Indian actress "Sanjita Palan" runs a prostitution network!

Indian police have arrested members of a prostitution network inside an apartment run by the actress Sangita Palan in a private resort in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu state.

The police raided and searched the resort, caught up in prostitution.

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra with her lover in California restaurants

Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, appeared with her 10-year-old boyfriend, star Nick Jones, in a restaurant in the US city of California.

"People" have confirmed that they are going through a new intimate phase in their relationship and are always keen to support each other on many occasions, and this is their first time together since they recently appeared in one of the Memorial Day baseball matches.

The Indian star Arjun divorced his wife, Miss India's former, Mahr Gisia

Indian star, Arjun Rampal officially announced his divorce from his wife, fashion model, the former Indian beauty, Jiaya dowry.

"After a beautiful trip of 20 years filled with love and beautiful memories, we want to tell you that all the flights have different routes. It is time to move on to different destinations from now on. We have always been strong, we will remain strong with each other and our loved ones, We are embarking on a new journey. "

Bollywood and Hollywood star, Indian Priyanka Chopra Dream of this?

The Bollywood and Hollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, has been an overwhelming success on the art scene. In recent years, she has become the magazine's lead author in her series of successes.

Priyanka Chopra has become a large fan base in various countries of the world.

Chopra stressed that she seeks globalism. She does not want to be recognized in a country or two countries, but she wants her name to be bright in the whole world.

Chopra confirmed that her dream is that all women, whether Indians or brown skinned, will be accepted, that they will have many encounters with them, and that I will continue to dream of giving the other person the acceptance of those who are different from me.

Indian actress Momita Saha found hanged

Indian police found the young Indian actress Momita Saha hanging on the ceiling of her room in her apartment.

According to the newspaper News18, the police, based on a phone call from neighbors, opened the door of the apartment Momita Saha (23) and found it hanging in the roof of the apartment room that has been rented during the past two months.

The daughter of Bollywood star Sridivi Kapoor celebrates her birthday days after the death of her mother

Jahanevi Kapoor, the daughter of legendary Bollywood star Sridivi Kapoor, who died in the UAE a few days ago, was drowned in a bathtub in her private room in a hotel in Dubai. She was criticized for celebrating her 21st birthday on March 6

Activists denounced Jahnafi's celebration of the mourning ceremony and only a few days after her mother died.

The husband of Bollywood star, the late Sridhi Kapoor talks about the last moments of her life

Indian producer Bonnie Kapoor, Bollywood star husband, Sridivi Kapoor, has revealed her last moments before her death drowning in Dubai with a bath tub, the UAE police investigation has found.

He said he had attended a family marriage with Rasheed in Ras Al Khaimah and went off to attend an important meeting in the Indian city of Lucknow, while his wife stayed in Dubai for shopping with her daughter.

Video: The burning of the body of Indian legend Sridivi Kapoor

In the presence of a large number of Indian stars, thousands participated in the funeral of Bollywood star Sridivi Kapoor.

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