Memoirs of the former Queen of Jordan Noor Al Hussein "Wathba Eman: Memoirs of an unexpected life"

Queen Noor Al-Hussein, the former Queen of Jordan, was born on August 23, 1951 in the United States to an American father of Syrian origin named Najib Elias Halabi, To become Queen Noor after she converted to Islam, Lisa Najib Halabi.

Two years after she graduated from the university and received a bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning in 1974, accompanied by her father, who was working in the field of air navigation, and was a friend of King Hussein, met the king on the ground in Jordan, and fell in love from the first look, "Why do not we see you more?" He said. The relationship between the king, who was attracted to Lisa from the very first moment, developed and married her after the death of his wife, and immediately changed her name from Lisa to Nour after entering Islam.

Morocco, Nhaila Elemki Miss Universe Of The World 2018

Morocco, Nhaila Elemki The Miss Universe Of The World 2018 was crowned at a ceremony in Beirut in the presence of a number of media, social and artistic figures.

The ceremony was attended by Lebanese Journalists' Syndicate Elias Aoun, members of the "Best" International Festival Committee, the International Organization for the Selection of International Beauty Queen (IABP) and the meeting of the people of art and thought.

Miss Universe of the World Nhaila Elemki welcomed the audience and expressed her happiness to receive the title.

Belgium wins Miss World Cup 2018

Zoya Brunit, 18, won the Miss World Cup in 2018 and received a $ 3.5 thousand prize.

Germany hosted the 2018 Miss World Cup with the participation of representatives from 32 countries qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

"I am proud to win this title and I hope that Belgium will do the same thing and win the World Cup," Zoya Bruhnet told Channel C after the match.

Beauty contest England, Maria Mahmoud is wearing a brocini

Queen of Beauty England "Miss England" may be the Muslim girl, veiled Maria Mahmoud, 20, the most prominent competitors in the competition.

Maria Mahmoud promised to wear a swimsuit, "Burkin", which is for veiled women, during the competition that requires wearing the bathing suit.

Palestinian fashion model Gigi Hadid suffers from a rare disease

After a wave of criticism over her loss of weight, a Palestinian-American fashion model, fashion Gigi Hadid decided to disclose the disease she suffers and which adversely affects her health.

Photo: .. Fawzia Mohamed Miss Egypt in the celebration of Valentine's Day

Miss Egypt, Fawzia Mohammed, was keen to celebrate Valentine's Day early, through a new shooting session in which a red dress was designed by Bahij Hussein.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who turned out to be a young man named Elie Diaghilev

"I always defend natural beauty, not artificiality," said Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who has hidden a secret after reaching the finals. He has won a bet with his friends about natural beauty.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, said she was male and not female since the start of her participation and selection in the competition among 4000 girls, and that her name is Elie Diaghilev.

Video, The moment of the assassination of Miss Guatemala Rosa Otelia Ramirez

Guatemala, News, Follow-up / Awad Sallam / The surveillance cameras on the streets of Guatemala uncovered a masked young man who was shot at the head of Miss Guatemala, Rosa Otelia Ramirez, and killed her instantly, in front of pedestrians and in broad daylight.

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