Foods that stimulate circulation and ensure safety

Nutritionists recommend eating foods that help flow fluid smoothly in the arteries and veins, to ensure the stability of body temperature and avoid serious diseases.

To ensure proper blood circulation, nutritionists recommend eating orange, nuts, garlic and plants such as parsley, green tea, black chocolate, beet roots and cold water fish.

Cold water fish such as salmon can stimulate blood circulation in the body with omega-3 fatty acids, essential acids that protect against viscosity in platelets, so eating fish at least twice a week is very beneficial.

Most foods needed by the body, the effect of tea and coffee in Ramadan

The head of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition in the Division of Food Industries and Nutrition, National Research Center in Cairo, Dr. Afaf Ezzat: The reasons for the feeling of many fasting headache during the first days of the month of Ramadan due to the habit of drinking stimulants, such as tea and coffee and derivatives .. The sudden interruption For these drinks and for a long number of hours cause the incidence of headaches between the average and acute.

Dr. Ezzat explained that there is another type of headache that affects fasting after breakfast; it is due to the fullness of the stomach with food after many hours of fasting, which causes headaches as a result of the blood flow to the stomach and the digestive tract to digest and represent food;

Foods that help you remember dreams

Researchers at Adelaide University's School of Psychology prepared a study that involved 100 people in a study; half of them took 240 grams of vitamin B6 for 5 nights.

People who eat vitamin B6, which is heavily found in bananas, chickpeas and tuna, remember their dreams at 64.1 percent more than others, especially those taking placebo.

Vitamin B6 helps improve motor skills and strengthen body immunity, as well as eliminate fear and nightmares.

UAE Ministry of Health warns of food supplement Purtier Placenta

The Emirates Al-Youm, the UAE's Ministry of Health and Community Protection, has issued a warning about a product called Purtier Placenta.

The ministry said that the product is not registered in the ministry and is not known specifications and all information circulated misleading, non-scientific and the risk to patients.

Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective

India, Health, Food Exports, Antibiotics used in the treatment of serious diseases will become less effective in the future, according to a study carried out after media sources said India, the largest exporter of food, used antibiotics in large quantities in fast-fattening fattening.

Palliative food for the pain of teeth, muscles and colds

Experts say that the healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and fish we eat in our meals play a bigger role than just feeding our bodies well. Each food relieves some kind of pain in an area of ​​the body.

In this report, the Bold Sky Web site provides 10 kinds of foods, revealing their role in relieving pain.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib as president of the Egyptian National Club

The 63-year-old Egyptian national team player, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, was elected as vice president.

On 26 November 2017, Mahmoud Al Khatib celebrated the 62nd birthday of Al Ahly and Egypt's former football team on 30 October 1954 and retired in 1987.

Foods that kill sexual desire have improved sexual performance

These foods improve sex drive, while killing sexual desire in the case of excessive ingestion:

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