Lebanese singer, Amar a flavored with a nutella

The Lebanese singer Amar published a collection of photographs of her wearing a bikini with the name "Nautla", but she put the word Bella on it.

Video is likely suicide Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani and the cause of her death

The death of the Moroccan artist, Wiam Dahmani left a sinking in the hearts of lovers and friends in the artistic and social, and even raised question marks around.

Wa'am al-Dahmani's followers on social media sites posted a video of her shortly before her death, talking about her face-to-face pressures in life, referring to her attempt to commit suicide because of those pressures.

Egyptian star Nabila Obeid with 73 in the 20th view

The Egyptian star Nabila Obeid, 73, has published new pictures, in which she appeared in a new and different form as a twenty-year-old.

Wrestler, John Cena and his niece Nicky Bella in the boldest decision

The two world wrestlers, John Cena and Nicky Bella, have been dating for 6 years, and have not decided to marry for the entire period.

But the duo seemed bored and decided to postpone as soon as he got married, even though he had said he changed himself and prioritized him, and confirmed that Nicky Bella was the woman he loved and would marry.

Find out about the brother of your favorite star

Many Hollywood stars have brothers who may resemble them, as well as Arab stars who have brothers and sisters, some of whom work together in the artistic milieu, and perhaps the most famous of them are Hussein Fahmi, Mustafa Fahmi, Mai Slim and her sister Mays Hamdan.

Lebanese singer Qamar flirts Playboy magazine

It seems that the Lebanese artist, Qamar, is trying to flirt with the Playboy porn magazine. Every time she undergoes a shooting session, she insists on abandoning her clothes, so some expect her to be completely naked in the near future.

In pictures, Fashion model, Nadine Bruna was blinded

Fashion model, star instagram, Nadine Bruna was blinded, losing 80% of her eyesight to her right eye and 50% of her left eye during a failed silicone implants to change the color of her eyes.

In pictures, the husband of the star Salma Hayek takes advantage of her body

The Mexican-American star, of Lebanese origin, Salma Hayek recently appeared with inappropriate views, and in Locke, she is not used to it.

Francois, the owner of the parent company of Gucci, one of the world's most famous fashion companies, is also the husband of star Salma Hayek, who took advantage of her body for more of his company's fashion.

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