Russia: Shooting in front of a church in the Republic of Dagestan

Terrorism in Russia:  A gunman opened fire on worshipers in front of an Orthodox church in Kizlyar, north of Dagestan, in the Russian Caucasus region. Five women were killed and the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack.


The Interior Ministry said the attacker, who also wounded two members of the security forces, had been "liquidated" during an exchange of fire with the police.

Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow

Russia, aviation accidents, A Russian AN-148 aircraft crashed in an area close to Moscow after it disappeared from radar screens, a Russian emergency source said.

Video, moments of horror on a Russian plane

Russia, aviation accidents, The passengers of a Russian plane lived horrifying moments when the fire broke out inside the plane after a mobile charger exploded.

The Airbus A320 was coming from the Russian capital of Moscow and had just landed at an airport in the western city of Volgograd when the mobile charger exploded, the Daily Mail reported.

Russia: New statistics for wounded St. Petersburg explosion

The statistics of the explosion in St. Petersburg rose to 10 injured, and more than 50 people were evacuated, Russian authorities said the attack was carried out by a device manufactured locally.

According to the Russian "Today", the Russian investigation committee does not consider the explosion of St. Petersburg as a terrorist act.

Sudan is encircling America with Moscow's weapons and a Russian base in the Red Sea

Sudan may have embarked on a plan to circumvent America by opening channels with Russia through arms deals with Moscow, which could later lead to many agreements in a number of areas, making Khartoum an ally with Russia's support if the states To impose sanctions on him.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has said Sudan wants to buy Russian-made Sukhoi-30 and Sukhoi-35 fighter jets during his visit to Russia, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

A Russian student beats his teacher and picks up Sylvie with his body

A Russian student named Andrei Emiliankov, aged 18, killed his 44-year-old teacher, a father of three, with an electric saw and took a picture of Sylvie with his body in the classroom. To commit suicide.

Russian porn actress Elena Barkova plans to run for president

Russian porn actress Elena Berkova plans to run for president in March 2018.

Russian porn actress Elena Berkova participated in a video on social media in which she confirmed her intention to apply for the next presidential election.

Kaspersky spy Russia on the US National Security Agency

Computer hackers from Russia stole files from the US National Security Agency on the personal computer of one of the agency's contractors

The stolen documents explain how the US National Security Agency is also hacking foreign computers and protecting itself from cyber attacks.

Russian hackers have used Kaspersky's anti-virus program, and Russian piracy is due in 2015, the third piracy of its kind ever seen by a NSA contractor in four years.

This incident may have prompted Washington, on September 13, 2017, to order all federal employees to remove all Kaspersky Lab antivirus software from computers in government departments and federal agencies.

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