Lebanese singer Amar naked on Instagram

Lebanese singer Amar made a fuss with her bare-chested photographs of Instagram, wearing only shorts.

"Yes, it's changed, do not ask me why it changed, ask me how I learned to be like I am today," Amar said on one of the pictures.

Lebanese artist Dominique Hourani is almost naked on the instagram

The Lebanese artist Dominique Hourani, an image of her semi-naked, was published on the instagram.

 Dominique appeared wearing a short golden dress that showed most of her body in a striking way.

Haifa Wehbe dancing with her boyfriend on Valentine 's Day

Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe published a video clip and photos to celebrate Valentine's Day in a private evening with a group of her friends at a nightclub in Beirut.

Lebanese singer Rola Saad stirred up her audience with a bold look

The Lebanese singer, Rola Saad, 39, always appears in bold clothes and rarely wears a tailored dress on stage or on social networking sites, and perhaps in her daily life.

The embarrassment of the US Secretary of State when he received him in Lebanon

Diplomatic embarrassment to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, where he waited several minutes in the Lebanese presidential palace before his Lebanese counterpart Gebran Bassil entered for his greeting ahead of talks with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

Bold and shocking views of art stars, photos

Vision Top You have gathered images of the bold views in which the stars of art during the recent period, which were shocking views.

Moroccan journalist Samira Barr: I will always stand by Israel

The Palestinian Information Ministry called on the Union of Arab Journalists to punish nine Arab journalists and the institutions they work for after visiting Israel.

In a press statement, the ministry called on the Arab Journalists' Union to put the nine journalists and their institutions, if they agree to this visit, on the "black list, and stop any dealings with them."

Arab women artists became after fame, pictures

The Lebanese singer Marwan Hussein, the Moroccan singer Donia Batma, the Jordanian Diana Karazon, and the Moroccan Basma Bouzil, stars whom we have known despite changing their shape from time to time because of cosmetic surgery.

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