A pornographic film by Tunisian artist Mariam Ben Mami, and people in front of the judiciary

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / Tunisia/ Tunisian actress Mariam Ben Mami appeared in a promotional film for a pornographic film, filmed in a swimming-pool hotel, and the video sparked outrage among her fans.

Mariam Ben Mami is one of the artists who is admired and admired by the Tunisian public due to her media activities and works of art.

Playboy star Christina Carlin-Kraft is hanged

Abu Dhabi, UAE, Vision Top/ The nudity star in Playboy magazine, Christina Carlin-Craft, was strangled by a rope in her home in a Philadelphia suburb of Pennsylvania.

American porn actress Nadia Ali: They were insisting on my portrayal of the hijab

The American pornographic actress, Taiba, of Pakistani origin, Nadia Ali said filmmakers were insisting on wearing headscarves while filming pornographic films, noting that they had once portrayed them in a scene of homosexuality resembling US President Donald Trump.

Star stripper Nadia Ali said her retirement came under pressure from her mother and sister, while there was a decision in Pakistan to prevent her from entering the country.

Video, Nermin Safar dancing in underwear to celebrate the Republic Day

Facebook's social networking site featured a video of Tunisian singer Nermin Safar, who appeared dancing on the roof of her house in her underwear, mocking this national celebration.

Nermin Safar emerged as a mockery of the Republic Day, which falls on July 25 each year, and raised the banner of Tunisia, which is almost naked, wearing only underwear.

Nermin Safar is a controversial Tunisian singer whenever she appears on Tunisian satellite channels.

The release of porno star Sturmie Daniels after being stopped at a nude club

Porno star, Sturmie Daniels, in a frenzy with US President Donald Trump, was released after being arrested at a clubhouse in Ohio because she allowed the club to touch her body, a violation of state law.

Sturmie Daniels made an offer at the Serenz Club in Columbus, where some of the pioneers had a "normal" approach to harassment, her lawyer, Michael Avinati, told The Associated Press.

But the Ohio Law, known as the Community Defense Act, prohibits anyone who is not a family member from touching a nude or semi-naked dancer.

The world artist "Drake" has a son of a porn actress

The famous rapper, "Busha T" broke the secret of his fellow global artist "Drake" and said that he has a son of porn actress!.

World newspapers quoted Busha T as saying that Drake had a son who kept him secret from the world and named him Adonis

A romantic relationship was revealed by Megan Markle, the fiance of the British prince and a pornographic actor

Actress Megan Markle, the fiancé of British Prince Harry Clint, has an affair with pornographic actor, American Simon Rex, 43, but has broken off her relationship after discovering the nature of his work.

The American pornographic actor "Simon Rex" said that "Megan Markle" promised him; but rejected him because of the smell of his own foul, blaming the pasta with garlic that he asked before their meeting !.

Pictures of the porn film of the world star "Paris Hilton" and how to comment on it?

"I felt like I was raped and I lost a part of my soul and I was hoping I would not survive, especially when I was severely criticized," Paris Hilton said during her new documentary, The American Meme, which was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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