What did the Bollywood star Salman Khan say about the Iraqi artist Warina Hussein?

A report on Spotboye said Indian artist Salman Khan initially chose Isabelle for a role in his film, the sister of his former sweetheart Katrina, who performed experiments and tests, and failed because she is still not ready for the camera and Indian language, which stood as an obstacle to Isabelle.

In pictures, Australian artist Sophie Moq, who slept in Saddam Hussein 's bed

Iraq, Art Stars: "I grew up in the bed of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in one of his luxury palaces and I felt that death was coming closer than I had been for more than a decade," said Sufi Monk, who died on the bed of Saddam Hussein after his fall.

Philippine authorities will deport Iraqi missile scientist Taha Mohammed al-Jubouri

Philippines, Islamic Organizations, Iraq, Manila authorities have announced they will deport Iraqi missile scientist Taha Mohammed al-Jubouri, after discovering he belonged to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and accused of helping the group launch rockets into Israel.

The Iraqi authorities informed the Philippines of the presence of Taha Mohammed al-Jubouri on its territory. He was arrested by Philippine authorities Sunday, the police chief told a news conference.

Fat hunting of the organization of the Islamic state in the hands of the Iraqi authorities

Iraqi forces got a fat and precious hunt from the Islamic state organization, ousting an elderly man from a terrorist organization who had appeared in previous white-cheeked shots giving orders to kill his victims with stoning or stoning in Mosul, northern Iraq.

Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun and the most beautiful bold views

The Iraqi singer of Moroccan origin, Shatha Hassoun, has gained a broad base on social networking, especially Instagram, with more than 1.5 million followers, and her account of Intsagram is full of bold scenes.

Miss Iraq Sarah Aidan managed to smuggle her family

Miss Iraq Sarah Aidan was able to smuggle her family out of Iraq after being threatened with murder following her appearance with Miss Israel, Hadar Gundelsman in a common photo.

Israeli posts Hadar Ghandelsman and Iraqi Sarah Edan occupied a large area of ​​social networking when the headlines took place in November 2017 after taking a joint photo in Tokyo.

500 French jihadists in Syria and Iraq

French authorities have announced the number of French jihadists present in Syria and Iraq, where French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian said there were about 500 French jihadists there.

Pope Francis donates Lamborghini to Iraqi Christians

Pope Francis donated a unique Lamborghini car and decided to put it directly at an auction for four charity projects, most notably a project to help the Christians of Nineveh in Iraq.

The Pontiff gave his blessing to the Lamborghini Horacan and put his signature on the bonnet in the presence of officials from the company who came to deliver the gift at the Vatican.

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