A meeting between Alwaleed bin Talal and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and discussed economic issues, the future of the private sector and his role in the success of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. He stressed that Kingdom Holding Company will be the largest supporter of vision through more than one investment sector.

Saudi media video, Shirin Rifai, who caused her trial

After a Saudi media video, Shireen Rifai, who appeared in open clothes, was transferred to the investigation.

Video Shireen Rifai pushed the Saudis to launch Hashtag # Naked_wonder in Riyadh Criticizing what the Saudi media did.

The General Authority for Audiovisual Media in Saudi Arabia decided to refer Shireen Rifai to the investigation.

To raise the issue of the sovereign airspace of the provinces with Qatar to the International Court of Justice

The boycotting states of Qatar, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, decided to raise the issue of the sovereign airspace of the four Arab countries with Qatar and the view within the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The ICAO Council considered two requests submitted by the State of Qatar to the Council requesting the activation of Article 84 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944) on the Settlement of Dispute On the interpretation and application of the Chicago Convention and its annexes with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt, in particular the closure of the four sovereign airspace of the Arab States in front of the aircraft registered in the State of Qatar, as well as preventing them from landing and taking off from the airports of the four Arab countries. Activation of the second item of Article II concerning the settlement of the dispute over the interpretation and application of the "International Transit Services Agreement" against the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Video, Saudi media, Sherine Rifai driving her semi-naked

Activists on the Twitter blog circulated a thrilling video clip, which they said was the Saudi media, Shirin Rifai, documenting the second day of the decision to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

The media appeared wearing an open white cloak revealing part of her transparent clothes, part of her body and hair, unusual in the conservative Saudi women, known for their tight clothes and black gowns.

The "bars of peace" will link Saudi Arabia and Europe through Israel

The Israeli government has approved a transport project linking Europe and Saudi Arabia through Israel, via a railway line.

According to political analyst for Israel Channel 12, Dana Weiss, "The project is called the Pillars of Peace, which aims to find a commercial line from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, which Israel calls the Persian Gulf." Under the project, the railway will pass from Israel to Saudi Arabia, The Jordanian border and the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank. "

President of the Saudi Al Hilal Club Sami Al Jaber is drinking wine with the Russian President

Al-Hilal's president Sami Al-Jaber appeared in a video holding a glass of wine and saluted by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The video was filmed during the hosting of Vladimir Putin for football stars from different countries of the world, including the retired Egyptian player Hossam Hassan.

Sex videos of a Saudi young man with children provoking anger in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia posted on Twitter calls to the security authorities demanding the arrest of a young Saudi in the city of "Abha", the recruitment of boys under the age of 17 years to practice sodomy with them, and the dissemination of sex videos through the application of "Snape Chat."

Video, thwarting the attempt to burn the Kaaba

Saudi Arab, The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video that was filmed inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca, showing the pilgrims holding one of the people, carrying a package full of gasoline.

With the comment accompanying the video, this person was trying to set the bonfire on the Kaaba.

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