American actress Jennifer Aniston is separated from her husband Justin Thierro

American actress Jennifer Aniston and her husband, director and actor Justin Thero, decided to divorce two and a half years later.

"We decided to declare our separation, the decision was shared and I loved it at the end of last year. We are good friends. We decided to split as a couple, but we look forward to keeping our friendship dear," the duo said in a joint statement.

Tunisian artist Latifa Arfaoui announces the implementation of "Latifa World" in partnership with Tunisia Telecom

During a media meeting attended by Tunisian and Arab press representatives in Tunis, Tunisia Telecom announced a partnership with the Tunisian artist residing in Egypt, Latifa Arfaoui.

Under the partnership, Latifa El Arfaoui will be able to listen to her new songs and her latest album, #fresh, on an application that will be marketed by Etisalat Tunis in cooperation with the service provider Channels.

Artist Shahira rejected the kings' calls to treat Mahmoud Yassin

Stars of Egypt, Artist Shahira said that the health of her husband, Mahmoud Yassin, is very stable and that he has been in the house continuously for 8 months, because he was unable to move well.

She added that there were a number of Arab presidents and kings asking for the treatment of Mahmoud Yassin at their own expense, and some of them offered to send a private plane to take him to the United States for treatment.

A new edition of the complete poetic works of the late Egyptian poet Sayed Hijab

The Egyptian General Book Authority in Egypt has issued a new edition of the complete poetic works of the late poet Sayyid Hijab and includes 7 books, including two books that have not been published before.

The four editions of the book fair, "Fisherman and Fairy", "Voices", "Text of the Road" and "Before the Deluge" were presented.

Red Sparrow is rated for adults only

Hollywood, Cinema, 20th Century Fox, the producer of the film Red Sparrow, has earned an R rating, a rating that makes the film for adults only, and makes ages between 15 and 17 watch it but under family supervision.

Morocco's cultural scene is losing two of its symbols, Fatima Shaker and Mohammed al-Mzakledi

Morocco, Stars of Moroccan Art, Moroccan actress Fatima Shaker died, and artist Yassin sizes were the first to announce the news on Facebook, "and then the artist Wassila Subhi, who announced the news on the instagram.

The death of Lebanese artist Nihad Tarabieh

Paris, Star News, Lebanese artist Nouhad Tarhia died in the French capital of Paris, where he arrived from Lebanon after being subjected to a medical malaise at the airport. He was taken to a hospital where he died.

The book "I Want to Kill a Man" by Sa'ad al-Shamsi is making a fuss

"I Want to Kill a Man" by Suad Al Shamsi; caused a wide controversy, perhaps the reason, according to Al-Shamsi, is that the title touches on a real security latent in the hearts of some women.

It also causes some men to fear, but it requires the public to read the book and not just the title, stressing that the book is a vaccine against the battles of married life.

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