Video, Visit of America's First Lady Melania Trump to the Pyramids of Giza

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The First Lady of America, Melania Trump, visited the Pyramids of Giza at the end of her four-nation African tour, including Egypt.


Melania Trump stood in front of the statue and contemplated it, and received an explanation from the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mustafa al-Waziri. She highlighted efforts to preserve the effects Washington is cooperating with in Cairo, and then visited the Panorama area of ​​the pyramid to take photographs.

Promised him with receiving of the conquerors, Turki al-Sheikh rejects the penalties of (CAF) on Murtada Mansour

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Sport in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh announced his support for the adviser Mortada Mansour in the recent crisis, stressing that he will telephone by FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the President of the African Union Ahmed Ahmed.

Turki Al-Sheikh rejected CAF's penalties, announcing that the response would be in the appearance of the reception of Advisor Mortada in Riyadh on October 6th.

Saudi Arabia ignites the fire of sedition among the Egyptian football fans

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) Saudi Arabia represented by the President of the General Authority for Sport - Turki Al-Sheikh entered on the line of eternal competition between Egypt's largest sports clubs, Ahli and Zamalek, and ignited fury within the stadiums, which will gradually become clear with the penalty imposed by the African Football Confederation (CAF) Egyptian, following the cheers of the Egyptian fans against Al-Sheikh.

The penalty is two non-public suspended matches. The African Football Confederation will ban the fans from attending the next two Champions League matches if the offense is repeated.

Egypt may bid for the 2019 African Nations Cup

Dubai, UAE (Visi-on News) Egypt may run to host the 2019 African Nations Cup which will be in Cameroon in June 2019. The stadiums are not ready and Cairo may host the tournament.

An official source in the Egyptian Football Federation said that this participation may be resolved in the coming hours.

Russia reveals Egypt's possession of the air defense system "S-300"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Visi-on News) Egypt has a Russian air defense system S-300. From where did it buy ?, Russian media outlets have revealed that Egypt owns this system, in order to draw the attention of the United States, which imposed sanctions on China a few days ago because it held such deals with Moscow.

Russia today said that a series of media reports published pictures of Egypt's possession of the S-300 missile organization, coinciding with the declaration of the Russian Defense Ministry to supply Syria.

After the end of the legend of Al-Nahda dam, Egypt is building dams in Africa

Dubai - United Arab Emirates (Vision News) After the end of the myth of Alnahda dam in Ethiopia, and the return of the Nile waters between Cairo and Addis Ababa, Egypt became the official sponsor of dams in Africa, and attempts to subdue Egypt turned into economic projects to revive Africa.

Anwar Sadat or Jaafar Nimeiri, who poisoned Gamal Abdel Nasser?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Forty-eight years ago, the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser left behind a mystery that has not yet been resolved. The mystery is: Is he poisoned? Or died as a model after the 1967 setback? .

Stories about the death of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the most likely he died poisoned, but who is behind this process? Is Fatah and the late Sudanese president, Jaafar Nimeiri? Or the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, who was then deputy to Nasser?

Sisi and Trump will discuss strengthening the Egyptian-US economic partnership

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, In an upcoming US-Egyptian summit at the residence of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in New York, they will discuss boosting economic partnership and joint investments between the two sides.

The Egyptian and American presidents met four times, the first when Trump was a candidate for the presidency, the second was an official visit to Sisi to Washington at the invitation of Trump, and the third on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly at its 72nd session in New York in September 2017, Arab Islamic Summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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