The first ladies, the film presents the head of America in the form of a lesbian woman sex

The US president will be a gay lesbian, in the comedy film Netflix will produce.

The role of the American president will be played by Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston.

Arab and international artists lost their children in the early days of youth

Many of the stars of the Arabs and the world were killed by death in their children, who lost them at the very beginning of their youth.

In this report, Vision Top brings you the names of the artists and the circumstances in which they lost their children:

Moroccan singer Laila Ghofran lost her daughter, where she attacked her house and her friend and killed them during the attempted robbery. He was sentenced to death while his father was Ibrahim Akkad in Tunisia.

The marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the father does not want to embarrass the bride

Prince Harry, 33, the grandson of the Queen of Britain and sixth in the Order of the Throne, will marry Megan Markle, 36, at St. George's Church in Windsor Castle on Saturday (May 19th).

Thomas Markle, 73, was expected to accompany his daughter Megan to the church walkway in front of 600 guests, including senior members of the British royal family and a crowd of celebrities.

In pictures, Mad Fashion stars concert Gala 2018

At Met Gala 2018, the stars appeared in crazy costumes and fantastic spectacles, including costumes inspired by imaginary heavenly beings.

Directly from the Cannes Festival: see the star views, and the jury

The 71st Cannes Film Festival kicked off and Penelope Cruz opened the star parade. The Spanish actress is participating in the festival this year with her film "Everybody Knows" by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.

The film "Everybody Knows" starred in the presence of Iranian director Asghar Farhadi (center), French actress Isabelle Edjani and Hollywood giant Martin Scorsese.

Homosexuality combines Paris Jackson and fashion model Cara Dolafini

PARIS JACKSON, daughter of late pop king Michael Jackson and star and fashion model Kara Dolavini, decided to be together without a camera lens account as if they were confirming rumors of a homosexual relationship between them.

The former lover of Kayley Jenner doubts her daughter's proportions

The former lover of Kayley Jenner, the rapper "Tega", said he was suspicious of the daughter of his ex-girlfriend, the international star "Kylie Jenner".

The site (intouchweekly) said that Tega suspects a sexual relationship between Kelly and her bodyguard and that she gave birth to her daughter, not to her current boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Bollywood and Hollywood star, Indian Priyanka Chopra Dream of this?

The Bollywood and Hollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, has been an overwhelming success on the art scene. In recent years, she has become the magazine's lead author in her series of successes.

Priyanka Chopra has become a large fan base in various countries of the world.

Chopra stressed that she seeks globalism. She does not want to be recognized in a country or two countries, but she wants her name to be bright in the whole world.

Chopra confirmed that her dream is that all women, whether Indians or brown skinned, will be accepted, that they will have many encounters with them, and that I will continue to dream of giving the other person the acceptance of those who are different from me.

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