The US State Department is monitoring large sums of money for the arrest of Khalid Baterfi and Qassem Al-Rimi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The State Department announced a reward for information leading to the location of al-Qaeda leader in the Arabian Peninsula Khaled Said al-Baterfi.

The ministry added in a statement that it had raised from five to ten million dollars the value of the reward in exchange for locating and arresting or condemning the official in the organization Qassim al-Rimi.

The statement said that al-Reimi was the governor of the organization in June 2015 and a month later I swear allegiance to al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and incited to renew attacks against the United States.

The body of Jamal Khashoggi and the ambassador of Riyadh are leaving Turkey

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Istanbul: Jamal Khashoggi's body is being cut inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, and Riyadh's ambassador is leaving Turkey as quickly as possible. This is the latest in the mystery of celebrating the Saudi opposition journalist after several reports were purely speculation about his fate.

The Turkish authorities searched the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. "The body of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was found cut off after he was killed," CNN quoted a Turkish official as saying. "The body of the journalist was found cut to pieces after he was killed two weeks ago at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul," the network said on its website in an urgent news.

Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova was beaten and then raped and then killed, what causes? Who is the killer?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The body of a Bulgarian journalist, Victoria Marinova, was found in a park in a Russi city near the Danube River. Authorities said she was raped, beaten and strangled. Her mobile phone, keys, eyeglasses and some personal clothes were not found at the scene.

German police confirmed the arrest of a 20-year-old man named Safrin Krasimirov in Stadde, near Hamburg, and was scheduled to appear in court.

According to the newspaper "168 Chasa" that the ambassadors of Krasimirov left Bulgaria for Germany a day after the rape of Marinova and her death.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said the suspect's DNA fingerprint matched the evidence found at the scene.

Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova was presenting a talk show on current affairs in Bulgaria, called "The Detector" on TVN, and in her last episode she addressed corruption allegations in EU funds.

Investigators, Atilla Pero and Dimitar Stainov, who appeared in a seminar for Marinova, were arrested in September 2018 during the investigation into the case.

These details led to speculation that Marinova's death may have been linked to her work as a journalist.

The famous rapper Marion "Sog" will spend 28 years in prison

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The famous rapper Marion "Sog", aged 53, will be serving 28 years in prison after being charged with murder, and a Los Angeles court sentenced him to death for murdering a man named Teri Carter, 55, before he fled in 2015, and the authorities later arrested him.

Marion is always known to be in violation of the law and is involved in repeated problems with the law.

Tara Fares, they failed to kidnap her and killed her

Dubai United Arab Emirates, The assassination of Tara Fares, Miss Lebanon's deputy, is still revealing its secrets, especially after the Iraqi Interior Ministry revealed new details.

Although the assassination of Tara Fares was shot, it caused bruises on her face

A new assassination in Iraq killed the medical assistant Haidar Shaker military

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, A new assassination in Iraq, two days after the killing of Tara Fares, Miss Iraq, but this time in the province of Basra, and the killing of medical assistant, "Haidar Shaker military," after being shot, in front of Basra Teaching Hospital.

The reason behind the death of Tara Faris and this happened during her burial, Video

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) One person said he had taken the body of Miss Iraq and fashion model Tara Faris to the grave and said she was bleeding from her head, as if the event had just happened.

He pointed out that he was buried Tara Fares in Najaf Ashraf, and confirmed the people attended the funeral and burial.

These are the killers of Miss Baghdad, Tarah Faris

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) After reviewing the contents of the surveillance cameras, activists on social sites circulated and called on the suspects to kill Miss Baghdad and fashion model Tarra Fares, whom security arrested.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest of an accused of killing the model Farah Fares, confirming the continued investigation.

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