Nadine Nassib Njeim presents the song "Kiki" with a bold look

The Lebanese star, Nadine Nassib Njeim, brought the kiki back to the foreground, after she presented it to Ingrid with one of her friends, in a bold look.

Nadine Nassib Najib presented a "Kiki" dance, wearing a short denim with a short top, wide braces and a V-shaped chest.

Syrian artist Miriam Attallah directed insults to Jamal Suleiman and Maxim Khalil

Syrian artist Miriam Atallah opened fire on some Syrian and Lebanese stars, including Jamal Suleiman, Maxim Khalil, Asala and Elissa.

In the program "Decryption" from the presentation of Tammam Belik, on the Lebanese television "Al-Jadid" television, she said she respects the artist Amal Arafa, although she abused her during filming at one time.

A passenger train overturned near the Tunisian capital, video

TUNIS / A passenger train overturned near Tunis, on the express link between the city of Dahmani and the capital.

The Dahmani train coup is the departure of the train from the Dahmani station to the city of Tunis, off course.

Tunisia: Causes of smoke rising from land in Kairouan

Public opinion in Tunisia was concerned about the fumes from the earth in the city of Kairouan, especially after the views that these natural factors warn of a devastating earthquake.

French rap artists Bupa and Karis jailed (video)

French pop artists Popa (41) and Karis (38) were jailed temporarily for a violent fight at Orly airport.

The President of the Court ordered the imprisonment of nine other accomplices of artists, citing the continuing hostility between the two groups and the possibility of new confrontations and the need to protect everyone.

Kiki in Kuwait quietly and in Israel with guns ... Video

According to the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry, "Kiki dance falls under three traffic violations, is the leadership of a vehicle of ignorance, negligence, negligence, or lack of attention;

But what about the law in Israel, especially since two IDF conscripts defied the Kiki and fired from the guns.

Vision Top You are exposed to kiki dancing in Kuwait and in Israel. What is the most illegal dance?

Kiki's challenge almost kills star Instagram, Russian Tanya Germain

Kiki's challenge almost killed star Instagram, Tanya Germain, when she was dancing next to the door of the car, dancing on the song "In My Feelings" to the Canadian Drake, and the video on Instagram was accompanied by a comment: "This is what happens when you try to review a lot."

The scene shows Tania, performing a "Kiki challenge" in a forest area where the car slowly moves. When she got out of the car and began to dance, the car suddenly stopped and hit the door and fell on her back.

Video, the monkey steals a bicycle from a child and the dog stalks him

In China, a small monkey stole a bicycle from a child while a small dog was chasing him to try to recover the bike, but the monkey stepped around and took it in circular motions, in front of a crowd.

The accident was in a parking lot next to a shopping center in central China's Shanxi Province.

The monkey appeared after he had stolen the bike from the baby and began to show his driving skills around the parking lot.

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