A beauty expert Rafef Yasiri and mysterious reasons about her death

"The death of a beauty expert Rafef al-Yasiri in Baghdad, according to the statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, arrived at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Iraq dead body, pending the forensic report on the causes of death.

Dr. Rafif Yasiri, owner of the Barbie Beauty Center.

Saudi artist Majid Al Majid and the fact of his death by firing squad

Saudi popular singer Majid Al Majid, 51, was shocked by his fans after being shot dead.

Majid al-Majed died of wounds sustained by a gunshot wound in his head, which led to intensive care at a Riyadh hospital last week.

Pornographic movies have caused murder within an American family

Patricia Hill, 69, killed her husband, Frank Hill, 65, when he found out he had signed up for a new television channel for movies and pornographic programs, according to a local police report.

Patricia said she had fought with her husband, who re-subscribed to pornographic television channels after she had canceled them.

Ethiopia, the director of the Nahda dam was found dead inside his car

The Ethiopian news agency reported on its Twitter account to find the director of the project of Nahdha Simgnio Bekili dead in his car in the field of Muskl in central Addis Ababa.

The official agency did not publish any details about the incident, while the Ethiopian police reported that it had begun the investigation to uncover the circumstances.

Shooting on Zain Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad

The Lebanese artist Zein Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad were shot in front of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in Jounieh, against the backdrop of problems in the Samaya tourist complex.

The website "frankly" interviewed Zain Al-Omar, who told him the details of what happened with him, stressing that he will go directly to the judiciary to be charged against the unknown and all who appear in the investigation.

Zain Al-Omar initially assured the public that he was fine and miraculously survived the attempt to kill.

Egypt: The bodies of three children were found to be mashed and gutted

The bodies of three slaughtered children were found in a garbage bag in a street in Giza Governorate, Upper Egypt.

Social bloggers said in their comments with the footage they shared that they found the bodies of the three children and their necks were slaughtered, wrapped in black garbage bags, and their bodies began to decompose.

Experts from the forensic laboratory have taken the evidence from the scene. The prosecution began investigating the incident to reveal its ambiguity.

The Yemeni theater actor Abdullah Al - Saibi was killed

The Yemeni theater actor Abdullah al-Saibi was killed by gunmen, racially motivated, according to preliminary investigations, Saturday, July 23, 2018, in the city of Dali in Yemen.

The first investigations showed that Saibi was killed because he was from the north, after local gunmen failed his performance on the second day, accusing organizers and exhibitors of having brought north into the city, which is unacceptable.

All police were arrested in the Mexican town of Ocampo

All police were arrested in the Mexican town of Ocampo on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a candidate for mayor of the town, Fernando Angelis Juárez, aged 64, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen outside his home.

According to the BBC's website, Angels, the third politician killed in the state of Michoacan in western Mexico in more than a week; more than 100 politicians were liquidated throughout Mexico, ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for early July.

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