A magical way to sleep deeply in 10 seconds

Researchers at Baylor University in Texas have discovered that the simplest ways can be effective in sleeping very quickly.

That magical way is for people to ask themselves a series of questions about the activities they are expected to accomplish in the coming days, or the things they have done over the past few days, but they write all this in a small paper before going to bed.

Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective

India, Health, Food Exports, Antibiotics used in the treatment of serious diseases will become less effective in the future, according to a study carried out after media sources said India, the largest exporter of food, used antibiotics in large quantities in fast-fattening fattening.

Causes of diet failure

Scientists at the German University of Bonn have discovered why some people lose weight very hard and experience severe suffering during diet.

According to the researchers, the reason is due to the mechanism of defense in the body; as the body is the low fat and carbohydrates in large quantities serious bacterial infection, so the immune system begins to fight it.

American study: A slice of lemon and ice pieces in a juice cup may be fatal

Many people like to eat juice from a glass with pieces of ice, or to decorate a slice of lemon; but they may change their mind after the serious consequences

A study at the University of Clemson, South Carolina, in the United States, on decorating cups of juice with slices of yamon, revealed serious results, and proved that this may transmit to the human 100% of the harmful bacteria.

KUWAIT: Health services fees on expatriates are increasing

Kuwait's health minister, Jamal al-Harbi, said the decision to increase the fees for expatriate health services was final and there was no intention of postponing it, in response to parliamentary calls for a reduction or postponement.

In August 2017, the Ministry of Health announced an increase in health fees imposed on expatriates.

A recent scientific study: Sleep less than 6 hours causes the same damage to drugs on the brain

A recent scientific study revealed that sleep less than 6 hours causes the same damage to drugs and alcohol on the brain, along the range.

The effect of lack of sleep on the body, it increases the risk of obesity, depression, heart attacks and strokes, what experts call "modern disease," according to the site "Daily Mail" British.

Hormone therapy then gave birth to women

Tristan Rees, 34, was able to conceive, ten years after his treatment with hormones, retained his original anatomy as a male and became pregnant with his wife, Biff Chaplow Murray.

Reese said he stopped taking testosterone to prepare for pregnancy. "We were under medical supervision all the time to make it as healthy and safe as possible," Reese said.

The dangers of oral sex and the breadth of resistance to gonorrhea are widening

According to WHO, oral sex leads to serious cases of gonorrhea, and the lack of effective use of condoms leads to the spread of the disease.

The World Health Organization has warned of gonorrhea, where treatment has become more difficult, and in some cases impossible.

Infectious sexual diseases are rapidly resistant to antibiotics.

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