Sabah Hatem Suleiman, a terrorist who buried himself alive

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The Iraqi Federal Police Command has published a video showing the moment of arrest of a terrorist in the Islamic State Organization, Sabah Hatem Sulaiman buried himself alive in an underground tunnel.

The death of Satan, according to one of the followers of Sadr's Iraqi movement

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Announced one of the elders of the Iraqi Sadr movement, the death of "Satan" for reasons explained in a publication on his account in "Facebook".

Sheikh Nizar al-Tamimi said in a series of blog posts on Facebook: "Dear honorable loved ones, honestly and truthfully, I tell you that these are the last months of the evil age of Satan, and will have a storm and a serious impact on the weak."

Video clip from the tomb of Iraqi Tara Fares raises controversy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- A video clip filmed at the tomb of Tarra Fares, the Iraqi model who was recently assassinated, caused a sensation that has not yet died out.

The tombvideo of Tarra Fares, an unidentified man appeared in it and said:

A new assassination in Iraq killed the medical assistant Haidar Shaker military

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, A new assassination in Iraq, two days after the killing of Tara Fares, Miss Iraq, but this time in the province of Basra, and the killing of medical assistant, "Haidar Shaker military," after being shot, in front of Basra Teaching Hospital.

The reason behind the death of Tara Faris and this happened during her burial, Video

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) One person said he had taken the body of Miss Iraq and fashion model Tara Faris to the grave and said she was bleeding from her head, as if the event had just happened.

He pointed out that he was buried Tara Fares in Najaf Ashraf, and confirmed the people attended the funeral and burial.

Miss Iraq, Shaima Kassem threatened with death after the assassination of Tarra Fares, video

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) Miss Iraq in 2015, Shaima Kassem received a death threat after the assassination of Miss Baghdad, a model Farah Faris in the area of ​​Camp Sarah in Baghdad.

Shaimaa appeared in a video as she cried. She said she had received death threats. She asked, "Are we guilty of going out on the media and becoming famous to be slaughtered like chickens?"

"When she opens her page, she finds a shelf, sometimes a knight and a racha.

Video of the horrific crime of killing Miss Iraq Tara Fares

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Visi-on News) The murder of a model, and Miss Iraq's Tara Fares, who was spotted by surveillance cameras in the Karm Sarah area of ​​Baghdad.

The video monitored the moment a crowd of people moved the crossbar and it was bloodied after the shooting

The death of former Miss Iraq Tara Fares in central Baghdad

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Visi-on News)An unknown person fired 6 shots at the Iraqi model, the former Miss Iraq woman, Tara Fares, in central Baghdad.

The Iraqi Health Ministry announced that "the body of Tara Faris arrived at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, with three shots, two of them with the head and the third in the chest.

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