Women's police to entice tourists in Lebanon

Mayor of Beirut's Bramana municipality, Pierre Achkar, has tried to bring tourists back after the problems of violence and instability in the country.

The solution was to hire young women with short, hot clothes to set up security in the town.

"We are wearing short clothes, and we, too, are wearing short clothes. We have a democracy here, our women are free," he said in a letter to foreign tourists who depend on the blond to compensate Gulf tourists.

Rola Saad talks about her mother: "If she dies I will not grieve for her"

Lebanese singer Rola Saad spoke about her mother and said she would not grieve for her as a mother if she died, but would grieve her as a human being.

Rola Saad said that after the death of her father, her mother married another person and deposited her and her brothers in a shelter.

The most beautiful views of Lebanese artist Darine Hamza

Darine Hamza, a Lebanese actress, is the second daughter of a father who works as an aviation engineer and an interior designer from the village of Souk el Gharb in the high district of Mount Lebanon.

Darren Hamza spent most of her life traveling between Lebanon and France because of the Lebanese civil war.

Vision Top This album combines the best views of Lebanese artist Darine Hamza.

Princess Lalla Salma celebrates the artist Magda El Roumi

Princess Lalla Salma, wife of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, celebrated the Lebanese artist Majida Roumi, who was given a Moroccan Qeftana, expressing her appreciation and love for her.

Magda El Roumi said Princess Lalla Salma represented the entire Arab world, adding: "We are proud and proud of the princess."

The artist Fairuz and her son Ziad Rahbani and the return of the lost son

Ziad Rahbani, the son of the Lebanese singer Fairouz and his sister Rima Rahbani, had been separated after Ziad Rahbani told Hezbollah's Al-Manar channel that his mother was impressed with Hezbollah and its secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah. Fayrouz and Rima Rahbani then rejected Ziad Kon Firouz's refusal to consistently express their political leanings and positions.

Moroccan young man threatens to kill Magda El Roumi if she participated in the Mawazine Festival

The Lebanese singer Magda Al-Roumi received several letters from a Moroccan person, including a death threat, if she participated in the Mawazine Festival, especially since this year's festival is witnessing a great deal of tension on the Moroccan street and has threatened to boycott the festival's concerts. The audience.

Pictures, stations from the life of the Lebanese artist Carmen Besibes

The Lebanese singer, Carmen Besibes, star of the series "Nights of Eugenie," succeeded in drawing attention to her through her performance of the character of "Aida".

Carmen Besibes began her artistic career through her participation in a Lebanese feature film, and then Egyptian director Hany Khalifa assigned her an important role in the series "Al-Jama'a" in 2011.

Revealed a Lebanese beggar mystery after her death

A Lebanese beggar (53 years old), famous in a Beirut neighborhood; with special needs, from Ayn al-Zahab in Akkar, North Lebanon.

She used to live and sleep in an old car in the Basta area of Beirut and took her home for years.

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