Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker in the first Egyptian song

Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker surprised his audience and put on a new song in the Egyptian dialect that bears the name "Lih Eljarh".

Jewish actress Natalie Portman rejects an Israeli award

Israeli media reported that famous Jewish actress Natalie Portman refused to attend a festival in Israel and receive a prize for recent events in Israel.

According to the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" Hebrew, the American-Israeli actress decided not to come to Israel to receive a prize annually for a Jewish figure known internationally, because of recent events in Israel.

Donia Batma, Ambassador of the Moroccan caftan

Moroccan singer Donia Batma has been named the Ambassador of the Caftan of Morocco. This honor comes as part of the celebration organized by the Kingdom of Morocco to celebrate the birthday of Prince El Hassan Ben Mohamed, which will be part of the international fashion festival.

Sex scandal defeats Nobel Prize laureate of literature Sarah Danius

The Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy responsible for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Sarah Danius resigned from the Commission on charges of sexual harassment against a thinker married to a woman member of the Foundation.

"My departure from office as permanent secretary comes in the interest of the academy, and I have decided to leave my seat number 7," she said at the end of a meeting of the wise men.

Lebanese artist Katia Traboulsi embodies the shells of the Beirut wars in the exhibition "Permanent Identities"

Lebanese artist Katia Traboulsi presented her works during her solo exhibition "Permanent Identities" at the Salih Barakat Gallery in Beirut.

Traboulsi presented 46 hand-made counterfeit copies of Lebanese war shells, each linked to a different national identity.

The first song by the Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker after his return to art

Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker confirmed that he is preparing to return to singing, without entering again in political affairs.

"He has a small studio at his residence, but he does not want to sing in Lebanon and is ready to go to any other country, even if he is in the Amazon," he said. The Lebanese media is a terrorist.

He stressed that if the case ends, he will return to his basic career is singing only, and will not enter the political arena.

The second part of the horror film «IT»

The horror film IT, which has achieved global revenues of $ 700 million, will be offered a second part.

A new trailer was released for the second part of IT, although it was not revealed by the official channel of the producer and it was just a trailer designed by the fans of the film, but it appeared to the attention of the public, especially after the release of many scenes of horror and panic, in reference to the second part will be full of horror .

Tunisia: Cultural City inaugurated with great media and artistic presence

Tunisia / By: Awad Sallam/ Tunisia will hold a grand artistic event on Wednesday 21/3/2018 to inaugurate the cultural city, amidst a large media and artistic presence.

The ceremony will be held under the supervision of Tunisian President Mohamed Béji Caid Sibsi and Minister of Culture Mohamed Zine El Abidine.

The event was attended by 160 Tunisian and Ukrainian artists, led by Vladimir Chaikou, Artistic Director Rachid Koubaa, and choir leader Christina Hadjiva. The event was attended by Tunisian, Arab and international media representatives from Tunisia, And the singing of the individual operas of Poulia Tkach, Amira Dakhlia, Hamadi Laga, Haitham El Houdairy and Tunisian artist Lutfi Bouchnak.

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