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The wife of the President of Syria, Asma al-Assad, paid an inspection visit to Dar al-Aman to the children of the martyrs in the coastal city of Tartous.

According to a statement issued by the Syrian Presidency, the names of the students and administrative and administrative staff met on the first day of its opening, with the start of the new academic year in Syria.


American fashion model Paris Michael Jackson, published a new chest less image on the Instagram.

Paris Jackson appeared bare-chested, who hid it with Imogi in the form of two roses, in an image published by the French magazine Elle.


A British study has shown that some kind of men suddenly collapse because their hearts are older than they are, so they do not hide within themselves.

The study involved 1.2 million male and female volunteers in a public health campaign in England.

A recent study found that the heart of one in 10 men in Britain is older than his real age.


The streets of Houston, US, have been flooded by torrential rains caused by tropical storm Harvey on southeastern Texas, reaching some 60 centimeters in some areas, causing heavy flooding.

National meteorological services expect an increase in precipitation over the next two days, ranging from 38 to 63 centimeters, and in some areas up to 127 centimeters. The storm, which hit the coast of Texas on Friday night as a fourth-class cyclone, caused two deaths so far.


The newspaper "The Independent" British secret recordings of Princess Diana published on Channel 4 British, in which she announced her emotional relationship with her bodyguard.

The newspaper said the Princess's personal guard was an officer named Perry Manaki. He was 37 when he was appointed to the Kingston Palace in 1985, one year after Prince Harry was born.


Former Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker announces the return to singing "God willing," as announced by his son Mohammed Shaker, where he posted a video on Facebook, a section of one of his father's previous concerts at the Mawazine Festival, commenting "the voice that longs for millions, , And launched Hashtag #Fadl_shaker_review.


The artistic presence was absent from the funeral of the Egyptian dancer Ghazal, except the popular artist Saad Al-Sagheer, who attended the mosque of Mrs. Nafisa to perform the funeral prayer next to her family who started the funeral after praying to her hometown of Alexandria.


A medical revolution to protect genes to protect against hereditary diseases, after US scientists have succeeded in modifying human embryonic genes to correct a disease-causing mutation, allowing the transmission of the defect to future generations.

This is done using a technology called Crisper-Cass 9 to correct a genetic mutation that causes a heart disease.


The danger of kissing people to newborns may reach death, this warning came from the publication of a couple, after the death of their daughter, because of a viral infection.

 Nicole and Sean Seifret, their 18-day-old daughter, Marianna, died of herpes simplex virus infection.


A friend of #Tuba_Buyukston, businessman #Omut_Avergan was arrested on the 22nd of last month, with two personal guards of his.

According to Haberturk, the trial of Habib Tuba Buyukston was held to decide on his order with the two bodyguards, to order his release pending his trial.

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