The main cause of cancer in the world

Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that human activity helps spread cancerous diseases not only among humans, but also among animals living in the surrounding environment.

At the same time, there is no information that many animals have been infected with these diseases, which makes it difficult to assess the impact of human activity in this area.

China: SNAB, a technology to help treat cancer

A team of Chinese researchers have collected carefully engineered spherical nuclei under a technique called SNAB to identify malignant cells based on the characteristic of cancer (uncontrolled growth).

The ability of SNAB to differentiate between different types of malignant cells and differentiate them from their natural counterparts, and to detect tumor-infested cells through multiple platforms.

Quit smoking, one cigarette effect a day

Smoking is harmful to health, an old term known to all smokers, and anyone who wants to quit smoking, begins to reduce it, but did anyone ask what is the effect of one cigarette a day on human health ?.

LONDON (Reuters) - Smoking one cigarette a day increases the risk of heart disease by 50 percent, according to a recent study.

Cure for cancer by ultrasound

Medical Research, Cancer Treatment, A research team has developed a system to treat the most dangerous cancers in the world, through ultrasound, to control the genetic processes of all immune cells, to guide them to identify and eliminate cancer cells.

This will exempt cancer patients from any surgical treatment to remove cancer cells, but can be eliminated by pressing the remote control button "Remote Control."

US intelligence has been silent on cancer treatment for 34 years

The Daily Star newspaper reported that the American intelligence agency has reached a huge stage in the treatment of cancer, but kept silent for 34 years, until it was revealed in a number of documents that have been declassified.

The British newspaper said that the treatment of cancer, which reached the US intelligence, technology "biofeedback"; did not want to publish for unknown reasons.

The White House is pink in breast cancer awareness

The facade of the White House was lit in pink, reviving the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which was approved on October 1.

Melanie Trump, wife of the US president, issued a statement urging women to take steps to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Men: 6 symptoms indicate that you have cancer!

Signs of cancer in men

Problems with urination and erectile dysfunction: difficulty urinating or the appearance of blood in the urine, in addition to loss of erectile dysfunction leading to impotence.

These symptoms warn of prostate cancer and early detection greatly enhances the chances of recovery.

Kefiran alkali is a new cancer drug from the invention of a Syrian researcher

"Cancer is a malignant tumor caused by irregular cellular growth, high rates of metabolism lead to the accumulation of acid waste within the tumors, which increases acidity and leads to the increase in the formation of molecules and free radicals known responsibility for inciting the transformation of healthy cells to cancer," according to Syrian researcher Ibrahim Al-Shaar.

The researcher explains: The growth of the cancer cell requires a medium of low oxygen with acid medium and high consumption of glycos, so it was adopted in scientific research to convert the medium from acid to alkali.

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