Tunisian artist Huda Salah: I am a man in a woman's dress

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Video: -Tunisian artist Hoda Salah spoke on the channel atv controversially and said, "Many people are bold in their own lives. I am a Tunisian girl living in Dubai with my brother and sister and my family. Where is the audacity?"

She was surprised to talk about the boldness of her clothes and asked: "I'm wearing bold clothes?", That many of the Gulf artists are more daring than in clothes.

Video of Tunisia Nermin Safar dancing with clothes and sexual inclinations

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-Controversial Tunisian actress Nermin Safar has re-entered the face of events again with a video on her Facebook site, showing herself dancing in sexual fantasies, most likely inside her home.

The video was published on October 15, when Tunisia celebrates the evacuation.

Nermin Safar sparked controversy on the Republic Day, posting a video dancing on the roof of her house, and Mant wearing underwear and clinging to the Tunisian flag.

The Arab Film Awards, Tunisian actress Dora Zerouq beats everyone

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Arab Film Awards (ACA) in the third session brought together many Arab art stars, all of whom appeared in distinctive views.

At the Arab Film Awards 2018, the artist Dora, who starred in a light blue dress by fashion designer Laith Maalouf.

The artist Hala Shiha and the real return of art with "colorful"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Egyptian artist Hala Shiha confirmed the real return to art after she wore the hijab and decided to retire and went to live in Canada.

After a controversy over the return of Hala Shiha to art, the Egyptian artist confirmed her return with pictures in which she appeared in full dress in preparation for the start of her first artistic steps after her retreat from the decision to retire art.

Watch: Egyptian star Reham Haggaj in an exciting and bold view

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The Egyptian artist, Reham Haggag always appears in a bold appearance, and recently in the festival El Gouna knelt on the throne of elegance in its golden ruins.

Reham Hajjaj sometimes adopts the exaggerated style, which infuriates her audience and fans.

Dina Harun dies of stomach cancer

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Syrian artist, Dina Haroun, a year ago had suffered a stroke, the hospital entered and underwent medical treatment for two months until she recovered completely.

But according to medical reports, Dina Haroun recovered completely from the stroke, and her death was due to stomach cancer, and her condition was discovered at an advanced stage where treatment was impossible.

Egyptian artist Farouk Al - Fishawi suffers from cancer

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Egyptian artist Farouk Al-Fishawi made his audience clear at the opening ceremony of the new Alexandria Film Festival that he had cancer.

The doctor confirmed that he had cancer, but he reacted with the news that he had a headache, which angered his doctor.

The most beautiful face for women and men

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, The annual list of the most beautiful 100 faces for women and men, selected by the film critic TC Candler, revealed the names of celebrity candidates for the title this year.

The list included a number of Arab celebrities and stars, most notably the Kazakh-based Palestinian media, Lina Qishawi, as well as the British-Lebanese international human rights lawyer Amal al-Din al-Din, known as "Clooney Hope" After her marriage to world star «George Colony», who was also chosen among the most beautiful faces of this year.

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