Pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford presents the compromise to the US president

Pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, who said she had a relationship with US President Donald Trump before becoming US president, offered a compromise in their dispute.

She asked the actress Stephanie Clifford of Trump to refund her $ 130 thousand was Trump personal lawyer paid her to remain silent about that relationship.

What is the relationship between the American president and the porn actress Stephanie Clifford?

What is the relationship of US President Donald Trump with the porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Basturmi Daniels, for her lawyer to pay him $ 130,000 of his own money?

Basturmi Daniels said she had a relationship with the tycoon in 2006, and lawyer Michael Cohen revealed that because Trump had not paid him the amount, and said the payment was legal, but gave no details about its causes, according to the newspaper.

Kardishian women, girls succeed in a new direction to the world of pornography neatly

"The women of the Kardishian family, the most beautiful, exciting and elegant women in the world, are girls who have succeeded in a new direction to sexual relations, have taken it as a celebrity mode of pregnancy and have become even more exciting.

Kim Kardashian, who has always sought to be the focus of the spotlight and photographers' lenses, both in grand parties or in her daily life, even during pregnancy.

Details of the American president's relationship with the pornographic actress who was causing his daughter Ivanka

Pornstar actress Stephanie Clifford, who is known as Stormy Daniels, has revealed the details of her intimate relationship with US President Donald Trump on In Touch magazine, even though she received $ 130,000 for her silence.

The first meeting between actress and billionaire Trump was in July 2006, during a Nevada golf competition, a few months after his wife Melania put their baby.

American pornographic actress Olivia Nova died mysteriously before repentance

American pornographic actress Olivia Nova (20 years), dead, was found in Las Vegas, mysteriously, less than a year after the suicide of her lover.

A friend of the porn actress "Olivia Nova" said she was trying to repent and change her career and life completely and stop drinking alcohol before her sudden death last week.

Pornographic actress exposing the US President

The Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Cohen, a lawyer for US President Donald Trump, had arranged Stephanie Clifford's $ 130,000 pornographic film "Storm Daniels" a month before the 2016 presidential election. Her commitment to the silence and not to talk to the media about any relationship with the American billionaire, then.

Watch: Star of Playboy magazine Sarah Jian Underwood publishes a video of her own in Morocco

Morocco, Seduction Stars, Follow-Up /Star of the pornographic magazine "Playboy" "Sarah Jian Underwood", published a sexy video, on her account on "Entagram", documenting her journey on the New Year holiday in Marrakech.

Indian actress Risha Saxena is accused of prostitution

Hyderabad police arrested 24-year-old Indian actress Risha Saxina, a number of artists and a group of outside-art women on charges of vice in a luxury hotel.

Police raided two five-star hotels such as the Taj Deccan and Taj Bangara in the prestigious Banjara Hills.

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