Miss Britain, Shannon Walker faces prison for inciting murder

A British court sentenced Miss Britain in 2012, Shannon Walker, for inciting a man to be shot, resulting in permanent disability in his leg.

The 23-year-old Shannon Walker was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after being convicted by Devonte Harris and Chans Nolan for shooting at the man in broad daylight. The British city of Yellowpool, in September 2017.

The story of the Saudi man who slaughtered his three daughters

A Saudi man slaughters his three daughters in their home in Al Rawdah neighborhood in Mecca, in a crime that rocked Saudi Arabia.

The perpetrator used the Captagon pills, which made him not sleep for three days, he said.

The perpetrator has lived in Al-Rawda neighborhood for five years. He works in one of the security guards. He does not mix very much with neighbors. He is married to a Nigerian woman and has no children other than his daughters who slaughtered them.

Egypt: Execution of the murderer of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Nevin Lutfi

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced the lifeguard of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank President Niven Lotfi, 64, to her home in the City View compound in October in Cairo, about 30 months ago.

The court sentenced the defendant Karim Saber to death after being convicted of premeditated murder, possessing cannabis, tramadol, heroin, white weapons and stealing a car.

North Korea's chief of staff faces execution

North Korea's military chief of staff, Ri Myung-soo, may face execution after he recently appeared in a snooze as the country's leader Kim Jong-un delivered an official speech.

Senior officials were previously executed for not listening properly to the leader's speeches.

Malaysia is close to detecting Fadi al-Batsh killers

Police in Malaysia are approaching the detection of the killers of Fadi al-Batsh, where two pictures of suspected suspects were published.

The British newspaper The Sun Daily said Malaysian police had published the photos after witnesses who were present in the area when the assassination took place.

Germany: The mystery of the body is decapitated

German police in Baden-Württemberg said a passer-by noticed what appeared to be a blood-clothed body on the river Ramsthal near Stuttgart.

Firefighters were called to retrieve the body, which was lying in a hard-to-reach location.

She slaughtered her two children while they slept

A Lebanese woman slaughtered her 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife while they were asleep while the minor escaped death despite a serious wound in her neck in a crime that shook the town of Mashta Hammoud in northern Lebanon.

Philippine president may imprison ICC investigator Fatu Bensuda

"What is your legitimacy now? Since we are not signed by the treaty, you have no right to pursue prosecutions against the Philippines," Philippine President Radurigo Dortti told a press conference in Davao, south of the country.

"Fatou, do not try to come here because I will prevent you not because you are afraid, but because you have no right to investigate here, and about me personally, not now and not a million years later," he told the ICC Prosecutor, .

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