Russian fashion model Ekaterina Stetsyuk is trying to commit suicide from rape in Dubai

Russian fashion model Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, tried to commit suicide in Dubai to escape a rape attempt. She threw herself from the balcony of her room on the 6th floor after a man tried to rape her. The UAE police arrested her despite undergoing two operations, Back.

The family of Ekaterina Stetsyuk, who is from Irkutsk in Western Siberia, said the man who tried to rape her was a 37-year-old Pakistani businessman who had earlier called for a cosmetic deal and tried to assault her with a knife in his hand. According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British

The Russian dancer Jawhara is completely naked

The Russian dancer Jawhara broke off the silence and provoked controversy again, and published pictures of her naked in the bathtub on the instagram.

Ukrainian fashion model "Natasha Cerberi" escaped after 7 years of torture and rape

Ukrainian fashion model Natasha Cerberi, 25, escaped from the businessman Vyacheslav, 30, after 7 years of detention, torture and rape.

According to the newspaper "The Sun Online" Natasha Cerberi suffers from fractures in the ribs, chest bones, fingers and head injuries, and anemia due to severe bleeding lasted for three months of blood loss almost killed, where the weight of 38 kilograms.

Russian prostitute reveals the missing link in the series Trump relationship to "Moscow"

Russia, United States: The relationship between President USA, Donald Trump, and Moscow's involvement in the US presidential election has been open since the White House president took office.

The most important episodes of the relationship between billionaire Trump and Moscow will be revealed by the prostitutes, after the Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, in a recent publication and imposed by the Russian authorities ban publishing, Trump relationship was through a Russian billionaire and Russian Deputy Prime Minister and a consultant Russian President, and that the details were published to the public by the "whore".

Rape of the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" in the refrigerator of the dead

While the body of the Russian star "Oksana Abelkeva" was kept in the refrigerator of the dead waiting to identify the killer was sexually assaulted the body.

The British newspaper Daily Mail said police discovered the crime by chance to inspect the killer after receiving new information about the perpetrator.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who turned out to be a young man named Elie Diaghilev

"I always defend natural beauty, not artificiality," said Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, who has hidden a secret after reaching the finals. He has won a bet with his friends about natural beauty.

Miss Kazakhstan Arena Aliva, said she was male and not female since the start of her participation and selection in the competition among 4000 girls, and that her name is Elie Diaghilev.

Video, two nurses throw a person on the sidewalk at a temperature below zero

Russia, medicine in Russia, Two Russian nurses got rid of an injured person in the foot, bouncing on the sidewalk in a temperature near zero, according to surveillance cameras on the streets opposite the hospital.

Hospital in the southwestern city of Sochi. According to the video posted by the Daily Mail on its site, the two nurses appeared pushing a man sitting in a wheelchair outside hospital No. 4 in Sochi, and then disappeared behind a car, and then returned to the chair without the man.

The Russian lottery management is looking for a winner to receive $ 9 million

The Russian Lottery Department is looking for the winner of the first prize to receive the award, which is the largest in the history of the country.

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