The strangest case of rape in India

Punjab, After the Supreme Court of India rejected the request of the parents of a 10-year-old girl to abort the fetus, the girl was forced to put her pregnancy.

After admitting that her uncle was raping her, the Indian police admitted that she had reopened the criminal investigation on the subject.

Ukrainian fashion model "Natasha Cerberi" escaped after 7 years of torture and rape

Ukrainian fashion model Natasha Cerberi, 25, escaped from the businessman Vyacheslav, 30, after 7 years of detention, torture and rape.

According to the newspaper "The Sun Online" Natasha Cerberi suffers from fractures in the ribs, chest bones, fingers and head injuries, and anemia due to severe bleeding lasted for three months of blood loss almost killed, where the weight of 38 kilograms.

A Moroccan imam practices indecency with a child inside the mosque

In a mosque in the Moroccan city of Temara, an imam of an infamous mosque was caught with a child after being watched by the families of his victims from children under the age of 8 and reported.

Murder of a girl shaking Egypt

Egypt, the strangest crimes, The village of Mastai, in the Qweisna district, in the Egyptian governorate of Menoufia, witnessed a heinous crime, which claimed the lives of a 5-year-old girl after an attempt to rape her.

Details of the incident, a 16-year-old boy killed the girl and hid her body in a locker in his house, after trying to rape her, fearing the discovery of his order.

The rape of a French Consul in Brazil

A French consul was visiting Tipao do Sul in northern Brazil to see a carnival there and slept with two of her friends when a man entered and raped her, the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported.

Raping his girlfriend's body and sending pictures to his friends

US police arrest 19-year-old Bryan Roberto in Lynnwood, Wash.

The young man was raped by Elissa Kay, aged 18, while dying of an overdose of drugs at his home. Instead of rescuing her, Bryan Roberto raped her, sent pictures of the dead body during the rape and asked his friends to help him hide her.

Will Pakistan execute a murderer and rapist 8 children in public?

Many Pakistanis have demanded the public execution of Mohammed Omran, suspected of raping and killing eight children, including the girl Zainab, whose trial began in a heavily guarded prison in the eastern city of Lahore.

Rape of the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" in the refrigerator of the dead

While the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" was kept in the refrigerator of the dead waiting to identify the killer was sexually assaulted the body.

The British newspaper Daily Mail said police discovered the crime by chance to inspect the killer after receiving new information about the perpetrator.

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