US authorities dismantle phone codes dead bodies

The company in Florida went to the death shop to get the fingerprints of the body of Linus Philippe, 30, who was killed by police in an ambush on a road when he tried to search his car for suspicion but fled. Police opened fire on him.

In the course of the investigation, the police discovered that Philip's cell was locked with a secret code, so he decided to get his fingerprints for decoding, to identify his phone records and to contact members of drug trafficking gangs in the state.

Germany: The mystery of the body is decapitated

German police in Baden-Württemberg said a passer-by noticed what appeared to be a blood-clothed body on the river Ramsthal near Stuttgart.

Firefighters were called to retrieve the body, which was lying in a hard-to-reach location.

She slaughtered her two children while they slept

A Lebanese woman slaughtered her 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife while they were asleep while the minor escaped death despite a serious wound in her neck in a crime that shook the town of Mashta Hammoud in northern Lebanon.

Video, the killing of Pakistani artist "Samyan Sendo" She sings on the stage !!

A video showed a man shooting 24-year-old Pakistani artist Samian Sendo for refusing to dance.

She was taken to hospital but died immediately. While the murderer was arrested for murdering the mother and fetus.

Dubai: Palestinian businessman assassin Nasser Duani arrested

Dubai police have been able to identify and arrest the murderer of Palestinian businessman Nasser Duani.

Nasser Al-Duwani is a well-known businessman and resides most of the time in the United States and the city of Nablus.

The Dubai police received a letter from the nephew of the businessman stating that he had lost contact with him while he was in the country.

Dubai: Palestinian billionaire and businessman Nasser al-Duwani was killed

Palestinian businessman Nasser al-Duwani was stabbed to death in a hotel in Dubai.

Sources close to the businessman told the story of his death, without knowing the exact details of the incident.

The execution of the Lebanese and his Syrian wife accused of committing the crime of the freezer

Kuwait's criminal court has sentenced a Lebanese man and his wife to death in absentia for killing Filipino Joanna Dimafelis, 29.

The sentence is preliminary and the defendants have the right to oppose it if they return to Kuwait.

During the investigation, the Lebanese accused of killing his Filipino maid at his home in Kuwait about a year and a half ago with the participation of his Syrian wife and placing her body in the refrigerator.

The reaction of the Egyptian parliament to the killing of student Maryam Abdel Salam in London

Egyptian MPs have expressed anger over the killing of Egyptian Mariam Abdel Salam in London as a result of the beatings and beatings of 10 British girls.

Egyptian Mariam Abdel Salam died after she entered a coma.

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