Syrian artist Miriam Attallah directed insults to Jamal Suleiman and Maxim Khalil

Syrian artist Miriam Atallah opened fire on some Syrian and Lebanese stars, including Jamal Suleiman, Maxim Khalil, Asala and Elissa.

In the program "Decryption" from the presentation of Tammam Belik, on the Lebanese television "Al-Jadid" television, she said she respects the artist Amal Arafa, although she abused her during filming at one time.

Hala Shiha in the first appearance after the veil was removed

The retired Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, took off her veil and showed up in her latest photo, revealing her hair and wearing simple casual clothes, 12 years after she left the field of art.

The well-known dentist, Mohamed Emad, published a new photo of him accompanied by the Egyptian star retired, and appeared without a veil.

In pictures, a Jordanian girl like Farah El Hadi

A Jordanian girl named Shahd, who works in the field of cosmetics, has several clips. She puts makeup and learns how to get an attractive look.

The pioneers of the sites of communication comparisons between the features of Farah Al Hadi and similar witness, to confirm some of their features are strikingly identical, but there is a difference only in the form of the nose, while others confirmed that there is no resemblance between them and saw the younger look of the Kuwaiti artist.

"Santa Madera" by MPTA, Mad'art Carthage

"Santa Madera", presented at Mard'art Carthage on Tuesday July 31. 2018 as part of the 54th session of the International Festival of Carthage was a show full of emotions, movements and pleasures. A contemporary circus spectacle presented by choreographers Juan Ignacio Tula from Argentina and Stefan Kinsman from Costa Rica.

The last commandment of Hayatem and the truth of her only son

After the death of the artist Hayatem, her only son, Ismail, who spoke about him in one of the meetings and then denied him in another meeting, talk back strongly with her departure.

Ismail, the only son I spoke about two years ago with the announcer Raghida Shalhoub, revealed that he is an open and educated young man and not ashamed of her previous work, and that he is always with her and consulted in her work.

The Roman Theater of Carthage, Amina Fakhet Show

The Roman Theater of Carthage found on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 its moments of great glory with an overflowing stands, an atmosphere of fusion between the audience and the artist with an intense happiness that only big stars are able to offer. And for a good reason, only the Tunisian diva Amina Fakhet, who performs for the second time within this 54th session, always make the surprise by her performance which always fits the desires of the audience.

Amina Fakhet, triumphed on the stage of Carthage as she has always done before proving to everyone that her absence of more than eight years, will never change the great love that her audience carries for her.

Syrian artist Mai Skaf, bye

Syrian artist Mai Skaf died in the French capital of Paris after a heart attack, while others spoke of a mysterious death.

Mai Skaf has been a supporter of protests in Syria since its beginnings in 2011, forcing her to leave the country after being released from detention.

The anti-Syrian Syrians launched the titles "The Revolving Artist", "The Free Artist" and "The Icon of the Revolution".

H.E. Maryam Eid AlMheiri: festival success of ‘Fan of Amoory’ can inspire other Emirati talents to tell their stories

Abu Dhabi, UAE –: H.E. Maryam Eid AlMheiri, CEO of Media Zone Authority — Abu Dhabi and twofour54, today said that she hopes the success of Cinema Vision Films’ ‘Fan of Amoory’ will inspire other Emiratis to pick up a camera and bring their stories to the big screen too.

The production company, which is based at twofour54 Abu Dhabi, recently revealed that the feature film will be the sole representative of the United Arab Emirates in official competition at six international film festivals spanning Europe, North Africa and South Asia.

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