Iran: gang kidnapped and raped 41 girls

Iranian police arrested a man accused of participating in the rape of 41 girls from the city of Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

Will the Iranian team play barefoot in the World Cup?

Will the US sanctions on Tehran affect the Iranian national team, which is participating in the World Cup qualifiers in Russia 2018, after the American sports clothing company, Nike, refused to give the Iranian team his shoes two days before the start of the World Cup in Russia .

While the Iranian team suffered from isolation as they found no team to agree to a friendly with them, with the exception of Tunisia, they were surprised by a statement by Nike, published by US channel ESPN. The sanctions imposed by the US government on Tehran meant that they were a local company You can provide shoes to players of Iran during this time.

According to the US government, any local entity that violates these sanctions against Iran will be subject to substantial fines.

Iran are in Group B alongside Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal from the agreement, which restricts Iran's nuclear program for peaceful uses in return for lifting Western sanctions.

Trump also announced the reinstatement of economic sanctions against Tehran and the companies and entities it deals with.

European companies such as Total, Enge, French Airbus, Siemens AG, Denmark's Mirsk Tankers and others have decided to leave Iran before the US sanctions are imposed.

The Iranian team is outcast and can not find anyone to play friendly

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz is troubled by the reluctance of teams from other countries to play with his team amicably in preparation for the World Cup Russia.

The Iranian team was to play against Greece, but the match was canceled, while another match was canceled with Kosovo.

Qatar bans all Saudi, UAE, Bahraini and Egyptian goods imported from Iran and Turkey

Following the general hiatus of the economic boycott imposed by the Gulf states and Egypt on Qatar, and Iran and Turkey helping the gas-rich country to face these sanctions by playing the role of mediator in bringing goods from boycotted countries and exporting them to Doha, Qatar decided to ban such goods.

Syria: Explosions in Hama targeted Iranian equipment

A series of explosions occurred in the vicinity of Hama airport in Syria, where a major military base had been hit by air strikes on the 29th of last month. Damascus accused Israel of launching the strikes, while sources said that the bombing targeted an Iranian missile system.

Iran consumes Israel's products by Turkish fraud on international sanctions

Normalization with Tel Aviv: Iran is using Israel's products as a Turkish scam on international sanctions, the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported, saying that Turkey is helping Iran break its sanctions against buying some goods and products.

According to the newspaper, Turkey buys electronic equipment from Israel and sells it to the Iranian regime, in violation of international sanctions imposed on the background of the Iranian nuclear file and Tehran's activities in support of terrorism.

The outbreak of war between Syria and Israel after a meeting between Netanyahu and Putin

Hours after the US withdrawal from the international agreement on Iranian nuclear and a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin until Israeli missiles began to pour on Syria, where about 50 raids, according to France 24, to return Damascus to strike Israel in the Golan.

The implications of the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement on Iran's economy

Tunisia, Egypt - "Vision News": The American withdrawal from the international agreement on the Iranian file and the return to the economic sanctions program on Iran will have important implications for Tehran's economy, which will eliminate the US dollar deal and retain the euro.

But the US sanctions will be obtained from specific agreements and deals:

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