Nadine Nassib Njeim presents the song "Kiki" with a bold look

The Lebanese star, Nadine Nassib Njeim, brought the kiki back to the foreground, after she presented it to Ingrid with one of her friends, in a bold look.

Nadine Nassib Najib presented a "Kiki" dance, wearing a short denim with a short top, wide braces and a V-shaped chest.

With naked photograph, Nadine El Rassi returns to social networking

Lebanese artist Nadine Al-Rassi had resigned from social networking sites after being advised by Wael Kfoury, but suddenly returned and posted a naked photograph of her on the Ingram.

Syrian artist Miriam Attallah directed insults to Jamal Suleiman and Maxim Khalil

Syrian artist Miriam Atallah opened fire on some Syrian and Lebanese stars, including Jamal Suleiman, Maxim Khalil, Asala and Elissa.

In the program "Decryption" from the presentation of Tammam Belik, on the Lebanese television "Al-Jadid" television, she said she respects the artist Amal Arafa, although she abused her during filming at one time.

Brother of the late artist Sabah and fought their mother in the first picture

Many fans of the late artist Sabah, may not know that her mother died killed by her son.

The artist Sabah also did not learn about the death of her mother and the crime committed by her brother Antoine Fagali until almost two months later, when she was in Cairo and her first Lebanese husband Najib Shammas was keen to hide the news about her by all means. Until he had to tell her the truth, Then the shock.

Antoine Fagali is the brother of the late artist Sabah, born in 1930 in Bedadoun from Mount Lebanon.

The rape and murder of the singer "Maria Mathios Tennorio"

The body of the world singer "Maria Mathos Tenorio" was found on a Costa Rican beach, a week after she began her world tour to perform concerts.

According to the newspaper "Costa Rica Star", Maria Mathos Tenorio met a British woman and went to the sea together where they were assaulted by two men who tried to steal them.

Liverpool told police about Mohammed Salah

The Liverpool club told Merseyside police about a video showing Egyptian star Mohammed Salah using his mobile phone while driving.

Myriam Fares explains the truth of her illness

The Lebanese singer, Miriam Fares, explains the reasons for her critical health condition and her leukemia.

Myriam Fares said on Twitter: I really need rest, but I'm not cancer.

Shams al - Baroudi and Hanan Turk comment on Hala Shiha

The artist Hala Shiha received a lot of criticism and comments that show the discontent of her audience because she removed the veil.

Comments by veiled Egyptian artists were harsh, although some returned to acting in hijab, such as artist Hanan Turk.

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