The controversy over the late Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman

The Egyptian military and strategic expert, retired military intelligence chief Mahmoud Zaher, raised a big surprise by confirming the mechanism by which he was disposed of

The controversy over the director of the Egyptian General Intelligence, the late Omar Sliema, came back, and the question was asked whether he was liquidated or died of a heart attack.

Video, Tunisians dreamed of emigration and their dream turned into a nightmare on the coast of Kerqana

The accident of dozens of Tunisians on the coast of Qirqneh was not the first of its kind, but it left a great impact for everyone, especially in terms of the number of dead and missing.

There were also foreign victims who were on their way to Italy, riding the boat of death, and four brothers who dreamed of a better life on the other side of the Mediterranean, but the winds came as the ships craved.

American fashion designer, Kate Speed ​​left a speech before her death

The American fashion designer, Kate Speed, died at the age of 56 and police are investigating the incident, which appears to be suicide.

She was found dead at her home in New York, at Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Kate Speed ​​was the president of the magazine "Madmuzael" for fashion, and was famous as a designer of clothes and shoes and ornaments, but the most famous production was her line of accessories.

The Taiwanese boxer, Gary Chu killed his girlfriend before committing suicide

Taiwan-based boxer Gary Chu, 28, suspected that Ye-min Huang, 27, had cheated with other men, met them by dating, dragged her to his home, killed her, cut her body and stuffed her in sacks before committing suicide.

The brother of the victim asked for help in the search for his missing sister and called the police after he was suspected of being held in the boxer's house, but the police found nothing in the apartment.

Lucinda Methwin-Campbell, a British woman who committed suicide after the eradication of her ovaries without her consent

The British woman, Lucinda Methwin-Campbell, a 58-year-old woman from Swansea, knew from the surgeon that her ovaries were "on the way" during surgery in Bristol.

The woman has been sore for years, but surgery has made the pain worse, the forensic doctor said.

Methwin-Campbell underwent surgery at the Spire Private Hospital in 2016 by surgeon Tony Dixon, who has a global reputation for bowel disorders.

But he has now been suspended from work in two hospitals in Bristol and is being investigated by the UK Health Insurance Agency and the General Board of Physicians for Surgery.

Methwin-Campbell later told her ex-boyfriend that "there does not seem to be any relief from pain" after her ovaries were removed without her consent during an operation to treat intestinal disorders.

It was reported in the investigation that Methoen-Campbell hanged herself in her upstairs room.

"The pain continued and got worse and no one seemed to be able to help her solve the problem," said Philip Chatfield, a former boyfriend who lived with her for a while.

"The surgeon Dixon performed the surgery in 2016 but it was not successful, and it caused her to live in agony, and then she underwent subsequent surgery that made matters worse," he said.

Methwyn-Campbell left a written note for her 19-year-old son saying, "I'm very sorry, Angus, I love you, you're the best son ever."

Moroccan artist Wa'am al-Dahmani suffocated by a veiled woman inside a hotel in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates/ The Celebrity Police website at Instagram reported that Moroccan singer Wiam Duhamani was suffocated by a woman wearing a niqab in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The Lebanese journalist Raghd Qais, in a post posted on his page on the instagram, that he kept silent on the subject waiting for the situation to stabilize.

The fall of the former American policeman known as the "golden killer" after 40 years

The US police in the city of Sacramento arrested former police officer Joseph James de Angelo, 72, known as the "Golden Killer" accused of murder and rape during the seventies and eighties of the last century, after ascertaining his identity; through DNA analysis " Verse".

De Angelo, was dismissed from the police in 1979 and is accused of cases still being solved by the police, known as the Golden State Assassin.

US authorities dismantle phone codes dead bodies

The company in Florida went to the death shop to get the fingerprints of the body of Linus Philippe, 30, who was killed by police in an ambush on a road when he tried to search his car for suspicion but fled. Police opened fire on him.

In the course of the investigation, the police discovered that Philip's cell was locked with a secret code, so he decided to get his fingerprints for decoding, to identify his phone records and to contact members of drug trafficking gangs in the state.

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