Stars of the world drug addicts, photos and surprises

The addiction of celebrities to different types of drugs, including those who ruled it, and some of them took off, and this list includes Arab stars and global drug addicts.

Vision Top collected a photo album for these stars, you will see surprises and Nguoma did not expect that they were taking drugs.

Including singer Amy Winehouse, Joker, The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger, Egyptian artist Hatem Zulfikar, Nour Sharif, who admitted to drug addiction in his youth, and world actor Ben Affleck.



Video, Nermin Safar dancing in underwear to celebrate the Republic Day

Facebook's social networking site featured a video of Tunisian singer Nermin Safar, who appeared dancing on the roof of her house in her underwear, mocking this national celebration.

Nermin Safar emerged as a mockery of the Republic Day, which falls on July 25 each year, and raised the banner of Tunisia, which is almost naked, wearing only underwear.

Nermin Safar is a controversial Tunisian singer whenever she appears on Tunisian satellite channels.

Nadine Al-Rassi is a drunkard who stabs the ground and picks up the silfi

Lebanese star Nadine Al-Rassi surprised Nadine by following inappropriate videos, and many described him as "crazy" and "weird."

The video was during a wedding at a wedding in France, where she appeared in one sitting on the ground, dancing and swinging left and right and taking pictures.

A number of activists said Nadine was "drunk" because, even if she was conscious, she would not have released such videos, which would lessen her success.

Sand van Roy accused filmmaker Luc Besson of raping her

Actress Sand van Roy, 27, has been charged with rape by the filmmaker Luc Besson, 59, at the Bristol Hotel in Paris after returning from the Cannes Film Festival this year.

"I was afraid of death, and it was never far away," Roy told Reuters in an interview with BFM television.

"I felt the pain escalating, until the second day, when it is this violence .. called rape."

"I told him he stopped, I told him so clearly, there were tears, and vomiting ... I was forced to have sex with me, even though I showed my unwillingness to do so, not only."

Turkish singer Mustafa Gigi: My wife was a homosexual and related to a famous singer

The Turkish singer, Mustapha Gigli revealed that his ex-wife, Gendek Cinam, lesbian sex and have sex during their marriage with the singer Intzer.

Gigli filed a court suit in order to obtain custody of his son and presented in the file evidence proving his ex-wife's relationship with the Turkish singer Intzer, indicating that the evidence included photographs and videos.

British minister sends 2,000 sex messages to social networking sites

Andrew Griffith, the UK Minister of Small Enterprises, was following two women on the social networking site Snape Chat for six months before starting communication with them in June 2018.

Griffith sent about 2,000 messages in three weeks to the two women via Facebook, Instagram, WattsApp and Snape Chat.

After revealing his order, he confessed to what he had done and resigned after revealing text messages of a sexual nature that he sent to the two women.

Facebook justifies the new scandal known as "white lists"

In response to the new scandal, known as "white lists" Facebook justified that it shared user data with some companies to improve services, but the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the social networking site provided data on the list of friends for weeks and months after the announcement of the suspension of the process in 2015 , Something the company had earlier denied.

The newspaper revealed that the Facebook site allowed private companies to access user data, under secret deals, which brings back to the forefront controversy violation of privacy on social platforms.

The world artist "Drake" has a son of a porn actress

The famous rapper, "Busha T" broke the secret of his fellow global artist "Drake" and said that he has a son of porn actress!.

World newspapers quoted Busha T as saying that Drake had a son who kept him secret from the world and named him Adonis

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