The impact of smart phones on children's mental health

Children who spend more than two hours daily in social media are depressed and anxious.

In Britain, more than 40 percent of boys under the age of 11 have smart phones, but a recent survey has confirmed that 67 parents will support any government decision that legally determines the age at which their children can own a smartphone.

Study on the cause of medical errors

Scientists at the University of Salisbury have studied the cause of medical errors and have shown that doctors 'fatigue is a real threat to patients' lives.

The study involved about 1,000 doctors working in hospitals that long shifts of work, which exceed 12 hours, increase the likelihood of committing fatal medical errors by 27%.

India: "Nibah" rare virus destroys the brain

In India, a rare virus, spread by fruit bats, can cause flu-like symptoms, but it destroys the brain, causing dozens of deaths.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said there are no vaccines for the treatment of the Nipah virus, which spreads through body fluids and can cause brain inflammation. The usual treatment for the virus is to provide supportive care.

Members of the human body renew themselves according to human habits

The Deutsche Welle radio station reported that five members of the body renew themselves according to human habits, with about 95 percent of the body's cells regenerating, and developing for better or worse, depending on the diet and habits used either. Harmful.

A new scientific achievement, about Alzheimer's disease

A team of scientists in California was able to identify the protein associated with the gene apoE4, a high-risk gene, which is the cause of Alzheimer's disease, and succeeded in preventing it from damaging human brain cells in the brain.

Treat wounds with sugar even if you are diabetic

Scientific research has shown that sugar accelerates wound healing. Sugar therapy may be very important in some parts of the world where people can not buy antibiotics. However, this method has also received considerable attention in the UK, because the wounds may be contaminated with bacteria, and these bacteria sometimes do not respond to antibiotics.

The way to treat the wound with sugar is simple. All you have to do is put the sugar on the wound and cover it with a bandage.

In a minute and a half you know unusual signs that indicate you are close to a heart attack

Studies: One out of four people dying from a heart attack, the majority do not expect to have, what are the signs that you are close to a heart attack?

1 - Mark Frank: The emergence of fungal wrinkles on the earlobe known as the "Mark Frank", is an external indicators that warn of heart disease.

2 - bumps on some members of the body: If the emergence of fungal bumps on the elbow or knee or eyelids, you should go to the doctor.

In minutes: 10 habits destroy kidneys

Kidneys remove toxins from the blood and filter waste through the urine, helping to regulate the levels of minerals such as calcium and phosphates in the body.

Kidneys also produce important hormones that help regulate body functions such as blood pressure and the production of red blood cells.

According to the website "Bold Sky" for health and family, experts warned of 10 bad habits that can destroy the kidneys:

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