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Israel:- The "Haderirot" website of the religious has reported Rabbi "Chaim Kanyevsky" about the spread of the new Corona virus, which occurred after the virus arrived in Israel, while it has spread to the world two months ago.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 17:54

The secrets of Arab normalization with Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an exceptional interview with the Arabic Hala TV station broadcasting in Hebrew from inside Israel that he had led a number of visits to Arab countries, and that normalization was increasing rapidly, not only because of the common Iranian threat, but also because of a passion Arab countries with Israeli technology.

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The newspaper "Maariv" asked the United States of America and European countries to intervene to explain something to the Tunisian president, Qais Saeed.

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Moroccan cyclist, Mahdi Shoukry, has retracted from the decision to join an Israeli team, after local and international media pressure, as he intended to professionalize within an Israeli team.

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Thursday, 13 February 2020 19:38

Israeli normalization buses will not run in Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco - Rabat: - The Justice and Development Party, which leads the ruling coalition in Morocco, denied importing buses from Israel and using them for public transport, explaining that: "No Israeli bus has been and will not be imported for public transport," noting that "what has been published in this regard with some sites and social networks Not true at all. "

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 20:00

Israeli police arrested Rabbi "Eliezer Birland"

Israel:- Israeli police arrested Rabbi "Eliezer Pearland," 83 years old, along with his wife and other high-ranking members of the ultra-Orthodox "Shufu Bunim" sect, according to "Times of Israel".

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