Rola Yamout announces her own bikini set Booty Bikini, video + 16

Rola Yamout, the fashion model, the unnamed sister of the Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe, announced that she is preparing to launch her own bikini group under the title Booty Bikini.

Rola Yamout's video can be classified as adult, where she is completely naked except from Streene sleeping on her face in a massage parlor.

Rola Yamout said: "A new bikini brand called the star and the first seduction queen Araba Rola Yamout Are you ready?"

Photos Rahma Hassan is naked, is different from the artists of the past

Rahma Hassan, who appeared in one of her semi-naked images, and her followers saw it as an unforgivable crime for a supposed artist to be responsible for her actions.

What is the difference between the pictures of Rahma Hassan and the artists of the past, who appeared in an era dominated by pornographic art magazines on a continuous basis?

Tara Fares, Iraqi fashion model and actress, showcases her body and provokes controversy

The Iraqi actress, fashion model, and first character in 2014, Faris Fares ignited the world's photo exchange, Instagram, and published her semi-nude photographs.

Farah Fares adopted a vision full of daring and seduction.

Tara Fares is born in Baghdad, her father is an Iraqi and her mother is Lebanese. Do not miss a chance but show her full seriousness.

After the arrest of Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar, where will the blondes go?

Turkish authorities have arrested Adnan Oktar and dozens of his followers for fraud, libel and sexual abuse.

Adnan Oktar, born February 2, 1956 in the Turkish capital of Ankara, is a Caucasian family. He kept some of the Qur'an and studied the books of fiqh al-Hanafi, and completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara. He moved to Istanbul in 1979 where he studied philosophy and fine arts. Al-Mimar Sinan University, and philosophy at the University of Istanbul.

Belgian fashion model, Marissa Babin naked in front of the wall of Al Buraq

The Belgian model, Marissa Babin, showed her pictures naked at the Wall of Al-Buraq on the opening day of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, following her arrival to mark the 70th anniversary of Israel.

The photographer was keen not to show Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock in the picture for not insulting the feelings of Muslims. Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported.

Babin explained that she was aware that photography may seem provocative to some people, and that the main thing is freedom. She also said that Jerusalem is a mixed city - religious, secular and multicultural.

Video, Saudi media, Sherine Rifai driving her semi-naked

Activists on the Twitter blog circulated a thrilling video clip, which they said was the Saudi media, Shirin Rifai, documenting the second day of the decision to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

The media appeared wearing an open white cloak revealing part of her transparent clothes, part of her body and hair, unusual in the conservative Saudi women, known for their tight clothes and black gowns.

Louchi, the Sudanese media, Alaa Mubarak Hila, her chest is a rebel

The Sudanese media journalist Alaa Mubarak, known as Loushi, was a female protagonist who emerged from behind her clothes on the first day of Eid al-Fitr when she appeared on television.

Lushi appeared wearing the headscarf, but her chest rebelled against her clothes, and the chest nipples appeared prominent in a way that angered some of the bombers, but some felt excited when he certainly saw these scenes.

Spencer Tonick will portray thousands of nudes in Australia

The company responsible for Australia's Woolworths chain of shops has allowed American artist Spencer Tonick, who is famous for photographing crowds of nude people using a one-hour car garage on Monday to photograph thousands of nudes.

The photograph of the nude crowds is part of the Chapel Street Proctor Art Festival in the Australian capital of Victoria.

Some 11,000 people signed up for their nudity and stood in front of the camera on July 9, 2018, more than the roof of the garage in the store.

New York-based artist Spencer Tonic is famous for his naked crowds in some of the world's most famous landmarks.

A previous work in Melbourne included the participation of 4,000 volunteers covering the city's riverbank.

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