Photos, Lebanese artist Nour boldly accused after the last filming session

Stars of Lebanon, The audience of the Lebanese artist Nour, accused her boldly after having undergone a new filming session with the photographer Bilu Hussein, revealed her on her personal page on Instagram.

The Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of two stars in the case of adultery

Stars of Kuwait, Stars of Iraq, Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of a Kuwaiti artist and an Iraqi singer did not name, in the case of adultery, was forced by the singer to marry the Kuwaiti artist and then divorce.

Pictures, Celebrations Celebrities Valentine's Day, Stars alone and others???

Celebrities of art celebrated Valentine's Day all in his own way, but the stars of the celebrated were monolithic, while others were with the other half.

One of the most beautiful binaries that decided to share the other half:

Bold and shocking views of art stars, photos

Vision Top You have gathered images of the bold views in which the stars of art during the recent period, which were shocking views.

Female artists removed the veil for art

Karmen Sleiman

During the appearance of the program of contests Arab Idol, was without a veil, so no one cared very much about this, but after winning a period after the Web sites and social networking sites photographed with her family and appeared wearing the veil, which aroused the anger of the public followers and others And criticized her for abandoning the headscarf for singing and art, but she did not respond directly.

The reality of the divorce of two Turkish stars Nastelihan Atagol and her husband Kadyer Doglo

Turkey stars, The Turkish star, Naselehan Atagol, revealed the details of her recent quarrel with her husband, artist Kadyar Doglo, which was reported by the Turkish press, and predicted the use of the duo to divorce, if the problem is not resolved between them.

With pictures of Lynn Hayek, the winner of the "Voice Kids" and a shock to the audience

Art Stars, Lynn Hayek, winner of The Voice Kids in his first season, stunned the audience as soon as she got to the Voice Kids Theater because of a dramatic change in appearance two years after her participation in the program competition, which culminated in her coronation.

star marocaine minimum Botme Kim Kardashian imiter

stars de l'art, Hollywood, artiste marocain a publié une image minimum Botme est apparu similaire à la star de la télé réalité, américaine Kim Kardashian, parce que son corps est plein de bas.

Il est apparu dans l'image minimale marocaine Botme qui faisait le commerce des pionniers des sites de réseautage fréquemment, portant une paire de jeans skinny souligne sa taille fortement rempli.

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