A study on the specifications of online lies publishers

"Social media allows us to see the news at or shortly after the event, but the problem is that communication has become an easy way to spread false information," says Science.

The magazine cited a new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that "false news" outperforms real news via social media.

What social networking sites do To make you addicted to it ??

Business Insider offers a set of tricks that social networking sites use to make users addicted to following them.

Application of Instagram sends large numbers of alerts known as "Push Notifications"

Uses "Stories" or "Stories" to attract users' attention, which appear many times in different locations of the app.

Thus, Facebook and Google plan to form authoritarian international alliances to subvert democracies

Communication Technology, International Alliances, Follow-Up / Awad Sallam / "Facebook and Google really control half of online advertising revenue." The billionaire businessman George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, began a scathing attack on technology giants as monopolizing manipulators, tyrannical to subvert democracies.

Former Operations Manager at Facebookexposes the site

Facebook's former director of operations, Sandy Barraklas, has revealed serious information about the social network giant. He criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and talked about many internal details of how the company deals with offensive content and how user data is collected in an article in New York Times on Sunday 19 November 2017.

"What I have seen at home is a company that gives priority to collecting user data rather than protecting it from abuse," Baracillas said in his article. "This is a good history to remember when thinking about what to do about Facebook in the wake of its role in Russian intervention."

Facebook, Google, and Twitter before the investigation and a transcript between Trump and Zuckerberg

US President Donald Trump accused Facebook of enmity with Twitter, prompting Blue Space founder Mark Zuckerberg to respond to the accusations, dismissing the US president as defending his company's role in the US election.

A few weeks ago it was revealed that elements working for Russia bought ads on Facebook and fabricated false accounts to fuel political tension in the United States before the 2016 presidential election, which brought then businessman Donald Trump to the White House, making Zuckerberg take the defense and said in a publication On the Facebook site "Trump and the Liberals alike are angry at the ideas and content on Facebook during the campaign."

"That's how it is to manage an open platform for all ideas."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg returns to Judaism

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, returned to his Jewish origins after years of an atheist without religion.

Zuckerberg published on his official page via Facebook, photos showing his return to Judaism, through a ceremony at his home.

Since the birth of his daughter, Max, Zuckerberg has given a place to Judaism to practice its rituals and recite its prayers.

Facebook launches its TV service in mid-August 2017

Facebook plans to launch its television service in mid-August 2017, after several false starts, the Bloomberg news agency quoted informed sources as saying.

Bloomberg, whose sources asked for anonymity, said Facebook asked its partners to present their first episodes. Some of them had already completed short, inexpensive offers, she said.

The company also funded other expensive shows on the TV show style that will be broadcast on its website later.

New technology service provided by Facebook for free internet access

A new #technology service that #Facebook  provides for free Internet access, where Facebook users can now click on the menu icon and choose to find Wi-Fi to show them a map of all the places and shops that offer free Wi-Fi internet access.

The name of the place, the network name and the working hours are also mentioned.

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