The Bahraini star Sabreen Bourshid may be Miss Ramadan 2018

The Bahraini star, Sabreen Burshid enjoys a captivating face and remarkable strength, making it one of the most popular Gulf stars to follow through the local media sites.

Sabreen Burshid starred in her lavish Ramadan appearances on the TV channel atv, which impressed everyone with her presence and her integrity.

Death of the owner of the word "Seko Seko", Egyptian artist Maher Essam

Egyptian artist Maher Essam died at the age of 38, according to local Egyptian newspapers.

Maher suffered a sudden health crisis and was in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Moroccan artist Jihan Khalil in a new filming session

Moroccan artist Jihan Khalil underwent a new filming session and published it as a gift for her followers on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The Moroccan artist, Jihan Khalil, succeeded in proving her presence in the Egyptian drama during the month of Ramadan.

"Vision Top" a recueilli de nouvelles photos du jeune artiste marocain Jihan Khalil dans cet album.

Pictures of Lourdi starring at Park Life Festival

The international star Lourdes at the Park Life Festival in Manchester was admired by a wide range of fashion and fashion enthusiasts.

The famous pop star Lourdi, 21, appeared on the stage full of vitality and presented a number of her songs with which the audience clearly interacted. Many of the audience confirmed that Lourdi and her real name, Ella Mariga Lani Jelich O'Connor, were in high spirits during the ceremony.

Rola Yamout, Haifa Wehbe 's sister wearing hijab

Lebanese fashion model Rola Yamout, the sister of Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, has published a photo of her on the instagram, wearing a veil and black robes.

Rola dies on the picture, saying: "Who does a good atom of the atom sees * And who works whit the atom of evil sees .. Ramadan Mubarak».

Why Saudi Arabia prevented the Tunisian artist Latifa from entering its territory

During an interview with MBC, Latifa Al-Tounsia, the actress, revealed that she is banned from entering Saudi Arabia since 2011 and is deprived of performing Umrah.

Latifa said she had received a visa normally from the Saudi embassy in Lebanon and went there to revive one of the weddings.

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra with her lover in California restaurants

Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, appeared with her 10-year-old boyfriend, star Nick Jones, in a restaurant in the US city of California.

"People" have confirmed that they are going through a new intimate phase in their relationship and are always keen to support each other on many occasions, and this is their first time together since they recently appeared in one of the Memorial Day baseball matches.

The most beautiful views of Lebanese artist Yara on her 35th birthday

The Lebanese singer Yara celebrated her 35th birthday and joined the list of the most elegant artists in the Arab world. She enjoys a feminine style that is soft and delicate, and this is what distinguished her from other stars.

The Lebanese artist is keen to choose the distinctive dresses that attract attention, especially when reviving concerts or appearing in television programs, which makes them spend a lot of money in order to obtain a luxurious and impressive view.

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