

Video In Indonesia, the deceased mother insists on taking her son

The deceased mother insisted that she should not leave before she took her son with her to the other house. While the mourners were trying to carry the mother's coffin to the top of the podium, the ladder collapsed and everyone fell on the ground. The coffin fell directly over the forty-year-old son, British newspaper "Metro".

This was during the mourners' attempt to place the coffin of the deceased on a platform similar to the tower, which was set up to receive the bodies before burial.

Horrible video, a British couple are surprised at what happens in their home

The 28-year-old British husband, Paul, and his wife are hearing strange sounds coming from the kitchen of their Manchester home, hearing the sound of the washing machine as if it were spinning, and the toast roasting like bread from the inside.

The couple set up a surveillance camera to record what was happening in their absence. On the evening of June 13, 2018, the couple were shocked when they returned from outside and witnessed what the camera recorded.

Video: The music of the mountains harmonizes and creates harmony paintings on the land of Tunisia

Tunisia / Awad Salam / When you listen to the voices of women and men with a unique voice, wide acoustic spaces, and tones in which you feel like voices coming from the top down the oasis, and with palm height and voice when the wind blows, you are really with pure mountain music.

This musical spring blends with electronic music in the framework of the popular music front project, and your mood is filled with feelings that may take you to dance, and perhaps climb you to heaven...

Video: Tunisian folk music heritage when the voices of the mountains sing with the sound of wind

The Tunisian musical heritage is divided into a masterpiece, a classical, a folkloric or a folkloric, both of which occupy an important place in the oral traditions that have been formed over the ages and transmitted through generations.

 This heritage reflects aspects of Tunisian culture rooted in history.

Traditional folk music did not receive the attention of researchers, unlike the fine music that was collected, categorized, numbered and published.

Video, thwarting the attempt to burn the Kaaba

Saudi Arab, The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video that was filmed inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca, showing the pilgrims holding one of the people, carrying a package full of gasoline.

With the comment accompanying the video, this person was trying to set the bonfire on the Kaaba.

Video, a Pakistani expatriate committed suicide from the roof of the Grand Mosque

A Pakistani expatriate committed suicide from the top floors of the Grand Mosque and was taken to hospital. Investigations are continuing to determine the causes of suicide, despite the existence of an iron fence to protect the perimeter of the entire surface.

The Pakistani expatriate is 35 years old and decided to end his life by jumping from the roof of the Grand Mosque to the Tawaf Table on the ground floor;

Video, Tunisian football team leaves Tunisia to Russia

Tunisian football team left Tunis Carthage airport for Russia, after conducting the last training in the Tunisian capital.

I assure Nabil Maaloul of all the players and review with them all the plans that were trained during the camp and through the municipalities played by the team in the last period.

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