Syrian artist Miriam Attallah directed insults to Jamal Suleiman and Maxim Khalil

Syrian artist Miriam Atallah opened fire on some Syrian and Lebanese stars, including Jamal Suleiman, Maxim Khalil, Asala and Elissa.

In the program "Decryption" from the presentation of Tammam Belik, on the Lebanese television "Al-Jadid" television, she said she respects the artist Amal Arafa, although she abused her during filming at one time.

Myriam Fares explains the truth of her illness

The Lebanese singer, Miriam Fares, explains the reasons for her critical health condition and her leukemia.

Myriam Fares said on Twitter: I really need rest, but I'm not cancer.

Shams al - Baroudi and Hanan Turk comment on Hala Shiha

The artist Hala Shiha received a lot of criticism and comments that show the discontent of her audience because she removed the veil.

Comments by veiled Egyptian artists were harsh, although some returned to acting in hijab, such as artist Hanan Turk.

World celebrities and insurance for their precious things, the strangest things

Famous art and sports have valuable things to pay the insurance companies to keep, for example, the famous English footballer David Beckham insured $ 70 million.

Also, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey insured parts of their bodies for large sums.

Dina Al-Sherbini, Why did she choose to show up with this audacity?

Artist Dina El Sherbini underwent a filming session in Greece, and appeared in bold clothes, stirring a great interaction on social networking sites.

Some expressed great admiration for their lively appearance, which reflected the summer atmosphere with distinction, while the words of insult and criticism were not disturbed.

Stars of the world drug addicts, photos and surprises

The addiction of celebrities to different types of drugs, including those who ruled it, and some of them took off, and this list includes Arab stars and global drug addicts.

Vision Top collected a photo album for these stars, you will see surprises and Nguoma did not expect that they were taking drugs.

Including singer Amy Winehouse, Joker, The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger, Egyptian artist Hatem Zulfikar, Nour Sharif, who admitted to drug addiction in his youth, and world actor Ben Affleck.



Jamil Rateb in France to restore his voice

The Egyptian star, Jamil Rateb lost his voice, and the doctors failed in Egypt to determine the real reason behind it, and was forced to travel to France for medical examinations.

The Egyptian doctors said that what happened was one of the symptoms of aging, which he was not convinced and decided to travel to ensure his health.

Accused of sexual abuse as a special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for communications with America

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the appointment of US Representative Stephen Segal as Special Envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Russian-American Humanitarian Communications.

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