Death of the owner of the word "Seko Seko", Egyptian artist Maher Essam

Egyptian artist Maher Essam died at the age of 38, according to local Egyptian newspapers.

Maher suffered a sudden health crisis and was in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Kim Kardashian may run for president

In response to a question by CNN about whether she intends to run for president in the United States, television star Kim Kardashian said: "In no way should I say" no, "adding:" But that does not mean I started I'm working on it. "

"If more people ignore their personal feelings and start thinking about important things, it's possible to do bigger things," she said.

Moroccan artist Jihan Khalil in a new filming session

Moroccan artist Jihan Khalil underwent a new filming session and published it as a gift for her followers on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The Moroccan artist, Jihan Khalil, succeeded in proving her presence in the Egyptian drama during the month of Ramadan.

"Vision Top" a recueilli de nouvelles photos du jeune artiste marocain Jihan Khalil dans cet album.

Spain coach Julien Lobetigi was sacked before the 2018 World Cup

Hours before the start of the World Cup Russia 2018, the Spanish Football Federation dismissed the Spanish coach Julien Lobetigi from the training and the next day he announced that he will take charge of Real Madrid next season.

The new World Cup Telstar 18, who is most affected by its design?

Adidas, the German giant for the manufacture of sports tools in the world, designed a new ball for the World Cup 2018, named the Telstar 18, in a scientific way to reduce the possibility of deflection from normal course during the shots.

This new design may invalidate the distinctive technique of payment used by some of the world's top players, most notably Ronaldo.

Carmen Suleiman and her baby are in traffic accident

The artist Carmen Suleiman and her son were injured in a car accident. Her husband, composer Mustafa Gad, immediately attended them and took them for the necessary medical examinations and reassurance.

The most beautiful views of the stars during the 72th session of the Tony Awards

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards, held annually in New York City, awards awards to theater and art stars in America.

Because of Israel, the American musician John Mossi for his participation in a festival in Berlin

The American musician John Moss has canceled his participation in the "Pop Radio Kultur" music festival in Berlin because of the financial support of the festival by the Israeli embassy in Berlin.

The Israeli Embassy invested in the festival and provided financial support, calling the organizing committee to place the Israeli flag on the invitation cards as well as the flags of the countries sponsoring the festival.

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