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Egypt: The Egyptian representative and the brother of the former finance minister, Boutros Ghali, were sentenced to thirty-three years in prison on charges of smuggling Egyptian antiquities into Europe, the same case in which a former Italian consul was accused, known as the "diplomatic container" case.

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Algerians have launched a campaign to return a cock to its owner, who, after a complaint she lodged, was seized by the police at the Italian embassy in Algeria.

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Italy - Federico II University in Naples: - The Mount Vesuvius volcano, in the first century AD, in the year 79 AD, was the fiercest and strongest in Earth's history since birth, and its temperature was sufficient to convert some of the brains of its victims into glass.

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If Vandita was a symbol of revenge, Robin Hood would have been a symbol of justice, and Piero Yellow, a character who combined the two, would be in the Italian Parliament.

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Italy: - The Orca Whale Watchers Association in Iceland said: "This is the first ever record of Orca whale migration between Iceland and Italy, in the history of killer whale research, we believe that migrating over 5,200 km of the longest recorded migration route in the world." Commenting on the arrival of a group of five deadly whales, Orca-type, off the port of Genoa in northern Italy.

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Italia:- "Maria Bernini, party leader in the Senate (Furtza Italy) said that" Libya is a strategic country for our national interests, from the energy sector to immigration flows and the terrorist threat, and it is now a land of conquest for Turkey as well as terrorists and mercenaries from everywhere, "according to the agency. Aki, Italian.

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