A successful experiment on the Arrow 3 Israeli-American system

The field of Israeli experiments "Palmach", In the last few hours, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency, has conducted a pre-prepared pilot test using the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system.

According to the statement by the Israeli Ministry of Security, the test of Arrow 3 missile defense system designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere was "successful".

The trial of Palestinian Aahd Al-Tamimi in front of the Israeli military court in closed session

The trial of the Palestinian Aahd Al-Tamimi, 17 years old, front of an Israeli military court began in "closed session", on charges of assaulting two Israeli soldiers, the end of December last year 2017, after the spread of a video showing the beatings of soldiers in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

Haneen Zu'bi was expelled from the Israeli Knesset to describe the Israeli soldiers as murderers

The Israeli Knesset secured the expulsion of Hanin Zoabi from the joint Arab list after a heated debate during a session of the Knesset Education Committee.

The most dangerous military escalation between Israel and Iran and Syria

Syria, Iran, Israel, After Tel Aviv intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft launched from Syria and attacked Israeli targets, and targeted the fire of Damascus an Israeli aircraft, the response of the Israeli Air Force to carry out large-scale raids against Syria and Iranian targets there.

Moroccan journalist Samira Barr: I will always stand by Israel

The Palestinian Information Ministry called on the Union of Arab Journalists to punish nine Arab journalists and the institutions they work for after visiting Israel.

In a press statement, the ministry called on the Arab Journalists' Union to put the nine journalists and their institutions, if they agree to this visit, on the "black list, and stop any dealings with them."

The liquidation of Ahmed Jarrar, the executor of the Gilad Shalit operation, which resulted in the death of Rabbi Raziel Shivah

Israel, occupied Palestine: Israeli security forces at dawn today liquidated Ahmed Jarrar, who was wanted for more than a month, in the wake of Operation Gilad Shalit near Nablus, which killed Rabbi Raziel Shivah.

The General Security Service (Shin Bet) announced the killing of Ahmed Jarrar during an attempt to arrest him in a complex military operation in the town of Yamoun in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Former Israeli Minister Tzipi Livni is giving her testimony in the submarines case

Tel Aviv, the issue of submarines, Israeli opposition and former cabinet minister, Tzipi Livni, testified in the submarines case, she told Army Radio.

In the letter of the Union: The American president responds to the countries that thwarted his decision on Jerusalem

In his first speech on the All American Union, US President Donald Trump referred to his decision to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the US embassy to it, and to the uproar caused by this recognition.

"Last month I decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but some countries voted against this resolution at the United Nations," he said

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