See the wedding of Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter in the most beautiful shots

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The royal wedding ceremony, the wedding of Princess Eugenie at St. George's Church, takes place at Windsor Castle, the same place where Prince Harry married his bride Megan Markle.

Many celebrities attended the wedding ceremony: American star Demi Moore, model Naomi Campbell and Lev Tyler, unlike Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton, her sister Beba Middleton, Prince Harry, his wife Megan Markle and other members of the royal family.

The Scrippel case overthrows two Russian spies in Holland

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-The case of the poisoning of the double Russian spy, Sergey Scrippel in London, is still revealing many papers, and the new is the overthrow of two Russian spies who were spying on a chemical weapons plant in Switzerland, according to Swiss and Dutch media.

The death of Oliver Hoer was the first lover of Princess Diana, who had sex with her inside the royal palace

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-Oliver Huair, a British art dealer, began his relationship with Princess Diana when she was 16 years old. They maintained their friendship even after her marriage and became a close friend of Prince Charles. The Britons were the most responsible for the deterioration of the Princess's relationship with her husband, the Crown Prince.

England were exported the Jews to Palestine and the English reject Israel

Dubai, Abu Dhabi/ British authorities woke up to the banners fill the streets and stations London buses labeled "Israel is a racist attempt," the large size letters printed in green, red, and black, which symbolize the Palestinian national flag.

Princess Diana was determined to violate the protocol, photo

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Princess Diana is a princess, the woman who will remain the most important station in the history of the royal family in Britain.

And her love affair with Prince Charles, who was the focus of world attention, her love story for Dodi Fayed was also greater than that, and their death would remain indefinite.

A terrorist attack in front of the British Parliament

London police "Scotland Yard" arrested a person on charges of terrorism after he ran into a car, hit a number of pedestrians, and then stormed the security barriers in front of the British Parliament.

British minister sends 2,000 sex messages to social networking sites

Andrew Griffith, the UK Minister of Small Enterprises, was following two women on the social networking site Snape Chat for six months before starting communication with them in June 2018.

Griffith sent about 2,000 messages in three weeks to the two women via Facebook, Instagram, WattsApp and Snape Chat.

After revealing his order, he confessed to what he had done and resigned after revealing text messages of a sexual nature that he sent to the two women.

The resignation of Minister of Brixset, David Davis of the British government

David Davis resigned from the British government, the first blow to Prime Minister Teresa Mae, who was hoping to get her hands on the country's exit negotiations from the European Union.

Davis's resignation comes two days after a meeting between Teresa May and her ministers ended with an agreement on the desire to maintain a business relationship with the European Union after the departure of Britain from it.

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