The Egyptian army proceeds from Operation Sinai 2018 against terrorism

The military spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces said that the operations of the army and the police in the north and central Sinai against the dens of terrorism resulted in the eleventh day the destruction of eight shelters for the militants, the bombing of 179 targets in the areas of operations, the destruction of the radio station and the seizure and destruction and the reservation on 13 cars and 27 bicycles Firearms follow the gunmen. "

Murder of a girl shaking Egypt

Egypt, the strangest crimes, The village of Mastai, in the Qweisna district, in the Egyptian governorate of Menoufia, witnessed a heinous crime, which claimed the lives of a 5-year-old girl after an attempt to rape her.

Details of the incident, a 16-year-old boy killed the girl and hid her body in a locker in his house, after trying to rape her, fearing the discovery of his order.

Egypt honors Algerian fighter Jamila Bouhaird

The National Council of Egyptian Women honored Algerian activist Jameela Bouhaird for her history of struggle.

This honor came during a special ceremony organized by the National Council for Egyptian Women during the visit of Gamila Bouhaird to Egypt, as guest of honor of the second session of the International Aswan Women's Film Festival, organized under the auspices of the National Council for Women in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture and Tourism in Egypt. Bouhaird. "

In Egypt, she kidnapped her lover and asked for a ransom

Egypt, the strangest issues, A 20-year-old Egyptian girl kidnapped a 25-year-old young man with the help of her relatives when she gave her a Valentine's Day gift. "The young man presents her with a gift of the two flints.

Egypt, the imprisonment of the head of Egypt's powerful party Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh

Egypt, the judiciary in Egypt, The Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt has ordered the arrest of the head of Egypt's powerful party, Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, for 15 days in the investigation, on charges of incitement, suspicion and confusion through media hostile to the Egyptian state.

Egypt: The reasons for the arrest of former head of the Central Auditing Organization, Hisham Jenina

Egyptian security forces arrested former head of the Central Auditing Organization, Hisham Genina, on the backdrop of statements that the former chief of staff of the Egyptian army, Sami Annan, has "documents condemning the current regime and the army."

Sami Annan's son said he would sue Geneina for his remarks, which he described as "baseless."

The Sinai state organization publishes videos and photos of its operations against the Egyptian army and threatens the elections

Violence in Egypt, The State of Sinai Organization of the State Organization published a version entitled "Hama Al Shariah", which includes videos and photos of terrorist operations against the Egyptian army, security forces and collaborators.

The video, which lasted about 23 minutes, showed the detonation of various mechanisms and tanks of the Egyptian army by landmines and explosive devices.

Bold and shocking views of art stars, photos

Vision Top You have gathered images of the bold views in which the stars of art during the recent period, which were shocking views.

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