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International star Taylor Swift has joined the Cats music team with Jennifer Hudson, Ian McLean and James Corden.

The film "Just Gerd" confirmed that the shooting will begin later this year in England, and has not yet announced the role played by Taylor Swift, 28 years old, is due to be released film director Tom Hopper.

World star Taylor Swift, 28, has become one of the most sought-after stars in the world.

Vision Top collected those images that show the beauty of her body and radiance.

The story of the fake prince who was awarded Pamela Anderson the title of Countess

The Canadian star, Pamela Anderson to the title of Contessa with the help of a princes of the Roman emperors dynasty, but the Italian police discovered that the prince was a fraudster.

Investigators in Italy have revealed the identity of the fraudulent prince, who was awarded Anderson the title "Contessa," during a ritual wearing the apostles of the Vatican, claiming to be a predecessor of Emperor Constantine.

H.E. Maryam Eid AlMheiri: festival success of ‘Fan of Amoory’ can inspire other Emirati talents to tell their stories

Abu Dhabi, UAE –: H.E. Maryam Eid AlMheiri, CEO of Media Zone Authority — Abu Dhabi and twofour54, today said that she hopes the success of Cinema Vision Films’ ‘Fan of Amoory’ will inspire other Emiratis to pick up a camera and bring their stories to the big screen too.

The production company, which is based at twofour54 Abu Dhabi, recently revealed that the feature film will be the sole representative of the United Arab Emirates in official competition at six international film festivals spanning Europe, North Africa and South Asia.

Sand van Roy accused filmmaker Luc Besson of raping her

Actress Sand van Roy, 27, has been charged with rape by the filmmaker Luc Besson, 59, at the Bristol Hotel in Paris after returning from the Cannes Film Festival this year.

"I was afraid of death, and it was never far away," Roy told Reuters in an interview with BFM television.

"I felt the pain escalating, until the second day, when it is this violence .. called rape."

"I told him he stopped, I told him so clearly, there were tears, and vomiting ... I was forced to have sex with me, even though I showed my unwillingness to do so, not only."

Steven Taylor spends a romantic holiday with his girlfriend Emmy Preston

Steven Tyler, 70, has a stable love story with 30-year-old Emmy Preston, and many did not know she was his special assistant before they were emotionally attached in February 2016.

New about George Clooney 's health after he survived

Amal al-Din was accompanied by her husband, George Clooney, while receiving John Paul II Hospital and went out with him. They spend the summer in Sardinia, where Clooney depicts episodes of "Catch 22" and monitors them in a restaurant in San Polo.

Scarlett Johansson Transsexual

Hollywood star, Scarlett Johansson, plays a transgender role in her new film.

The controversial role in the film "Rub & Tug", which tells the story of a transgender man who has a massage salon and relax and participates in the Department of "sex trade" in the seventies of the last century.

Scarlett responded to the criticism in a short message, saying she was not the first to play the role of a transgender, was preceded by the two famous stars, Jeffrey Tambour and Jared Leto.

American star Megan Markle tops magazine covers and art sites

The American star, Megan Markle tops the covers of magazines and artistic sites, and has become the most important icons of elegance and fashion.

Jomtien may have grown up after becoming Prince Harry's wife, so many women seek to carve their style of clothing, accessories and way of putting makeup.

Megan Marcell is always looking for designs that are simple and have more luxury and luxury, both in clothing and accessories. The most famous of these are Marcel de la Renta, Givenchy and Roland Mouret.

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