French skater Gabriela Papadakis commented on the exposure of her breasts during the Winter Olympics

The French diver, Gabriela Papadakis, during her ice-skating at the Winter Olympics in South Korea's Pyeongchang city opened her dress, making her breasts visible.

"I felt what had happened right away and I prayed," said the 22-year-old French skipper, "I've had a lot of distraction, it's the worst nightmare I've ever had at the Winter Olympics.

Iranian passenger plane crashes

The Iranian emergency administration announced that a passenger plane belonging to the internal lines crashed in the south-west, with 66 people on board, while heading from Tehran to Yasuj, before falling on the outskirts of Smirm, Isfahan province.

In Egypt, she kidnapped her lover and asked for a ransom

Egypt, the strangest issues, A 20-year-old Egyptian girl kidnapped a 25-year-old young man with the help of her relatives when she gave her a Valentine's Day gift. "The young man presents her with a gift of the two flints.

An armed attack on a high school in Florida killed 31 people and wounded

United States, Violence in America, A 19-year-old boy shot a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle in a high school in southeastern Florida. The shooter was identified and identified as Nicolaus Cruz, born in September 1998, whose publications were considered media outlets Social status as "very worrying".

The abuse came before the end of classes at the Margory Stonemann Douglas High School in Parkland, in the southern part of the state.

The embarrassment of the US Secretary of State when he received him in Lebanon

Diplomatic embarrassment to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, where he waited several minutes in the Lebanese presidential palace before his Lebanese counterpart Gebran Bassil entered for his greeting ahead of talks with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

Britain to resume flights at London City airport after bomb dismantled

British authorities opened London City airport after dismantling a bomb dating back to World War II on the River Thames near the airport.

Video: The passengers of a Nigerian plane live moments of horror after the fall of the door

The passengers of the airline "Dana Air" Nigerian lived moments of horror, when the door fell, the plane landing moment at the capital Abuja.

Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow

Russia, aviation accidents, A Russian AN-148 aircraft crashed in an area close to Moscow after it disappeared from radar screens, a Russian emergency source said.

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