Beauty contest England, Maria Mahmoud is wearing a brocini

Queen of Beauty England "Miss England" may be the Muslim girl, veiled Maria Mahmoud, 20, the most prominent competitors in the competition.

Maria Mahmoud promised to wear a swimsuit, "Burkin", which is for veiled women, during the competition that requires wearing the bathing suit.

Palestinian fashion model Gigi Hadid suffers from a rare disease

After a wave of criticism over her loss of weight, a Palestinian-American fashion model, fashion Gigi Hadid decided to disclose the disease she suffers and which adversely affects her health.

Photo: .. Fawzia Mohamed Miss Egypt in the celebration of Valentine's Day

Miss Egypt, Fawzia Mohammed, was keen to celebrate Valentine's Day early, through a new shooting session in which a red dress was designed by Bahij Hussein.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who turned out to be a young man named Elie Diaghilev

"I always defend natural beauty, not artificiality," said Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who has hidden a secret after reaching the finals. He has won a bet with his friends about natural beauty.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, said she was male and not female since the start of her participation and selection in the competition among 4000 girls, and that her name is Elie Diaghilev.

Video, The moment of the assassination of Miss Guatemala Rosa Otelia Ramirez

Guatemala, News, Follow-up / Awad Sallam / The surveillance cameras on the streets of Guatemala uncovered a masked young man who was shot at the head of Miss Guatemala, Rosa Otelia Ramirez, and killed her instantly, in front of pedestrians and in broad daylight.

Miss Australia's former, Lebanese Jessica Michelle Kahawaty in the most beautiful shots

 Jessica Michelle Kahawaty, born September 12, 1988, won the Miss Australia 2012 title, took part in the Miss World 2012, won a second runner-up, took part in the 2010 Miss Lebanon contest and became third.

Jessica Michel Kahwati is born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to a family of Lebanese origin.

Vision Top video review of the 100 most beautiful face of women during 2017

The most beautiful women's contest in 2017, founded by world-renowned art critic TC Candler, announced 100 women, the 19-year-old Philippine fashion model Lisa Supirano, in her first place.

A large number of stars were nominated worldwide, and the selection was in accordance with beauty, elegance, excellence, courage and public love.

Sexual messages fluttering Miss America

The organizers of the Miss America contest on Twitter announced that the board of directors decided to freeze the duties of Sam Haskell, CEO of Miss America, the organization responsible for organizing the Miss America contest, after accusing him of directing messages that discriminate against women and contain content of a nature Sexy for some of the winners of the title. "

Sam Haskell sent several emails to 2013 winner Mallory Hagan, who scoffed at her weight gain and criticized her sexuality, saying she was "an easy woman."

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