Friday, 18 September 2020

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The #Vietnamese #girl #Nguyen_Thu_Trang, appeared in her #nude_photos, surrounded by #lotus_flowers "holy" to the Vietnamese in a pool of water.

Nguyen Thu Trang, who lives in the capital Hanoi, has stirred controversy over social media between an admirer and a fiance because she initially appeared in traditional Vietnamese dress before she was completely exposed to lotus flowers.


#serious synchronized electronic attacks led to the disruption of most of the #hospitals_British, also struck # China and # Russia, the virus, "Wana Deckrtpor."

Of those countries we find # Spain, Russia # China # India # Akronia, perhaps hit # virus about 45 thousand sites around the world mostly in Russia.


The city of Tel Aviv has seen a march of prostitutes in Israel, including 1,200 #prostitutes, as well as women and men who have joined forces to demand their rights.

The Israeli #prostitutes protested against the "sexual violence" inflicted on them by customers and others, in addition to demanding that the Israeli authorities provide security to them by providing them with the necessary protection.


Egyptian calligrapher Saad Mohammed spent three years writing what he hopes to be "the largest Koran in the world".

Mohammed, who covers the walls and ceilings of his house in Bilqina, a village in the Mahalla Center in Gharbia Governorate in the Egyptian Delta, has hand-painted Islamic motifs, copies of the Koran on a 700-meter-long paper roll.


In the city of Wainsboro, Virginia, residents are looking for a person and why they are kidnapped by cats and returned to their owners by curl hair.

Seven cats appeared suddenly, namely the curl of the abdomen, thighs and legs. This is not about stray cats, but domestic cats with the owners responsible for them.


What bomb or bomb did the US military make for the first time in Afghanistan?

A powerful bomb weighing the equivalent of 9797.6 kilograms, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in America, and guided by the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Bomb "GBU-43 / B" known as "mother bombs"


The famous Indian star Saif Ali Khan had a negative attitude about his daughter-in-law, actress Sarah Ali Khan, in cinema and acting, and wanted her to have another field away from art, news sites said.

But Saif came out and denied all the rumors, and said he was happy that his daughter Sarah would collaborate with renowned Indian director Karan Gohar, who supported many of Bollywood's new faces.


Jihan Faris, the sister of artist Miriam Fares, drew more than 214,000 followers to Ingrid because of her beauty and femininity.

Jihan Fares takes photos in a professional way like fashion models.


French billionaire Liliane Betancourt, the heir of L'Oreal cosmetic group, for the second year in a row, is on Forbes magazine's list of the world's richest women in 2017.

Forbes estimated its wealth at nearly $ 39.5 billion, up 3.4 billion dollars in the year to 2016.


Lymphoma is a group of malignant diseases that affects the lymphatic system in men especially.

Lymphoma is divided into 3 groups: moderate lymphomas, violent lymphomas and very violent lymphoma.

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