The simplest ways to increase the number of sperm

The formation of sperm is strongly influenced by temperatures rising to more than 34 ° C, which is the reason the testicles drop out of the body.

A study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, which included 656 men in the United States, said the sperm concentration in men in loose panties was 25 percent higher than men wearing tight panties.

Foods that stimulate circulation and ensure safety

Nutritionists recommend eating foods that help flow fluid smoothly in the arteries and veins, to ensure the stability of body temperature and avoid serious diseases.

To ensure proper blood circulation, nutritionists recommend eating orange, nuts, garlic and plants such as parsley, green tea, black chocolate, beet roots and cold water fish.

Cold water fish such as salmon can stimulate blood circulation in the body with omega-3 fatty acids, essential acids that protect against viscosity in platelets, so eating fish at least twice a week is very beneficial.

How does the music of devils affect mental health?

The worship of the devils has become a part of the songs, as many of the famous singers have become dependent on the diabolical rituals in their songs, and thus teach the young people these rituals, especially the ritual of blood.

It is one of the songs through which the human senses are disrupted, and the minds of young people, especially adolescents, are anesthetized. Heavy metal music, which the demons tend to listen to and later use in their rituals, is considered to be a weapon to attract young people and influence their thoughts and behavior.

Business Insider: Wrong decisions we make every day without thinking

Business Insider makes the wrong decisions we make every day without thinking, even smart people make the wrong decisions sometimes because they simply did not spend any time thinking about those decisions.

The report monitors eight wrong decisions that can be made daily by humans:

Depression causes a disease that has no medication

A new study by researchers from the University of Sussex that depression accelerates aging, which may later lead to dementia.

According to the study, the researchers analyzed 34 previous studies, including 71,000 people, some suffering from depression, and others with symptoms.

Most foods needed by the body, the effect of tea and coffee in Ramadan

The head of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition in the Division of Food Industries and Nutrition, National Research Center in Cairo, Dr. Afaf Ezzat: The reasons for the feeling of many fasting headache during the first days of the month of Ramadan due to the habit of drinking stimulants, such as tea and coffee and derivatives .. The sudden interruption For these drinks and for a long number of hours cause the incidence of headaches between the average and acute.

Dr. Ezzat explained that there is another type of headache that affects fasting after breakfast; it is due to the fullness of the stomach with food after many hours of fasting, which causes headaches as a result of the blood flow to the stomach and the digestive tract to digest and represent food;

Members of the human body renew themselves according to human habits

The Deutsche Welle radio station reported that five members of the body renew themselves according to human habits, with about 95 percent of the body's cells regenerating, and developing for better or worse, depending on the diet and habits used either. Harmful.

China: SNAB, a technology to help treat cancer

A team of Chinese researchers have collected carefully engineered spherical nuclei under a technique called SNAB to identify malignant cells based on the characteristic of cancer (uncontrolled growth).

The ability of SNAB to differentiate between different types of malignant cells and differentiate them from their natural counterparts, and to detect tumor-infested cells through multiple platforms.

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