Pentagon fears of Chinese military exercises

The Pentagon has raised concerns about military exercises conducted by China in a report to Congress.

The Pentagon report says Chinese bombers appear to be carrying out drills against US targets or US allies in the Pacific.

Video, the monkey steals a bicycle from a child and the dog stalks him

In China, a small monkey stole a bicycle from a child while a small dog was chasing him to try to recover the bike, but the monkey stepped around and took it in circular motions, in front of a crowd.

The accident was in a parking lot next to a shopping center in central China's Shanxi Province.

The monkey appeared after he had stolen the bike from the baby and began to show his driving skills around the parking lot.

China: Explosion in front of US Embassy in Beijing

Chinese police sealed a place in front of the US Embassy in Beijing after an explosion outside the diplomatic complex, and a video showed the smoke rising.

According to the video, the target location is adjacent to the place where citizens queue up to enter the embassy for visa interviews.

Details are still unclear to conflicting eyewitness reports, the US embassy refused to comment.

China boosts economic war against America in South Africa

As part of China's economic crackdown on African countries, Beijing will launch $ 14 billion in investment projects in South Africa, President Cyril Rumphosa said after talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Pretoria on the eve of a BRICS summit.

Ramavosa said investment would focus on infrastructure, agriculture and technology.

Xi Jinping said his country would "take effective measures to increase its imports from South Africa in support of the government."

China misses Rimpak naval exercises

The 25-nation Pacific Rimpac, which began on June 27 and ends on August 2, aims to strengthen relations between the participating countries as well as raise their military capabilities, while a major force used to participate - China.

China has been involved in the Rimback exercises in previous years, but because of its military moves to the islands in the South China Sea, ties with the United States have worsened and China's call for maneuvers has been canceled this year.

Video, highway collapse in southwest China's Sichuan Province

In China, one of the surveillance cameras spotted a full street collapse and slid down a residential complex.

This street is the highway in Sichuan Province, southwest China's Guangan Province. It collapsed suddenly at about 7 am, slid under a residential complex, and there were no reports of casualties or deaths.

The cause of the collapse of the street in such a shocking manner has not been revealed so far, but a number of residents have been evacuated in the vicinity of the collapse, in anticipation of another collapse.

China and America agree on economic truce

This is a truce between the United States and China, after a cold economic war, after agreeing not to impose additional customs duties on each other, the official Xinhua news agency quoted Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hee.

The agreement is in the interest of Washington, which is suffering from a trade deficit with China.

Opening of the exhibition: The Art of the Chinese Porcelain

The City of Culture has opened wide its doors to Asian art in all its r, beauty and dexterity by hosting the exhibition "The Art of Chinese Porcelain", held from May 16 to 22 in the gallery of arts in the City of Culture.

The opening of this important exhibition took place on Wednesday, May 16 in the presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, M. Li Yi Vice-President of the Federation of Men of Letter and Artists of China, his Excellency M. Wang Wenbin, Ambassador of the Popular Republic of China in Tunisia as well as several other diplomats accredited in Tunis, in addition to artists and Chinese art lovers.

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