The firing of ballistic missiles on the Saudi capital, Jazan, Khamis Mushayt and Najran

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen said the Air Defense Forces had intercepted missiles aimed at the capital Riyadh, the cities of Jazan, Khamis Mushayt and Najran.

Fragments caused by the destruction of these missiles in the air killed an Egyptian resident and injured two other Egyptians, causing material damage.

Photos: The best cities for living

Mercer International Consulting has released the list of the world's best living cities for 2018, according to the annual survey

The company's survey of 231 cities helps companies and institutions identify compensation allowances and subsistence allowances for international workers.

The criteria included political stability, health care, education, crime, recreation and transport.

Saudi royal court counselor beats Egyptian artist Amal Maher

The adviser to the Royal Court, the head of the Sports Authority in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, attacked the Egyptian artist Amal Maher and filed a complaint against him, according to the Egyptian editorial website.

According to Maher's letter, the Sheikh beat her in front of her house in the Maadi area, in the presence of a number of security officers surrounding her house, who also witnessed the incident.

France: Judicial decision to arrest King Salman's daughter

A French craftsman filed a complaint against a Saudi princess who was doing work in her apartment in a Parisian neighborhood,

In September 2016, one of the craftsmen arrived at the Princess's apartment on Foch Avenue.

He said in his testimony that he was taking a picture of the room that he was supposed to work on when he was accused of taking hidden pictures for sale to the media.

Saudi Crown Prince: Qatar less than a street in Egypt and Iran "paper tiger"

Cairo/ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held a press conference at the Saudi embassy in Cairo at the end of his visit to Egypt, which resulted in a number of economic agreements between the two countries.

"I do not care about them, less than the rank of minister responsible for the country file, the population of Qatar is not equal to a street in Egypt, and any minister in the Saudi government can solve the Qatari crisis," he said.

Details of the four agreements signed by Saudi Arabia with Egypt

Cairo / Follow-up / Vision News / On the sidelines of the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Cairo, there have been reports of the signing of four agreements between Saudi Arabia and Egypt,

Sky News said Egypt and Saudi Arabia had agreed on an investment project to develop Egyptian areas in South Sinai to be part of the Newum project.

Radical changes in the Saudi defense system

Saudi Army, Royal / Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud ordered the approval of the "Ministry of Defense Development Document, which includes the vision and strategy of the Ministry's development program, the operational model for development, organizational structure, governance and human resource requirements developed in the light of the national defense strategy."

According to the Saudi Press Agency - SPA, the development document includes:

The Saudi actress has a Ahd Kamel and has reached universalism

Saudi Stars, Star News, Ahd Kamel of the first Saudi female artist to appear on the British BBC, where she won one of the roles of the championship in the series Collateral, a joint work between the channel and network Netflix.

In Collateral, Saudi artist Ahd Kamel embodies the character of the Syrian refugee Fatima. She said in her remarks to Asharq Al-Awsat that her participation in this work opened a door for other artists. This is a good time especially with the many changes taking place in Saudi Arabia now. Representation is not as sensitive as it was From before.

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