Thursday, 04 June 2020

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An old man named Steve Stephens in Erie County used Facebook Live to broadcast the murder of a man identified by police as Robert Goodwin, 74.

Stevens said in another video posted on his social networking page that he had killed 13 people and threatened to kill more.

American police reported suicide after a short chase and shot himself dead.


A father in Lahore, Pakistan, and three friends kidnapped a 15-year-old boy and cut off his penis in the belief that he was "marrying his daughter" after his abduction.


The commissioners took Robert Seaman Jr., 48, from the courtroom, after a hearing to determine his trial, to the Mahonning County Detention Center in Yongzheng, where he killed himself.


An Indonesian man, claiming "Akbar" was no longer home, prompting residents of the Karoussa region to search for him.


Polycystic ovary, is formed inside the ovaries bags and be filled with fluid, which is very common especially in the childbearing age.

There are several types of ovarian cysts, the most common of which is the functional cyst formed during ovulation, and that happens when it is not fire or the egg when it does not degrade the bag, which is made up of the egg after its launch


To express their rejection of the spread of the phenomenon of harassment in Afghanistan, girl walk in the streets of the Afghan capital, "Kabul", wearing an iron shield.


Just as we call sexually unstable for people who are conducting the term reform of sex operations, we can call on this young reformer "unstable space."


Malaysian currency difficult pieces are not affected by rain or humidity.

Malaysians love durian fruit, which is of a repulsive odor

Malaysians are using the thumb to indicate the significance of the place, pointing his index finger as a sign of violence or threats.


Policeman in Argentina filmed his fellow officers, the two having sex in a police car.


One of the greatest yachts in the world, a length of 470 feet, eight floors and three antennae height of 195 feet, dubbed "A yacht", for a Russian billionaire.

Yacht design process took five years, it has been linked to multiple floors by elevator and spiral staircases free floating.

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