Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Japan has braced for Hurricane Lan, canceling hundreds of flights and stopping rail services on the day of general elections.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said Hurricane Lan, a Category 4 storm, had arrived east of Okinawa island and was moving northeastward on Sunday morning, carrying winds of up to 40 kilometers per hour.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lamented his friend, singer Gordon Downey, who died at the age of 53 after a cancer fight.

Trudeau appeared in front of the cameras in a moment of great sadness and pain. "We lost him, Gordon was my friend, he was a friend of everyone," he said.


Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wahlstrom told Swedish TV news agency TT that she had experienced "sexual harassment" and said she had been "at the highest level of politics" by announcing that she would join the "I'm Too" campaign on social networking sites.

"I can confirm that this gets the highest level of politics and I have personally passed this experience," Wahlström told Swedish news agency TT.


Sanofi Tunisia, the world leader in health care, in partnership with the Center for Pain Therapy at the Association Hospital in Tunis, organized several awareness-raising activities and programs for the prevention of pain and awareness of the value of the World Day Against Pain, From October of each year.

 The World Health Organization considers that the treatment of pain and care is an integral part of the right to health.


The Kuwaiti actress, Amina al-Kandari, revealed that a minister asked her to divorce her husband, to marry her in secret. Her response was to publish a video of activists circulating through social media sites, in which she said:

"A little while ago Ali entered the minister (you mean in her account) and wants me to get out of my husband and I will marry the secret," and then went to her followers to say: "What do you think? Do I say his name or not? Will I destroy his house because he is a great man and sure is married? "


The crime he committed in Libya in 2015, which prompted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to move the air force and hit the terrorist organization in Darnah, was the focus of an interview published by the media center of the militias "the solid structure".

The center said in a statement that it had met with a member of ISIS who was an eyewitness to the horrific crime in which 21 Egyptian Copts were massacred by terrorists in the central city of Sirte in 2015. He was sitting behind cameras for the moment of slaughter, South Sirte.


"If we mix between Jane Austen and Kafka we get Kazuo Ishiguru," said Sarah Danius, permanent secretary general of the Swedish Nobel Academy, the British author Kazuo Ishiguru, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature

British writer Kazuo Ishiguro, known for his book "The Rivals of the Day", born in 1954 in Nagasaki, Japan, which was hit by a nuclear bomb in 1945, moved to Britain at the age of five because of the work of his father, the oceanographer.


Charlotte Tillbury, a beauty expert for lawyer Amal Clooney,The wife of Hollywood star George Clooney told the Mirror newspaper that the value of the Clooney makeup in her show at the Venice Film Festival is more than £ 650, all of which are products of Charlotte Talbury.


The military court in Lebanon issued its verdict on the execution of Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, who was arrested in the file of the battle of Ibra, which took place in 2013 between the group of prisoners and Hezbollah's "resistance brigades".

The verdict was issued after he was charged with "forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist acts and attempting to kill soldiers in the Lebanese army" and "planning to assassinate a number of political figures belonging to a certain sect."


Members of the "Islamic State" ISIS organization in Syria on killed British director Mehmet Aksoy, 32, while filming a film about Kurdish fighters.

Akzawi, of Kurdish origin, joined the forces known as the "Kurdish People Protection Units" supported by the United States of America, and worked to portray them during their battles against the ISIS.



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