Lebanese singer Amar naked on Instagram

Lebanese singer Amar made a fuss with her bare-chested photographs of Instagram, wearing only shorts.

"Yes, it's changed, do not ask me why it changed, ask me how I learned to be like I am today," Amar said on one of the pictures.

photo. Star Rihanna and Tato everywhere in her body

The world star Rihanna is a tatto lover and she is always keen to appear in new shapes and in strange places in her body. It does not stop at the choice of a passing Tato painting, but she is keen to direct many messages through these drawings.

Rihanna lovers and Tatoo lovers may notice that there are many features of Tato Rihanna's drawings that make them different from any other drawings, beginning with the language, combining a number of languages, such as English and Arabic, which appear in the number of drawings on her body such as "Love".

French skater Gabriela Papadakis commented on the exposure of her breasts during the Winter Olympics

The French diver, Gabriela Papadakis, during her ice-skating at the Winter Olympics in South Korea's Pyeongchang city opened her dress, making her breasts visible.

"I felt what had happened right away and I prayed," said the 22-year-old French skipper, "I've had a lot of distraction, it's the worst nightmare I've ever had at the Winter Olympics.

The death of world star Sylvester Stallone is common

Web sites and social networking sites have said that world star Sylvester Stallone has died, and two pictures of him have appeared to be worn out and the disease has been received.

Photos, Lebanese artist Nour boldly accused after the last filming session

Stars of Lebanon, The audience of the Lebanese artist Nour, accused her boldly after having undergone a new filming session with the photographer Bilu Hussein, revealed her on her personal page on Instagram.

Top 10 Women in the World 2018, according to Wonders List

Hollywood stars, Bollywood, Turkey, A list prepared by Wonders List for the 10 most beautiful women in the world for 2018, based on fame, attractiveness, intelligence and success in life.

The Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of two stars in the case of adultery

Stars of Kuwait, Stars of Iraq, Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of a Kuwaiti artist and an Iraqi singer did not name, in the case of adultery, was forced by the singer to marry the Kuwaiti artist and then divorce.

Photos of Egyptian star Abeer Sabri and beauty and excitement

Egyptian star Abeer Sabri usually appears in full femininity, attractive appearance and bold clothes.

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