Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective

India, Health, Food Exports, Antibiotics used in the treatment of serious diseases will become less effective in the future, according to a study carried out after media sources said India, the largest exporter of food, used antibiotics in large quantities in fast-fattening fattening.

Palliative food for the pain of teeth, muscles and colds

Experts say that the healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and fish we eat in our meals play a bigger role than just feeding our bodies well. Each food relieves some kind of pain in an area of ​​the body.

In this report, the Bold Sky Web site provides 10 kinds of foods, revealing their role in relieving pain.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib as president of the Egyptian National Club

The 63-year-old Egyptian national team player, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, was elected as vice president.

On 26 November 2017, Mahmoud Al Khatib celebrated the 62nd birthday of Al Ahly and Egypt's former football team on 30 October 1954 and retired in 1987.

Foods that kill sexual desire have improved sexual performance

These foods improve sex drive, while killing sexual desire in the case of excessive ingestion:

Reducing the sentence against "Adanao" Pele's son to 13 years in prison

"Adanao" the former goalkeeper for Santos, his father's team football legend "Pele" would hand himself in to police after a court decided that it must be implemented sentenced him in custody for nearly 13 years from the death of 33-year-old drug trafficking Once you confirm the decision.

Why Macy's bought his neighbors’s home ?

Player Croatian Ivan Rakitic spoke to the newspaper "Marca" Catalan for his life in Barcelona, ​​after moving from Seville three years ago to live in the same area next to the "Mascherano", he joked: "Fortunately, so far I was not for the problems with the neighbors Macy's veterans."

Foods cause death with a repeat addressed in the long term

Site "justhealthy", published a report cited a list of foods said it was dangerous and cause death with a repeat addressed in the long term, calling for a re-thinking in their approach so as not to inflict damage to our health:

5 kinds of food cleans the arteries of the heart and protect against stroke

5 kinds of food you clean the arteries of the heart, and protect against stroke by site healthy cures:

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