Video, the strangest marriage ritual, hit the groom with a whip

Some of the strangest marriages in Sudan, the brother of the bride whipping the groom with a whip, and this is a condition for the completion of the marriage, while the groom in other tribes flogging a number of his family to show the strength of carrying them!

Video, #Palestinians_expel_Qatar_ambassador and throw him with shoes

A video clip showing the moment Al-Shifa Hospital workers' attack on the Qatari ambassador in Gaza, Mohammed Al-Emadi, spread after a press conference on the Qatari aid to the Gaza Strip.

The ambassador arrived in the Strip with a $ 9 million grant from Prince Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, including food aid, fuel for hospitals and medical supplies.

Video: The expulsion of 9 players in a football match

Brazil, The derby between the clubs of Vitoria and Bahia saw the expulsion of nine players from both teams.

The match ended with a decision from the referee after the 32nd minute of the second half; after a fight between the players of the two teams mentioned.

The Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of two stars in the case of adultery

Stars of Kuwait, Stars of Iraq, Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of a Kuwaiti artist and an Iraqi singer did not name, in the case of adultery, was forced by the singer to marry the Kuwaiti artist and then divorce.

Haifa Wehbe dancing with her boyfriend on Valentine 's Day

Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe published a video clip and photos to celebrate Valentine's Day in a private evening with a group of her friends at a nightclub in Beirut.

Saudi authorities remove the tree of "prophecy" in Maysan

Practitioners come from India, from around a library in Saudi Arabia, swarming in a tree and kissing it, and even getting to know everything in its surrounding area of ​​trees and stones. They say it is from the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Video: The passengers of a Nigerian plane live moments of horror after the fall of the door

The passengers of the airline "Dana Air" Nigerian lived moments of horror, when the door fell, the plane landing moment at the capital Abuja.

Egyptian artist Sherine Turkel security guard on stage

Egyptian artist Sherine Abdel Wahab appeared in a video as she spontaneously stabbed a security guard at the scene of a concert in Sweden.

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