Terrorist Thomas Galli, would it be a cause for a rift between France and Morocco?

The French jihadist, Thomas Galli, was arrested in Morocco in 2016 on charges of financial and logistical support for a terrorist cell belonging to the Islamic State Organization, which was dismantled by the Central Bureau of Judicial Research.

The mother of Thomas Galli wanted French President Emmanuel Macaron to intervene to release her son and deport him to France, where he was sentenced to six years in prison.

The rape and murder of the singer "Maria Mathios Tennorio"

The body of the world singer "Maria Mathos Tenorio" was found on a Costa Rican beach, a week after she began her world tour to perform concerts.

According to the newspaper "Costa Rica Star", Maria Mathos Tenorio met a British woman and went to the sea together where they were assaulted by two men who tried to steal them.

The Taliban carry out an attack on Ghazni city in southeastern Afghanistan

The Taliban carried out an attack on the city of Ghazni in southeastern Afghanistan, where gunmen stormed the capital of the state of the same name, which is only about 120 kilometers from the capital Kabul, and attacked the security barriers surrounding the city, and some security centers.

Twenty policemen were killed during the attack.

Bangladesh plans to flood all Rohingya Muslims

Bangladesh plans to flood all Rohingya Muslims on a flood-prone island, which Human Rights Watch calls the government in Dhaka to replace by improving the living conditions of this ethnic minority.

Bill Frelick, director of refugee affairs at Human Rights Watch, told reporters in Bangkok on the occasion of the publication of a new report on the situation in the camps,

Pornographic movies have caused murder within an American family

Patricia Hill, 69, killed her husband, Frank Hill, 65, when he found out he had signed up for a new television channel for movies and pornographic programs, according to a local police report.

Patricia said she had fought with her husband, who re-subscribed to pornographic television channels after she had canceled them.

Ali Dhamash pleads guilty to forming a cell for terrorist purposes

Ali Dhamash, known as "The Black Banner", confessed to a federal court in Philadelphia on charges of forming a cell for terrorist purposes.

Ali Dhamash is the first terrorist to be deported to the United States under Donald Trump from Spain, where he was arrested and awaiting trial on 30 October.

During his negotiations with the prosecution, Dumash agreed to the principle of a 15-year sentence and waived his right to appeal, AFP reported.

The death of the former US president's doctor, W Bush

An unidentified person killed the doctor of former US President George W Bush in Houston, Texas.

The incident took place near the Texas Medical Center, and witnesses said the killer met the victim on board two aerial bikes. When the two cyclists were equal, two shots were fired at doctor Mark Huasneht, who died instantly.

Germany, An attack inside a bus

German media quoted police and eyewitnesses as saying that a number of people were wounded in northern Germany after a man with a white weapon attacked a bus on a random bus.

A number of people were injured in the bus in the northern German city of Lübeck, the spokesman for the local police told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, without specifying their number or the seriousness of their injuries.

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