Star of Egypt and the world, Mohammed Salah, the player who is preparing to score goals in the largest family album

The star of Egyptian and international football, Mohamed Salah, the player who did not know the Koran, has become the talk of the hour, ahead of the stars of the ball in Brazil and Argentina, the player who trains to score the goal, and down the stadiums to make the difference, revealed the newspaper "Daily Star" Was trained on how to score his first goal in the net of Roma, before the start of the game that brought the two teams recently, at the stadium "Anfield," in the "go" semi-finals of the Champions League.

Egypt: Execution of the murderer of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Nevin Lutfi

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced the lifeguard of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Niven Lotfi, 64, to her home in the City View compound in October in Cairo, about 30 months ago.

The court sentenced the defendant Karim Saber to death after being convicted of premeditated murder, possessing cannabis, tramadol, heroin, white weapons and stealing a car.

Egyptian, Mohamed Salah best player in the English Premier League 2018

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, was named the English Premier League's best player of the 2017-2018 season at the Professional League Awards in London.

Mohammed Salah has outperformed Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane, Manchester United goalkeeper David Deja, Manchester City trio Kevin De Bruin, David Silva and Leroy Sani.

After four years of coma, the return of Egyptian actor Maher Essam

Stars of Egypt, Egyptian actor Maher Essam appeared in a movie theater after his health improved. He regained his weight after losing a lot during his coma.

Maher Essam suffered a serious health crisis after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

The plan to divide Egypt and Libya, the reasons for Sarkozy's coup against Qaddafi and Qatar's desire for sovereignty

RUSSIA (Reuters)The late Libyan leader revealed that Muammar Gaddafi was subjected to 36 coup attempts and assassinations during his reign.

The newspaper "the seventh day," the key to Masuri said: He was briefed on US and Israeli plans to divide the 21 Arab countries to 32 countries, adding that those plans, which was seen in the archives of the French Defense Ministry in Paris, was aimed at dividing Egypt into two states.

Star of Egypt and Liverpool Mohammed Salah threatened to be excluded from the World Cup

The Egyptian Football Federation has received an official letter from its international counterpart, FIFA, in which the star of Egypt and the Liverpool Club warned the player Mohamed Salah of the exclusion from participation in the next World Cup if the event of his absence from the doping test conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency Team camp in Switzerland.

The head of the Egyptian Federation, Hani Abu Reda, announced that Ghadabah was carrying the technical and administrative staff of the player because of warnings given that the player was granted leave from the team camp for a day in Switzerland, and was not informed Viva, the day attended by representatives of the agency to take samples from 5 players Of the National Doping Test Team.

The secrets of Pharaonic Egypt are revealed by a coffin that has been neglected for 150 years

The secrets of Pharaonic Egypt are revealed by a 2,500-year-old coffin because it may contain the remains of a high-profile mummy found 150 years ago, and academics from the University of Sydney mistakenly labeled it a free-standing coffin.

The mistake was accidentally discovered last year when researchers lifted the lid of the coffin and found the remains of a mummy worn out.

The normalization of the center or its director, Saad Eddin Ibrahim and Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies

Director of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, Professor of Political Sociology, Saad Eddin Ibrahim admitted that he met the Israeli ambassador to Cairo, David Goffrin, after returning from Tel Aviv to participate in the 100th anniversary of the 1919 revolution.

The "Ibrahim", in media statements, that the meeting came at the request of the Israeli ambassador.

He revealed that Ben Joufreen had asked him to form a delegation of Egyptians wishing to visit Israel, and that he had already started to form a delegation. He presented the idea in the weekly gallery of the Ibn Khaldun Center. He had already received requests from a number of Egyptians who wished to visit Tel Aviv .

He said: "The visit was confined to specific points. The Israeli ambassador wanted to know the details of my recent visit to Israel, the personalities I met and the events I participated in. He did not know anything about the matter. The second point is his request to form a delegation of Egyptians to visit Israel soon."

The director of the Ibn Khaldun Center, said that the Israeli side asked to form a delegation to visit Israel because he had conducted a series of visits to Tel Aviv, which was accompanied by delegations of students at the American University, and the Israeli demand aims to revive this tradition, At the same time, he indicated that he had inquired about arrangements for the visit, such as the program and the host party in Tel Aviv.

Saad Eddin Ibrahim was subjected to a storm of attack from Egyptian intellectuals because of his recent visit to Tel Aviv, where he was attacked by a number of students at the time and accused of treachery and normalization, as attacked by Egyptian politicians and intellectuals and criminal complaints were filed against him.

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