Pictures, stations from the life of the Lebanese artist Carmen Besibes

The Lebanese singer, Carmen Besibes, star of the series "Nights of Eugenie," succeeded in drawing attention to her through her performance of the character of "Aida".

Carmen Besibes began her artistic career through her participation in a Lebanese feature film, and then Egyptian director Hany Khalifa assigned her an important role in the series "Al-Jama'a" in 2011.

Revealed a Lebanese beggar mystery after her death

A Lebanese beggar (53 years old), famous in a Beirut neighborhood; with special needs, from Ayn al-Zahab in Akkar, North Lebanon.

She used to live and sleep in an old car in the Basta area of Beirut and took her home for years.

Lebanese singer Nadine Njaim is playing with Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner starred on a special occasion on the sidelines of the Cannes Festival with a distinctive dress designed by Nicolas Gibran. The short dress came in the form of a silver and black woolen sweater.

The same dress was worn by Lebanese actress Nadine Najim on one occasion and appeared in the other with a very distinctive and exciting look, but Najim chose to wear a necklace with him.

Moroccan artist Ibtisam Taskot one of them, almost like Haifa Wehbe

The Moroccan Ibtisam Taskot, Lebanese Kamer,and Sarah Hani, and other artists like the Lebanese star, Haifa Wehbe.

In recent times, the pioneers of social networking sites have moved many names and pictures of the likes of Haifa Wehbe, who have always been distinguished by their special style, unique features and striking beauty.

Lebanese Artist Nadine Al - Rassi resigns

Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi announced her retirement on television, through her official page on the global application of Instagram, which is her retirement to appear in television programs permanently.

Lebanese singer Qamar flirts Playboy magazine

It seems that the Lebanese artist, Qamar, is trying to flirt with the Playboy porn magazine. Every time she undergoes a shooting session, she insists on abandoning her clothes, so some expect her to be completely naked in the near future.

She slaughtered her two children while they slept

A Lebanese woman slaughtered her 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife while they were asleep while the minor escaped death despite a serious wound in her neck in a crime that shook the town of Mashta Hammoud in northern Lebanon.

Lebanese star, Layal Abboud will soon be in a movie

Lebanese artist Layal Abboud held a concert in the Plaza Plaza square in Tabarja, in the presence of more than 600 people who came to enjoy her art and its distinctive ruins.

There have been reports that Layal Abboud is negotiating with an Arab production company to prepare for a joint Lebanese-Arab film competition to be filmed between Lebanon, Dubai and Egypt.

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