Video In Indonesia, the deceased mother insists on taking her son

The deceased mother insisted that she should not leave before she took her son with her to the other house. While the mourners were trying to carry the mother's coffin to the top of the podium, the ladder collapsed and everyone fell on the ground. The coffin fell directly over the forty-year-old son, British newspaper "Metro".

This was during the mourners' attempt to place the coffin of the deceased on a platform similar to the tower, which was set up to receive the bodies before burial.

Carmen Suleiman and her baby are in traffic accident

The artist Carmen Suleiman and her son were injured in a car accident. Her husband, composer Mustafa Gad, immediately attended them and took them for the necessary medical examinations and reassurance.

KUWAIT: Police are looking for a sex abuser

Security men in Kuwait posted photos of a young man sexually harassing women in the street, where they were used to assaulting them and touching sensitive parts of their bodies.

The young man used to attend positions close to women's salons in the Jabriya area, assaulting women by touching sensitive parts of their bodies and then fleeing.

Drama Flight accidents, found a Russian pilot alive 30 years after his plane was shot down

During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, from December 25, 1979 to February 15, 1989, a Russian plane was shot down and the commander of the Paratroopers Union, Valery Vostrotin, who heads the Russian side of the Russian Committee for Prisoners of War and Soldiers Missing in Battle, For reasons of secrecy.

The pilot was considered dead, the head of the Russian Veterans Organization said, but was found alive after his plane was shot down in 1987 and is likely to be over 60 and wants to go home.

"Mykono" the biggest natural disaster hit the Sultanate of Oman, video

The death toll in Hurricane Mikono has risen to at least three, the day after huge damage was caused to the Indian island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean.

The Oman Meteorological Agency said on Twitter that the cyclone had descended into a tropical storm, but its warning to residents not to leave their houses was still in effect.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from the coastal areas of Dhofar and central provinces. The wind has reached 170 kilometers per hour amid heavy rains in the coastal areas.

Russian armed forces shot down the Malaysian flight number MH 17

Malaysia's M-17 flight, which exploded in eastern Ukraine in 2014, was attacked by a missile fired by the Russian armed forces, investigators said on Thursday (May 24th, 2018).

The head of the national police crime department in the Netherlands, Wilbert Polisin, said the missile was fired by the 53rd anti-aircraft unit.

The fall of a passenger plane in Cuba and the killing of more than 100 people

 An air disaster occurred in Cuba, where a Boeing 737 aircraft of the Cuban Airlines crashed near Havana International Airport, killing more than 100 passengers on board.

"The number of casualties is great," Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel, who arrived at the scene after the incident, said.

Electronic cigarette smashed the head of a young American

An electronic cigarette exploded in the first accident since the global use of these cigarettes in 2009, when the young man Talmad Deleia, 38, was found dead in his bedroom; the result of an electronic cigarette explosion he used before the death, St. Petersburg.

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