Former Iranian Vice-President Hamid Baga'i was sentenced to prison

Iranian media said former Iranian Vice President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption.

Hamid Baka'i, 48, was a conservative vice-president, Ahmadinejad, who took office for two terms between 2005 and 2013, and the director of his office during his second term. They maintain close relations, and are accused of embezzling funds and illegally benefiting from public exchanges. Years

Saudi Crown Prince: Qatar less than a street in Egypt and Iran "paper tiger"

Cairo/ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held a press conference at the Saudi embassy in Cairo at the end of his visit to Egypt, which resulted in a number of economic agreements between the two countries.

"I do not care about them, less than the rank of minister responsible for the country file, the population of Qatar is not equal to a street in Egypt, and any minister in the Saudi government can solve the Qatari crisis," he said.

Iranian passenger plane crashes

The Iranian emergency administration announced that a passenger plane belonging to the internal lines crashed in the south-west, with 66 people on board, while heading from Tehran to Yasuj, before falling on the outskirts of Smirm, Isfahan province.

The most dangerous military escalation between Israel and Iran and Syria

Syria, Iran, Israel, After Tel Aviv intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft launched from Syria and attacked Israeli targets, and targeted the fire of Damascus an Israeli aircraft, the response of the Israeli Air Force to carry out large-scale raids against Syria and Iranian targets there.

The revolution of women against the headscarf in Iran

Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Fars, Tasnim and Ilana news agencies reported the events of a women's revolution in Iran against the veil law, saying police had arrested 29 women for violating the "social order" and handing them over to the judiciary.

The revolution of women in Iran against the imposition of hijab from the virtual world, which has been published on social networking sites in recent days, apparently took pictures in Tehran and other cities of women revealed their heads while their veil hanging on a stick to protest.

The Houthis fired more than 300 rockets at Saudi Arabia

The Saudi-Iranian conflict, the Yemen war, the Arab alliance/ Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, said in a speech at the opening session of the Organization of the Islamic Conference's emergency meeting,

He pointed out that the Houthi militias supported by Iran seeks to prolong the crisis and the suffering of the Yemeni people, and looting and theft by intercepting 85 aid ships, convoys and relief trucks and blackmailing the Yemeni people by controlling the aid.

Iran: Demonstrations are renewed, America is waiting for change, Europe is demanding the right to demonstrate

The United States and Europe are pushing for more protests in Iran, which entered its sixth day against the government in protest against living conditions.

A spokeswoman for European Foreign Minister Federica Mugherini, expressed "hope" that Tehran would "guarantee" the right to demonstrate.

Iranian TV announces the death toll on the fifth day of the demonstrations

Iranian television announced the death toll, which fell, during five days of demonstrations, which pervade the country.

Iran's state television said 10 people had been killed in the protests sweeping the country, Sky News reported in an emergency report.

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