The Taliban rejects the Afghan president's call for a ceasefire and dozens of deaths

A suicide bombing in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, outside the governor's office in Nangarhar province, killed 18 people and wounded at least 30 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Knife attack on worshipers in a mosque in South Africa during the dawn prayer

In South Africa, a man carrying a knife attacked worshipers at a mosque during dawn prayers in the Malmsbury area of ​​Western Cape province just weeks after the attack on a mosque near the port city of Durban killed one person.

This attack killed two people.

Afghanistan: Organization of the Islamic State adopts the attack "peace tent"

The Islamic State Organization claimed responsibility for the attack on a "peace tent" for Muslim clerics in Kabul, killing 14 people, including seven clerics.

The organization gave no evidence that it had carried out the terrorist attack, while the Taliban denied involvement.

How did the Israeli army carry out the murder of the paramedic Razan Ashraf Najjar?

Ramzan Ashraf Al-Najjar, 21, who has worked with medical staff since the start of the Great March of March 2018, did not hesitate for a moment to continue her voluntary humanitarian work to save the lives of the injured during ten consecutive weeks. She was a witness to the crimes of the occupation against children, Medical, Journalism and Civil Insulation.

The Taiwanese boxer, Gary Chu killed his girlfriend before committing suicide

Taiwan-based boxer Gary Chu, 28, suspected that Ye-min Huang, 27, had cheated with other men, met them by dating, dragged her to his home, killed her, cut her body and stuffed her in sacks before committing suicide.

The brother of the victim asked for help in the search for his missing sister and called the police after he was suspected of being held in the boxer's house, but the police found nothing in the apartment.

The identity of the port of the "Blood Attack" in Belgium

A spokesman for the Belgian judicial authorities, Eric van der Segevt, told reporters that the bomber was named Kingman Herman, 31, and Hom is sentenced to 10 to 15 years' imprisonment in absentia.

According to media reports, a gunman fired near a secondary school in the city and detained one of the school's teachers as a hostage.

Shooting inside an American school

At an American school in Noblesville, Indiana, two people were injured in a shooting incident while police arrested the shooter.

The school was secured after the incident, according to the source, while the causes of the attack were not yet clear.

Terrorists of the Islamic state organization are fleeing from Syria to Asian countries

After the successive losses suffered by the organization of the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, the organization's fighters began to flee to Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, which poses a great threat to these countries, according to warnings of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shweigo.

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