Video: The music of the mountains harmonizes and creates harmony paintings on the land of Tunisia

Tunisia / Awad Salam / When you listen to the voices of women and men with a unique voice, wide acoustic spaces, and tones in which you feel like voices coming from the top down the oasis, and with palm height and voice when the wind blows, you are really with pure mountain music.

This musical spring blends with electronic music in the framework of the popular music front project, and your mood is filled with feelings that may take you to dance, and perhaps climb you to heaven...

How does the music of devils affect mental health?

The worship of the devils has become a part of the songs, as many of the famous singers have become dependent on the diabolical rituals in their songs, and thus teach the young people these rituals, especially the ritual of blood.

It is one of the songs through which the human senses are disrupted, and the minds of young people, especially adolescents, are anesthetized. Heavy metal music, which the demons tend to listen to and later use in their rituals, is considered to be a weapon to attract young people and influence their thoughts and behavior.

The most beautiful views of Lebanese artist Yara on her 35th birthday

The Lebanese singer Yara celebrated her 35th birthday and joined the list of the most elegant artists in the Arab world. She enjoys a feminine style that is soft and delicate, and this is what distinguished her from other stars.

The Lebanese artist is keen to choose the distinctive dresses that attract attention, especially when reviving concerts or appearing in television programs, which makes them spend a lot of money in order to obtain a luxurious and impressive view.

Norway: Drammen Festival of Spiritual Music rejects Israel's participation

The management of the Norwegian Draman Spiritual Music Festival has refused Israel's participation in the tournament which will take place in September 2018 in the city of Drammen and hosts teams from all over the world.

The festival administration asked Israel not to send musical teams to participate in its activities this year due to the recent events in the Gaza Strip, and that it was "out of a desire to be biased towards a party to the conflict."

Madiha Yosri's granddaughter, why did she do this during the funeral?

The granddaughter of Madiha Yousri had acted during the funeral procession raised the question, where it was unexpected.

Madiha Yusri's granddaughter appeared in a video and refused to take anyone with her into the ambulance.

TUNISIA, The City of Culture hosts Kebili

As part of the program " The Regions Evenings: The Cities of Arts in the City of Culture", the region of Kebili came with its rich patrimony to invade all the spaces of the City of Culture offering to see exhibitions of plastic art, culture, handicrafts, books, traditional dance paintings, poetry and singing shows. The evening of Kebili took place in presence of Mr. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs and a large number of cultural personalities of the region.

Opening of the exhibition: The Art of the Chinese Porcelain

The City of Culture has opened wide its doors to Asian art in all its r, beauty and dexterity by hosting the exhibition "The Art of Chinese Porcelain", held from May 16 to 22 in the gallery of arts in the City of Culture.

The opening of this important exhibition took place on Wednesday, May 16 in the presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, M. Li Yi Vice-President of the Federation of Men of Letter and Artists of China, his Excellency M. Wang Wenbin, Ambassador of the Popular Republic of China in Tunisia as well as several other diplomats accredited in Tunis, in addition to artists and Chinese art lovers.

The Musical Cycle: "Arab Music, a new wave",Show of the Palestinian singer Sana Moussa

Tunis, Theater of Regions, the City of Culture, The new musical cycle of the Music and Opera Pole of the City of Culture continues with, in the program of its second show, a concert of the Palestinian singer Sana Moussa on the stage of the Theater of Regions in the City of Culture.

"I am pleased to meet you today in this beautiful City dedicated to culture and I would be even happier to meet you on the day of the liberation of Al Quds Capitale of Palestine," said singer Sana Moussa at the opening of the special evening devoted to the new wave of the Arabic music.

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