Egypt honors Algerian fighter Jamila Bouhaird

The National Council of Egyptian Women honored Algerian activist Jameela Bouhaird for her history of struggle.

This honor came during a special ceremony organized by the National Council for Egyptian Women during the visit of Gamila Bouhaird to Egypt, as guest of honor of the second session of the International Aswan Women's Film Festival, organized under the auspices of the National Council for Women in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture and Tourism in Egypt. Bouhaird. "

Egypt, the imprisonment of the head of Egypt's powerful party Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh

Egypt, the judiciary in Egypt, The Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt has ordered the arrest of the head of Egypt's powerful party, Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, for 15 days in the investigation, on charges of incitement, suspicion and confusion through media hostile to the Egyptian state.

The embarrassment of the US Secretary of State when he received him in Lebanon

Diplomatic embarrassment to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, where he waited several minutes in the Lebanese presidential palace before his Lebanese counterpart Gebran Bassil entered for his greeting ahead of talks with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

The Philippine president orders soldiers to target female genitalia

Philippine President Rodrigo Dutert ordered the soldiers to shoot at the back of rebel demonstrators and their sexual areas.

What is the relationship between the American president and the porn actress Stephanie Clifford?

What is the relationship of US President Donald Trump with the porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Basturmi Daniels, for her lawyer to pay him $ 130,000 of his own money?

Basturmi Daniels said she had a relationship with the tycoon in 2006, and lawyer Michael Cohen revealed that because Trump had not paid him the amount, and said the payment was legal, but gave no details about its causes, according to the newspaper.

Egypt: The reasons for the arrest of former head of the Central Auditing Organization, Hisham Jenina

Egyptian security forces arrested former head of the Central Auditing Organization, Hisham Genina, on the backdrop of statements that the former chief of staff of the Egyptian army, Sami Annan, has "documents condemning the current regime and the army."

Sami Annan's son said he would sue Geneina for his remarks, which he described as "baseless."

Russian prostitute reveals the missing link in the series Trump relationship to "Moscow"

Russia, United States: The relationship between President USA, Donald Trump, and Moscow's involvement in the US presidential election has been open since the White House president took office.

The most important episodes of the relationship between billionaire Trump and Moscow will be revealed by the prostitutes, after the Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, in a recent publication and imposed by the Russian authorities ban publishing, Trump relationship was through a Russian billionaire and Russian Deputy Prime Minister and a consultant Russian President, and that the details were published to the public by the "whore".

The case of "the youngest president of a group in Morocco" Ikram Bouabid and the fact of infidelity

In Morocco, Ikram Bouabid, Morocco's "youngest group leader" had been arrested, while identical media reports reported that the arrest was due to infidelity.

Ikram Bouabid, went to the media and confirmed her innocence of the charge of adultery and she was the victim of false news, but new developments have emerged to prove the contrary.

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