Britain to resume flights at London City airport after bomb dismantled

British authorities opened London City airport after dismantling a bomb dating back to World War II on the River Thames near the airport.

Kate Middleton's shoes cause embarrassment

Britain, public figures, Kate Middleton stumbled in front of the photographers' lenses and stuck her heels to the edge of the metal pavement and nearly collapsed.

Kate Middleton, the Duke of Cambridge, seems to find it difficult to move smoothly, especially since she is currently six months pregnant, making her shoe heels stick between the metal openings of the pavement cover during her official visit to a treatment center in the Weckford-Essex area.

Video, British Minister Michael Bates punishes himself by resigning

Britain, The British minister, Lord Michael Bates, was delayed from attending the House of Lords for five minutes, during which the council debated a question, and as soon as he asked to speak, apologizing for his delay. "I am ashamed because I was not there to answer the question.

US president cancels opening of British embassy in Britain

United States, United Kingdom, agencies: US President Donald Trump has canceled the inauguration of the new US embassy in Britain. "The reason for my cancellation of my visit to London is that I do not like the administration of President Barack Obama selling the embassy which was in the best location in London for a small sum and building a new embassy, In a remote location for $ 1.2 billion, "adding:" Bad agreement, they wanted to cut the tape but not. "

British Adele René, which carried out 18 sexual offenses with women as male

British woman Adele Renee, 27, used aliases for men through various social networking sites and applications over a four-year period to target women in sexual crimes.

Adele Renee, a nurse, admitted that she used names such as Graham, David, Marco, Matthew and others, to continue relationships with women online.

Despite the nose of France and Britain, the Arab decision on Jerusalem did not pass within the Security Council

The Arab decision on Jerusalem did not pass within the Security Council after the United States used the veto against the Arab draft resolution that was presented to the Security Council on Jerusalem.

US envoy to the United Nations Nicky Healy said the draft resolution "hinders peace," adding that Washington "is committed to a lasting peace based on a two-state solution."

Officially, the date of the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Marshall

Kingston Palace announced the official date for the marriage of Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle.

The wedding chart will be on May 19, 2018.

The gay saleswoman Christine Keller, who rocked the royal court in Britain

Christine Keller, born February 22, 1942, in Oxbridge, west of London.

Her father abandoned the family when she was a little girl, and Christine and her father were forced to live in railroad cars, accompanied by mother-in-law Edward Hesh.

She was sexually abused during adolescence by her mother's lover and friends.

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