Lebanese singer Qamar flirts Playboy magazine

It seems that the Lebanese artist, Qamar, is trying to flirt with the Playboy porn magazine. Every time she undergoes a shooting session, she insists on abandoning her clothes, so some expect her to be completely naked in the near future.

She slaughtered her two children while they slept

A Lebanese woman slaughtered her 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife while they were asleep while the minor escaped death despite a serious wound in her neck in a crime that shook the town of Mashta Hammoud in northern Lebanon.

Lebanese star, Layal Abboud will soon be in a movie

Lebanese artist Layal Abboud held a concert in the Plaza Plaza square in Tabarja, in the presence of more than 600 people who came to enjoy her art and its distinctive ruins.

There have been reports that Layal Abboud is negotiating with an Arab production company to prepare for a joint Lebanese-Arab film competition to be filmed between Lebanon, Dubai and Egypt.

Lebanese singer Qamar in an exciting shooting session

The last filming session of the Lebanese singer, Qamar, appeared wearing a single piece, which is Jake Jeans only, and stuck to the cigarette.

American-British-French aggression on Syria, awaiting the Iranian-Russian response

Waiting for Russia, an American, British and French aggression on Syria took place at dawn, as the trio bombed several Syrian sites, while huge explosions were heard in Damascus.

The next few hours may see a response from Russia, where Moscow has vowed to bring down US airliner over Russia.

Lebanese singer Sara Hani faces criticism because of Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese actress Sarah Hani is facing criticism because of Haifa Wehbe, after she appeared at a wedding party for a Kuwaiti family and was subjected to a filming session on the sidelines of the ceremony.

Lebanese artist Katia Traboulsi embodies the shells of the Beirut wars in the exhibition "Permanent Identities"

Lebanese artist Katia Traboulsi presented her works during her solo exhibition "Permanent Identities" at the Salih Barakat Gallery in Beirut.

Traboulsi presented 46 hand-made counterfeit copies of Lebanese war shells, each linked to a different national identity.

Cedar conference to support the Lebanese economy

France, The Cedar conference to support the Lebanese economy, hosted by Paris, concluded on Friday, April 6, 2018, and raised about $ 11 billion in grants and loans to boost the economy and stability in Lebanon, French President Emmanuel Macaron said.

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