Murder of a girl shaking Egypt

Egypt, the strangest crimes, The village of Mastai, in the Qweisna district, in the Egyptian governorate of Menoufia, witnessed a heinous crime, which claimed the lives of a 5-year-old girl after an attempt to rape her.

Details of the incident, a 16-year-old boy killed the girl and hid her body in a locker in his house, after trying to rape her, fearing the discovery of his order.

Russia: Shooting in front of a church in the Republic of Dagestan

Terrorism in Russia:  A gunman opened fire on worshipers in front of an Orthodox church in Kizlyar, north of Dagestan, in the Russian Caucasus region. Five women were killed and the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack.


The Interior Ministry said the attacker, who also wounded two members of the security forces, had been "liquidated" during an exchange of fire with the police.

An American teenager revealed her killers before her death

The US police said UBS delivery drivers found 19-year-old Lizit Andrea Cuesta, who was bleeding in California, east of San Francisco, and thought she had lost one of her arms and was flown to a hospital.

Police used the girl's last testimony to arrest a young man and his fiancée and were charged with murdering her.

Raping his girlfriend's body and sending pictures to his friends

US police arrest 19-year-old Bryan Roberto in Lynnwood, Wash.

The young man was raped by Elissa Kay, aged 18, while dying of an overdose of drugs at his home. Instead of rescuing her, Bryan Roberto raped her, sent pictures of the dead body during the rape and asked his friends to help him hide her.

Will Pakistan execute a murderer and rapist 8 children in public?

Many Pakistanis have demanded the public execution of Mohammed Omran, suspected of raping and killing eight children, including the girl Zainab, whose trial began in a heavily guarded prison in the eastern city of Lahore.

Confessions of the murderer of Jordanian "Sarah Zaghoul" in America

Jeremy Johnston, a Jordanian murderer, Sarah Zaghoul admitted to the court in the US state of Oregon that he had not only killed her but also abused her body.

The killer not only deliberately abused the body but also had sex with her after she was killed.

Rape of the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" in the refrigerator of the dead

While the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" was kept in the refrigerator of the dead waiting to identify the killer was sexually assaulted the body.

The British newspaper Daily Mail said police discovered the crime by chance to inspect the killer after receiving new information about the perpetrator.

Pakistan: Minister of Planning and Development Mir Hazarkhan Bejarani kills his wife and commits suicide

Pakistan, Minister of Planning and Development of Sindh province, Mir Hazarkhan Bejarani, shot his wife "Fareeh Razak" first and then committed suicide.

The funeral of the minister and his wife was held, while the party belonging to the minister "Bejarani" declared mourning three days.

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