Friday, 05 June 2020

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The military court in Lebanon issued its verdict on the execution of Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, who was arrested in the file of the battle of Ibra, which took place in 2013 between the group of prisoners and Hezbollah's "resistance brigades".

The verdict was issued after he was charged with "forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist acts and attempting to kill soldiers in the Lebanese army" and "planning to assassinate a number of political figures belonging to a certain sect."


Members of the "Islamic State" ISIS organization in Syria on killed British director Mehmet Aksoy, 32, while filming a film about Kurdish fighters.

Akzawi, of Kurdish origin, joined the forces known as the "Kurdish People Protection Units" supported by the United States of America, and worked to portray them during their battles against the ISIS.


An explosion occurred in an ammunition depot at a military base in central Ukraine, forcing the authorities to evacuate 24,000 people and closing airspace over the area.

According to the agency, "Reuters", the Ukrainian emergency services said the explosions occurred late on Tuesday at a military base near Kalinvka in the region of Venistia, 270 km west of Kiev, and said that one person was injured.


Many people like to eat juice from a glass with pieces of ice, or to decorate a slice of lemon; but they may change their mind after the serious consequences

A study at the University of Clemson, South Carolina, in the United States, on decorating cups of juice with slices of yamon, revealed serious results, and proved that this may transmit to the human 100% of the harmful bacteria.


A Russian man and his wife have been eating cannibals for about 18 years, hunting their victims - at least 30 people - by anesthetizing them and taking them to their home and killing them.

Russian media reported that the police had published several pictures, including a picture of the husband, "Dmitry Bakchev," dealing with human hands, noting that they did not publish the images on the grounds that it is "terrible and shocking."


Lorean Betancourt, the heir to the French cosmetic giant L'Oréal and the richest woman in the world, according to Forbes magazine, died at the age of 94.

Her daughter, Françoise Betancourt Myers, wrote in a statement: "Lilian Betancourt died at night in her home, and she would celebrate her 95th birthday on 21 October 2017. My mother has quietly walked away."

Betancourt was born on 21 October 1922 in Paris. Her mother was a pianist who died at the age of five.


Barcelona star Gerard Piqué separated from his wife, world singer Shakira, and left the marital home, after violent differences between them, news of filling news sites.

These sites said that the reason for the separation of Pique from Shakira, is the busy schedule of recent concerts and works of art, which did not understand her husband star Barcelona, ​​according to the site Bild German.


The freed Palestinian prisoner Tariq Namoura, 37, from Dora, south of Hebron, won the first prize at the 2017 World Cup for Beauty in the Middle East.

The editor participated in the cutting and hairdressing of men in the Palestine team for cosmetics, where he participated for the third time in a row, to be the State of Palestine is the only Arab participation, and the Palestinian team won the gold medal as the best teams participating organization.

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The great resemblance to the Turkish star, Kivanc Tatlitug, famed for Muhannad, is the reason for the fame of the child, Albus Ozar, who is 12 years old. He appeared in the character of Gesher in his childhood, played by Kevanch. The director chose the most similar children with Kevanch to embody the role.


Former Russian officer Stanislav Petrov, 77, who saved the world from a nuclear war during the Cold War, died.

No one knows of the death of Petrov, who died on May 19, 2017, only by coincidence when he was approached by the German director Carl Schumacher - who told the world Petrov's story for the first time through a film - to congratulate him on September 7, 2017, but his son Dimitri Petrov told him that His father had died.



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