Egypt: Execution of the murderer of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Nevin Lutfi

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced the lifeguard of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Niven Lotfi, 64, to her home in the City View compound in October in Cairo, about 30 months ago.

The court sentenced the defendant Karim Saber to death after being convicted of premeditated murder, possessing cannabis, tramadol, heroin, white weapons and stealing a car.

The arrest of a fan broke into the house of the international star Taylor Swift

The US police arrested a fan who stormed the home of international star Taylor Swift in New York at a time when she was not at home.

The 22-year-old Rodger Alvaro was arrested for robbing Taylor Swift's house, according to a police statement.

KUWAIT: This is what alcohol did in an Indian man

The Kuwaiti police arrested a drunk Indian man and was taken to the police station and charged with damaging state property.

US authorities dismantle phone codes dead bodies

The company in Florida went to the death shop to get the fingerprints of the body of Linus Philippe, 30, who was killed by police in an ambush on a road when he tried to search his car for suspicion but fled. Police opened fire on him.

In the course of the investigation, the police discovered that Philip's cell was locked with a secret code, so he decided to get his fingerprints for decoding, to identify his phone records and to contact members of drug trafficking gangs in the state.

Earthquake in Japan

Earthquake hit western Japan early Monday, the US Geological Survey said the magnitude of the earthquake, which was not deep, was 5.6 degrees.

Canada: 15 young hockey players killed

A bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos team of young hockey players was injured when a collision took place in the Tesdale region, some 300 km north of Regina, the Canadian Press reported.

The team was on their way to their fifth qualifying game against Neapawin Hawks.

Where will the Chinese space station "Tiangong 1" fall?

The Chinese space station, "Tiangong 1", was placed in Earth orbit in 2011, but it will crumble into the Earth's atmosphere, and no one can know exactly where the wreckage of the station.

China confirms that the wreckage of its Tiangong 1 spacecraft will not cause any damage to the Earth, but will provide a "spectacular display" in the sky like meteor showers.

A collision between an Israeli and a German aircraft at Ben-Gurion Airport

A collision between two Israeli and German planes took place at Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, where a German German airline aircraft collided with a German Airlines plane. The fall of the wounded, according to news agency "Agence France Presse" quoted navigational sources.

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