A terrorist attack in front of the British Parliament

London police "Scotland Yard" arrested a person on charges of terrorism after he ran into a car, hit a number of pedestrians, and then stormed the security barriers in front of the British Parliament.

British minister sends 2,000 sex messages to social networking sites

Andrew Griffith, the UK Minister of Small Enterprises, was following two women on the social networking site Snape Chat for six months before starting communication with them in June 2018.

Griffith sent about 2,000 messages in three weeks to the two women via Facebook, Instagram, WattsApp and Snape Chat.

After revealing his order, he confessed to what he had done and resigned after revealing text messages of a sexual nature that he sent to the two women.

The resignation of Minister of Brixset, David Davis of the British government

David Davis resigned from the British government, the first blow to Prime Minister Teresa Mae, who was hoping to get her hands on the country's exit negotiations from the European Union.

Davis's resignation comes two days after a meeting between Teresa May and her ministers ended with an agreement on the desire to maintain a business relationship with the European Union after the departure of Britain from it.

Megan Markle is dishonest beside Queen Elizabeth

Observers described the behavior of Duchess Megan Markle as she sat next to Queen Elizabeth with the unfaithful, putting one leg over the other in the direction of the Queen's sitting, meeting young leaders at Buckingham Palace and sitting beside Prince Harry.

Britain recognizes the abuses of intelligence in investigations during the events of September

A British security official told Reuters that the British intelligence services have learned difficult lessons since the attacks of September 11, and now they act differently, and the structures developed both in the secret service or at the level of government.

The official, who asked not to be named: Intelligence officers were also under tremendous pressure from political leaders at the time.

Horrible video, a British couple are surprised at what happens in their home

The 28-year-old British husband, Paul, and his wife are hearing strange sounds coming from the kitchen of their Manchester home, hearing the sound of the washing machine as if it were spinning, and the toast roasting like bread from the inside.

The couple set up a surveillance camera to record what was happening in their absence. On the evening of June 13, 2018, the couple were shocked when they returned from outside and witnessed what the camera recorded.

London: British Home Secretary is robbed

A group of thieves attacked British Home Secretary Sajid Javed in London, stole his mobile phone and managed to escape with a motorcycle.

Javed explained that he was the victim of robbers on a motorcycle because the capital suffered from a horrific wave of street robberies.

Simon Dolan, a British millionaire expelled from school

The British millionaire, Simon Dolan, expelled from school at the age of 16, began investing in a 10-pound local newspaper offering accounting services, but this little ad changed his life forever.

It was his out-of-school activities that fueled his sense of business. He worked as a newspaper reporter at the age of ten. When he was 13 years old, he was selling lottery tickets; he says he was always fond of numbers: "I was good at math, Interest in funds".

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