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  • September 20, 2017
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The great resemblance to the Turkish star, Kivanc Tatlitug, famed for Muhannad, is the reason for the fame of the child, Albus Ozar, who is 12 years old. He appeared in the character of Gesher in his childhood, played by Kevanch. The director chose the most similar children with Kevanch to embody the role.


Former Russian officer Stanislav Petrov, 77, who saved the world from a nuclear war during the Cold War, died.

No one knows of the death of Petrov, who died on May 19, 2017, only by coincidence when he was approached by the German director Carl Schumacher - who told the world Petrov's story for the first time through a film - to congratulate him on September 7, 2017, but his son Dimitri Petrov told him that His father had died.


The Egyptian wife, "Taghreed", 7 years old, thinks she is deaf, with the "rule" of the husband she married after a challenging love story, the first being 13 years older and "absolute".

Taghreed, from Imbaba, says she insisted that her husband undergo medical examinations for childbearing, and her husband reluctantly agreed, provided that the same doctor would do the same for his first wife.

The doctor confirmed that she had some problems requiring medication, and that Taghreed continued without a result.


The former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities d. Zahi Hawass, who sent out the international star Beyonce Knowles during her visit to the pyramids in 2013, and quarreled with her private guard, because she arrived late three hours, and treated with a kind of vanity and transcendence.


The American star Kevin Hart has confessed to betraying his wife, Enico Parish, who has been pregnant for months. He was photographed with a girl in a closed car in Miami, where he was sitting in the car with an unidentified girl in an intimate and daring position. With another girl next to them, and then the two girls came out of the car, wearing their clothes and left "Kevin" in the car and then launched it.


British police have arrested a suspect in the bombing of the London underground a few days ago and left scores of wounded, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee named Yahya Faroukh, who was granted asylum in Britain in 2014.

Yahya Froukh's residence, which was offered by the government after his asylum, was raided in the Stanwell neighborhood of Sari, southwest of London, one of the city's most luxurious neighborhoods.


The American star Jennifer Lawrence, 27, has no husband or children, has not revealed her desire to marry and has children, making her audience wonder whether she intends to marry and have children.


Saudi rocket engineer Mishael al-Shammari, who won the admiration of the US Central Command, said on its official Twitter page that it was "an inspiring model for women."

Who is the Saudi rocket engineer, Mashael Al-Shammari?

A Saudi aircraft engineer, born in the United States, lived for the first time in Saudi Arabia and then returned to America to pursue her old interest in rockets and space exploration, according to


The Turkish young actress Ayça Ayşin Turan has made great acclaim among the Arab audience recently for her outstanding performance in the Turkish series "Maryam".

Aisha Ishan Nouran is 25 years old, a Tunisian father and a Turkish mother. She has achieved her artistic career through several series, including Atheer Al Hob, Ward and Shouk.

Aisha Aishan Turan has recently published a collection of photos from the beginning of her artistic career.


Lebanese star Amal Hijazi sent a message to everyone, attached to her new picture, on Facebook, after wearing the hijab.

"I'm very proud, I love my hijab," Amal Hijazi wrote in her accompanying comment.



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