Names, Hollywood stars involved in the largest network of brothel "Nexium"

The FBI has dismantled the largest sex trafficking network under the cover of a "religious sect," based in Albany, called Nexium, which was founded and operates under the guise of women's rights advocacy, and includes groups of Hollywood movie stars and models.

The head of the network, Keith Ranier (57 years), was arrested in Mexico in March 2018, after the Federal Intelligence Service gathered information and evidence confirming that he was the operator of the network.

The Danish actress, Brigitte Neilson, is born at the age of 54

The Danish actress, 52, gave birth to a daughter from her fifth husband.

Brigitte Neilson published her picture as she was hugging her daughter. She was happy to see the daughter coming after a long wait. She said she did not get overwhelmed by the emotion she had recently.

Neilson gave birth to her daughter from her husband Mattei Desi, an Italian television producer who is 39 years younger.

The world artist "Drake" has a son of a porn actress

The famous rapper, "Busha T" broke the secret of his fellow global artist "Drake" and said that he has a son of porn actress!.

World newspapers quoted Busha T as saying that Drake had a son who kept him secret from the world and named him Adonis

Haifa Wehbe, Rola Saad, Nasreen Tafesh and Yara, Lebanese stars in nature

The stars of the art are keen to take pictures in the embrace of nature, especially the stars of Lebanon, such as: Haifa Wehbe, Rola Saad, Nisreen Tafesh and Yara

The marriage of Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri from the Kuwaiti star Yacoub Bouchehri causes the anger of his mother

The Kuwaiti star, Yacoub Boushahri, denied his marriage to Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabri through a new filming through the snape chat. He said that everything that was said was a silly rumor spread quickly to cause his sharp disagreement with his mother, who confirmed the news and became disrespectful of his behavior and promised to reveal his marriage to her.

Yacoub Boushahri published the video and said: "I sleep single and I am married .. Why marry me? And keep my marriage news in all magazines of Yasmin Sabri."

The story of Lebanese artist Ziad Itani from employment with Israel to innocence

The famous Lebanese artist Ziad Itani is one of the largest Sunni families in Lebanon and has a record number of about 10,000 voters. He is free.

Who saved Ziad al-Itani from the charge of communication?

Learn about Jewish artists in Egypt, Photos

Former editor of Al-Kawakib magazine and current world secretary of Al Hilal Press Heritage Center, Ashraf Gharib spoke in his new book "Jewish artists in Egypt" about many personalities, including a Jew and others who were Israelis.

The importance of the new book is the first documented proof of the role of Jewish actors in the history of Egyptian film art. The author, who became a major reference to Egyptian art history, relied on what he described as a rigorous approach to information verification.

Egyptian star Suhair Ramzi remove the veil completely

Stars of Egypt/ Egyptian artist Suheir Ramzi appeared on her birthday, published by the media Bossi Shalabi on her account on the instagram, without a hijab.

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