Sex videos of a Saudi young man with children provoking anger in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia posted on Twitter calls to the security authorities demanding the arrest of a young Saudi in the city of "Abha", the recruitment of boys under the age of 17 years to practice sodomy with them, and the dissemination of sex videos through the application of "Snape Chat."

Video, thwarting the attempt to burn the Kaaba

Saudi Arab, The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video that was filmed inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca, showing the pilgrims holding one of the people, carrying a package full of gasoline.

With the comment accompanying the video, this person was trying to set the bonfire on the Kaaba.

A Gulf-Jordanian meeting in Mecca to discuss the Amman crisis

The Jordanian monarch, Abdullah II, was unable to return citizens to their homes, despite the replacement of the government, and the withdrawal of the new tax law, so the brotherly countries of the Gulf are expected to emerge from the crisis.

Video, a Pakistani expatriate committed suicide from the roof of the Grand Mosque

A Pakistani expatriate committed suicide from the top floors of the Grand Mosque and was taken to hospital. Investigations are continuing to determine the causes of suicide, despite the existence of an iron fence to protect the perimeter of the entire surface.

The Pakistani expatriate is 35 years old and decided to end his life by jumping from the roof of the Grand Mosque to the Tawaf Table on the ground floor;

The Saudi Embassy in Tunisia: The artist Latifa is lying

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tunis responded to the artist Latifa about preventing her from entering the Kingdom.

The Tunisian embassy in Tunis said in a statement: "What Latifa El-Arfaoui, a Tunisian woman known as Latifa, said in a television interview about her long-standing ban on coming to the kingdom to perform Umrah.

Why Saudi Arabia prevented the Tunisian artist Latifa from entering its territory

During an interview with MBC, Latifa Al-Tounsia, the actress, revealed that she is banned from entering Saudi Arabia since 2011 and is deprived of performing Umrah.

Latifa said she had received a visa normally from the Saudi embassy in Lebanon and went there to revive one of the weddings.

Saudi Arabia threatens to intervene militarily in Qatar and requests French mediation

Saudi king, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, requested the mediation of French President Emmanuel Macaron, before the military intervention in Qatar if it got the system "S-400" Russian missile.

The French newspaper Le Monde said that Salman sent a letter to the French president expressing his concern about Qatar's approach to a deal with Russia for the S-400 air defense missile system, which Saudi Arabia sees as threatening the safety of its airspace and warning escalation in the region. .

Saudi Arabia: Arrest of a group accused of communicating with outsiders

The State Security Presidency in Saudi Arabia announced that it had arrested a group of four men and three women on charges of organizing organized acts to circumvent religious and national constants and to link suspiciously with outsiders in support of their activities.

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