Former Moroccan international Mohamed Greer dies.

Former Moroccan international Mohamed Greer, nicknamed "Haman", the first Moroccan goal at the World Cup, died in the United States at the age of 74 years.

Moroccan media scene loses 2 female journalists in one day

The Moroccan media scene lost both journalist Maria Lotfi, who died in Rabat, and the Amazigh journalist Hadra Abbou, within 24 hours.

Mariya Lotfi was the last station she was appointed to head Channel 4 in 2005.

Moroccan artist Wa'am al-Dahmani suffocated by a veiled woman inside a hotel in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates/ The Celebrity Police website at Instagram reported that Moroccan singer Wiam Duhamani was suffocated by a woman wearing a niqab in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The Lebanese journalist Raghd Qais, in a post posted on his page on the instagram, that he kept silent on the subject waiting for the situation to stabilize.

Medical Anatomy reveals the cause of the death of the Moroccan artist, Wiam Dahmani

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The results of the medical autopsy of the body of the Moroccan artist Wiam Duhamani confirmed that she suffered a sudden acute heart attack led to her death immediately.

Video is likely suicide Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani and the cause of her death

The death of the Moroccan artist, Wiam Dahmani left a sinking in the hearts of lovers and friends in the artistic and social, and even raised question marks around.

Wa'am al-Dahmani's followers on social media sites posted a video of her shortly before her death, talking about her face-to-face pressures in life, referring to her attempt to commit suicide because of those pressures.

Donia Batma, Ambassador of the Moroccan caftan

Moroccan singer Donia Batma has been named the Ambassador of the Caftan of Morocco. This honor comes as part of the celebration organized by the Kingdom of Morocco to celebrate the birthday of Prince El Hassan Ben Mohamed, which will be part of the international fashion festival.

Moroccan rap star, Ilham Arabawi - ILY - is in a traffic accident

Moroccan rap star Ilham Arabawi, known as ILY, was hit by a traffic accident when she was hit by a car when she left a nightclub in Casablanca.

FIFA announces the winner of the World Cup in 2026

The Kingdom of Morocco wants to host the 2026 World Cup. According to the candidacy file, it will be based on 12 stadiums. Five are currently ready. Three other modern stadiums will be built, including the big stadium of Casablanca with a capacity of 93,000 seats. Moroccans ".

Morocco is competing to host the 2026 World Cup finals: the United States-Canada-Mexico, which is based on 23 cities selected in a preliminary list (including 4 Canadian cities and 3 Mexicans). The final list includes 16 stadiums with a capacity of 68 A thousand spectators, "built and practical."

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