After the rape charge EA Sports delete Ronaldo from "FIFA 19"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- According to a report from the Spanish newspaper AS, Spanish sports news agency Aa Sports has removed the image of Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo from the cover of FIFA 19 on its website.

"We have followed the reports on allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo, we watch the situation closely and expect athletes and our brand ambassadors to deal with themselves in a manner consistent with the values ​​of the company," the newspaper added.

Egypt may bid for the 2019 African Nations Cup

Dubai, UAE (Visi-on News) Egypt may run to host the 2019 African Nations Cup which will be in Cameroon in June 2019. The stadiums are not ready and Cairo may host the tournament.

An official source in the Egyptian Football Federation said that this participation may be resolved in the coming hours.

Final list of the best player in Europe

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced the final list of three players nominated for the European Footballer of the Year Award 2017-2018.

The list includes: Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Croatian Luka Modric.

CAF and Corruption for Sports Arbitration in Ghana

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has dealt a heavy blow to the corruption of sports arbitration in Ghana, with a decision to suspend seven governors from Ghana from participating in any sporting activity.

The African Football Confederation (CAF) decision came against the backdrop of video evidence published in a press investigation into corruption in African football that showed referees receiving money to influence the results of matches.

How did the French president intervene in order for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup?

Former FIFA president Joseph Blatter said Qatar had said on Twitter that his new book, "My Truth", had a lot of information in Chapter 10 about bad Qatari news.

Blatter added: "Bad news, Qatar accused of defaming its rival countries, the fact that Qatar won after a political intervention by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to former Vice-President Michel Platini."

German star Massoud Ozil resignsinternationally, and Erdogan's reason

German star of Turkish origin, the Arsenal playmaker, Massoud Ozil issued a statement on "Twitter" in which he said: "I feel unwelcome in the German team, and everything I've done since 2009 is in the fold."

Ozil has been criticized by the masses and the German media after appearing with the Turkish president in a single image before the start of the World Cup Russia, and increased pressure after the exit of the Dutch early in the tournament.

Israel intervenes with FIFA to cancel Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup

Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup has returned to the surface after the events that took place in Russia during the World Cup 2018, which was won by France.

The world has seen, through television, large gatherings of fans and guests before and after the matches, and make sure that Qatar can not accommodate such a large number of followers of the largest sporting event in the world.

Photos of the World Cup Russia 2018 confirms Qatar's inability to organize the World Cup 2022

The US Today newspaper published several pictures of the celebrations taking place in the streets of Russia after all the sports interviews and how the streets are crowded with fans and said: The overcrowding of the streets and squares of the Russian capital Moscow thousands of fans during the 2018 World Cup; Qatar will be forced to review the organization of the championship Coming.

The newspaper said in its report, quoting the Associated Press: "Even the fans of Latin American teams, which left teams, continued to be in Moscow; which raises the question of the ability of a small city such as the ability to absorb these huge crowds.

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