Thursday, 16 July 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - Evidence has emerged of a relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and British community lady Gillin Maxwell, who is currently facing charges of sexual exploitation of minors and whom the press has dubbed "Madame Maxwell," relative to a description often given to women who run sexual networks.


Egyptian News Vision: Jada Pinkett-Smith, wife of international American actor Will Smith, denied the statements of young American singer Auguste Anthony Elsina and stressed that it was incorrect.


Egyptian News Vision: - The United Nations issued an official statement expressing its "deep annoyance and shock" after circulating a video clip showing sexual scenes inside one of its official cars, which turned out to be in Israel.


Egyptian News Vision: - Football legend Diego Armando Maradona appeared in a Twitter video that sparked controversy and criticism for what he did while dancing on a blonde girl.

  • June 12, 2020
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Egyptian News Vision // Tunisia / In the biggest scandal for the parliament in Tunisia, and the greatest test of the new constitution and democracy, a female parliamentarian appeared to conspire to fabricate a terrorist case for another deputy.


Egyptian News Vision The Egyptian director, Amr Arafa, was forced to put Egyptian businessman, Naguib Sawiris, the owner of the Promo media production company, in a confrontation with people in general, and to speak in front of the pioneers of social media to claim his right.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Moroccan actress, Maryam Hussein, once she got rid of the issue of her expulsion from Dubai, which was brought against her by the Emirati journalist, Saleh Al Jasmi, brother of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi, until she found herself involved in the case of Al-Rapper Dailer and the fascistista, Shawq Muhammad, whose details were revealed recently by journalist Abu Talal Al-Hamrani.


Egyptian News Vision, USA: Linda Tripp, the lady who exposed the sexual relationship between former President Bill Clinton and a former White House intern, Monica Luniske, died in an American hospital, at the age of 70.


Casablanca, Morocco:-- After the United Arab Emirates handed over Moroccan model, Aisha Ayyash, to the authorities in her country, and she is the main suspect in the case of "Hamza Moon Bibi", Aisha submitted confessions condemning the artist, Donia Butma and her sister, Ibtisam.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: - The UAE police arrested the Moroccan fashion designer, Aisha Ayyash, for her involvement in the case of what has become known as the “Hamza Moon Baby Account”, and she will be deported to her country.

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