The most beautiful footage of the stars at the Toronto Festival

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Toronto International Film Festival Many stars included Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman, both of whom were prominent attendees.

Julia Roberts also starred in a way that does not reflect the reality of her life like other stars like Lady Gaga.

Megan Markle is at the forefront of the most elegant women

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates/ People magazine put a list of the most elegant women in 2018, Megan and Duke Duke of Sussex and wife of British Prince Harry were in the first list.

The most elegant women are:

Fall and embarrassing positions of Hollywood stars during the biggest celebrations

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Elizabeth Rumm, Anna Lynn McCord, Emma Thompson, Tan Mum, Jason Dirulo, Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood stars have been subjected to embarrassing situations during the biggest art celebrations, and the Red Carpet has become a place of embarrassment rather than crowning them.

American police killed actress Vanessa Marquez

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-Former actress Vanessa Marquez was killed by police in California, after she had turned her gun at police officers in her home.

The police had arrived to check the health of the former actress at the request of the owner of the house where the 49-year-old actress lives. When the police arrived, they noticed she was suffering from a psychological attack and asked paramedics to help her.

The personal servant of George Clooney reveals it

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates/ The personal servant of the world star George Clooney has revealed secrets about his way of life in what is considered a scandal, revealing details of "disgusting" of his daily life.

World celebrities and insurance for their precious things, the strangest things

Famous art and sports have valuable things to pay the insurance companies to keep, for example, the famous English footballer David Beckham insured $ 70 million.

Also, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey insured parts of their bodies for large sums.

Stars of the world drug addicts, photos and surprises

The addiction of celebrities to different types of drugs, including those who ruled it, and some of them took off, and this list includes Arab stars and global drug addicts.

Vision Top collected a photo album for these stars, you will see surprises and Nguoma did not expect that they were taking drugs.

Including singer Amy Winehouse, Joker, The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger, Egyptian artist Hatem Zulfikar, Nour Sharif, who admitted to drug addiction in his youth, and world actor Ben Affleck.



Hollywood stars and embarrassing positions due to the heat wave

Hollywood stars include: Adam Sandler, Adam Levin, Ashley Benson, Owen Wilson, Bradley Cooper, Britney Spears, Paul McCartney, Ty Degis, Tom Cruise, Jason Statham, Jennifer Lawrence, John Bon Jovi, Jennifer Carpenter, Zac Efron, Sylvester Stallone, Gavin Rosdale and other stars, high temperatures caused their backs awkwardly.

Vision Top You have collected photos of these stars in the album below.

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