A Moroccan imam practices indecency with a child inside the mosque

In a mosque in the Moroccan city of Temara, an imam of an infamous mosque was caught with a child after being watched by the families of his victims from children under the age of 8 and reported.

The case of "the youngest president of a group in Morocco" Ikram Bouabid and the fact of infidelity

In Morocco, Ikram Bouabid, Morocco's "youngest group leader" had been arrested, while identical media reports reported that the arrest was due to infidelity.

Ikram Bouabid, went to the media and confirmed her innocence of the charge of adultery and she was the victim of false news, but new developments have emerged to prove the contrary.

Moroccan journalist Samira Barr: I will always stand by Israel

The Palestinian Information Ministry called on the Union of Arab Journalists to punish nine Arab journalists and the institutions they work for after visiting Israel.

In a press statement, the ministry called on the Arab Journalists' Union to put the nine journalists and their institutions, if they agree to this visit, on the "black list, and stop any dealings with them."

Moroccan Hamza Lebjid Star "The Voice Kids" in the most beautiful moments of the competition and win

Morocco Stars, Talents, Moroccan child Hamza Lebayd of Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher won the Best Voice Award for The Voice Kids.

Since his entry into the Voice Kids program, Hamza Lebayd has performed his professional performance for the songs of Sabah Fakhri. His participation was marked by a presence and a voice that made Tsar Kazem Al Saher his team.

From Algeria, the Polisario announces its readiness for direct negotiations with Morocco

Algeria, Rabat, Arab Sahara, A senior Frente POLISARIO official in the Algerian capital said the MILF was ready to negotiate with Morocco.

The MILF, which is fighting for the independence of Western Sahara, said it was "ready" for direct negotiations with Rabat, which controls much of Western Sahara,

star marocaine minimum Botme Kim Kardashian imiter

stars de l'art, Hollywood, artiste marocain a publié une image minimum Botme est apparu similaire à la star de la télé réalité, américaine Kim Kardashian, parce que son corps est plein de bas.

Il est apparu dans l'image minimale marocaine Botme qui faisait le commerce des pionniers des sites de réseautage fréquemment, portant une paire de jeans skinny souligne sa taille fortement rempli.

Moroccan media audience Mariam Said expects her return to the "Voice"

Stars of Morocco: Mariam Said, who introduced the ET program in Arabic, said on social networking sites that she would announce good news to her audience on February 19, 2018.

The most beautiful views of the Moroccan artist Salma Rasheed, which sparked controversy recently in her sportswear

Stars of Morocco, Moroccan actress Salma Rachid, star of the Arab Idol program, stirred controversy during her appearance on a television program on the Moroccan channel Duzim in clothes that some described as "inappropriate".

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