Hackers penetrates the account of Paris Hilton and steals her money and naked pictures

A woman named Baystar Bakhshadzian, hackers active from 2015 to 2017, broke into the accounts of the international star, American businesswoman, Paris Hilton, the TMZ website revealed.

Baystar penetrated Hilton's bank accounts and used its credit cards to make reservations for a New Year's Eve 2015 concert at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Pictures of the porn film of the world star "Paris Hilton" and how to comment on it?

"I felt like I was raped and I lost a part of my soul and I was hoping I would not survive, especially when I was severely criticized," Paris Hilton said during her new documentary, The American Meme, which was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Is Homosexuality Combine Bella Hadid and Halley Baldwin?

The American model of Palestinian origin, Bella Hadid, Baldwin in a yacht on Miami Beach during her vacation. She was spotted by photographers' lenses in a semi-naked view in which she wore bikini, accompanied by Halley Baldwin, her friend who is also one of the symbols of beauty and excitement.

Lebanese singer, Amar a flavored with a nutella

The Lebanese singer Amar published a collection of photographs of her wearing a bikini with the name "Nautla", but she put the word Bella on it.

Lebanese singer Qamar flirts Playboy magazine

It seems that the Lebanese artist, Qamar, is trying to flirt with the Playboy porn magazine. Every time she undergoes a shooting session, she insists on abandoning her clothes, so some expect her to be completely naked in the near future.

Lebanese singer Qamar in an exciting shooting session

The last filming session of the Lebanese singer, Qamar, appeared wearing a single piece, which is Jake Jeans only, and stuck to the cigarette.

Watch, the scandalous video of Kuwaiti, Sana al-Qattan, which caused the referral to the prosecution

The Kuwaiti actress and the famous fashion blog, Sanaa Al-Qattan, were referred to the Public Information and Publishing Commission after being accused of stirring up the instincts in a blatant video.

Sanaa was not referred alone to the Public Prosecutor's Office. Another blog, whose identity has not been identified, has been called on charges of using offensive language in its response to critics.

Tunisian fashion model Leila Ben Khalifa in the boldest pictures

The Tunisian actress and model, Laila Ben Khalifa, published new photos through her own account on a social networking site and appeared wearing underwear.

Ben Khalifa commented on the pictures: She sees in black and white but love in colors wearing.

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