Apple: a serious problem in the "iPhone X"

Apple has admitted to a serious problem with its new iPhone X phone, where it sent a document to authorized retailers identifying what to do when customers face problems with face recognition technology.

A number of customers expressed anger at the fact that the property, on which Apple was building, had not set high hopes for stronger protection.

Users post topics on forums and technical sites where they assert that the feature is not always able to recognize the face.

Turkey launches the application "İBB Simultane", "Interpretation" in the mosques of Istanbul

Istanbul Municipality has launched the application "İBB Simultane", which is uploaded in mobile phones and tablets, for simultaneous translation into English and Arabic.

The municipality expanded the use of the program to be used in mosques as well, after it was used during festivals and demonstrations only.

A recent study: 3 quarters of Android applications monitoring

The French research organization Exodos Perface and the Yale University School of Public Health conducted a study that showed that there are different techniques installed within applications that collect personal information about users in order to target them with advertisements.

Android OS applications such as Tinder, Uber, Twitter, Skype and SpotPay are using anonymous security monitoring software for system users at the time of application installation.

"WhatsApp": There's "back doors"

After a leaky experts in information security for the existence of a gap, called the "back doors" allows governments to spy on the user's name, denied the company "and calculating" it.

The security expert has declared the existence of "security vulnerability in the application and calculating lies in the same encryption method makes the user to be vulnerable to espionage."

Facebook condones a loophole in the "WhatsApp" allows governments to spy on messages

When Facebook announced that the owner of the application WhatsApp for public encryption 2015 property, this would prevent any party from intercepting messages including the company itself, but a researcher in information security discovered a loophole and told the company but it was condoned, and said, it was not serious.

The types of phones that are not supported by the application WhatsApp starting from 2017

Instant application "WhatsApp" company developedit a new technology, not in line with some of the older types of phones.

This list of devices that will not work in the application of "WhatsApp" starting from January 1, 2017:

Delete your WhatsApp and avoid expose your secrets

Before cutting out your phone number, you should use the chat application and talks, especially "WhatsApp"; you have to delete your account.

To delete an account on WhatsApp you access to settings, and choose the account, including selecting Delete Account in order to delete the account of the company's servers completely.

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