The collapse of the Genoa Bridge is worse than a natural disaster

The collapse of the bridge in the Italian city of Genoa is considered the worst of any natural disaster possible in this country after the number of victims rose to 39 and the injured 15.

Firefighters, consisting of about 1,000 people, called on Transport Minister Danilo Tuninelli on Wednesday morning, the directors of the company that built and established the bridge, to "resign immediately."

A passenger train overturned near the Tunisian capital, video

TUNIS / A passenger train overturned near Tunis, on the express link between the city of Dahmani and the capital.

The Dahmani train coup is the departure of the train from the Dahmani station to the city of Tunis, off course.

Saudi artist Majid Al Majid and the fact of his death by firing squad

Saudi popular singer Majid Al Majid, 51, was shocked by his fans after being shot dead.

Majid al-Majed died of wounds sustained by a gunshot wound in his head, which led to intensive care at a Riyadh hospital last week.

The Tunis train, which is inhabited by the Jinn, closed the doors and drove without a driver, Video

Hundreds of Tunisian citizens survived the death of an investigator. They were on a train without the driver, who for some unknown reason decided to get out of it and left the train facing an unknown fate.

According to one passenger, a distress call was sent to cut off the train's electricity, stopping it before the disaster happened.

The train runs on the line between Tunis and the suburbs of Riyadh, and did not stop at the stations as usual, which made passengers complain about it.

Greece witnesses worst fire disaster and declares mourning

Tourist resorts near the Greek capital have seen the worst scenes of the worst fire disaster in the country, the largest in Greece since devastating fires hit the southern Peloponnese peninsula in August 2007, killing dozens.

Most of the victims were killed in Mati village, 29 kilometers east of Athens, who may have died in their homes or in their cars.

The collapse of the dam to generate electricity in Laos and hundreds missing

Authorities in Laos, or officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, have announced the collapse of an electric power dam still under construction in the province of Atapiu, near the border with Vietnam, which led to floods that flooded several villages, the official news agency reported.

Canada, random shootings in Toronto and 14 dead and wounded

An unknown person fired randomly at a street in Toronto, Canada's largest city, killing one person and wounding 13 others before being killed by security forces.

Local media reported that a man opened fire on passers-by on a street in the city's Gryktown area and later committed suicide by shooting himself, while some sources said security agents had killed him.

Bahraini artist Shatha Sabbat survives death

Bahraini actress Shatha Sabet suffered a horrific traffic accident. An image of her car was completely destroyed by the accident.

Shatha published another photograph showing her broken arm.

Shatha is from an artistic family. Her mother is actress Fatima Ismail, her sister Abrar is a singer, and her sister is an actress.

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