Palestinian fashion model Gigi Hadid suffers from a rare disease

After a wave of criticism over her loss of weight, a Palestinian-American fashion model, fashion Gigi Hadid decided to disclose the disease she suffers and which adversely affects her health.

Negative effects on the health of sleep and sleep at night

Negative effects on the brain and the body if the person does not get enough sleep, and in this video the most important effects of the abundance of evening, and not to sleep at night, according to Dr. Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Berkeley:

Medical study: Mixing drugs with herbs causes a serious health reaction

A medical study has warned that mixing drugs with herbs has caused a serious health reaction, especially for those taking drugs to treat depression or drugs to treat cancer, and recommended that they avoid taking alternative herbal medicines.

The majority of Britons use folk remedies, and this is the view of medicine

Medical Studies, Poll: The site of Pharmacy Outlet. Ku. UK, British Health and Therapy, revealed that many Britons practice some of the strange folk remedies at home.

Treat snoring without a doctor

Snoring may not be a serious concern, but it is annoying for wives or co-workers, especially chronic loud snoring, which becomes a real health problem that needs to be treated in a timely manner.

Bold Sky offers or reduces snoring, without the need for a doctor:

A Chinese woman carrying 100 moths in her eyelashes

A Chinese woman who has been suffering from insects for more than two years before asking for medical help, and it turned out that she was treating itching in her eyes by using eye drops without a prescription.

Recently, her eyelids swelled, she could not open her eyes, rushed to the hospital, and doctors were surprised by the presence of more than 100 insects live on their lashes.

STCCCV initiative to protect Tunisian citizens against the risk of fecal and arterial diseases and blood pressure

Tunisia / Awad Sallam / The Board of Directors of the Tunisian Society for Cardiac Surgery has held a press conference with a number of representatives of the Tunisian and foreign press in Tunisia, in which it announced a health initiative aimed at protecting healthy citizens from the dangers of consuming high salt levels. , As well as help patients with heart and arteries and blood pressure to accept the taste of low-salt bread.

Study: A woman's brain remains working and does not rest for comfort like a man

A team of French researchers at the University of Bordeaux, together with their colleagues at the Faculty of Engineering of Spain de Valencia, conducted a comparative study through 3 thousand images of the male and female brain MRI to see the difference between them.

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