Book of "Full Disclosure", Trump’sSex scandal with Stormy Daniels

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) Excerpts from the book "Full Disclosure" details of the scandal of US President Donald Trump with the pornographic actress, Stormy Daniels.

Daniels says she asked Trump about sex with her even though he was married. Trump replied that he showed her the image of his wife, a Milanese fashion model, carrying their son Baron, who was only a few months old at the time.

After her scandalous images, Lebanese Naya is accused of worshiping Satan

Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Lebanese singer Naya, the controversial and controversial, has recently disappeared from the social networking sites and the artistic scene, after its scandalous images

However, Naya returned to her account on the Ingram site and deleted all her pictures and just four controversial pictures that looked a bit strange.

Musab Yousef is nothing but a traitor, as his Shabak coach put it

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Jonin Ben Ishaq,A former Shin Bet security service officer who oversaw the recruitment of Musab Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Hassan Yousef, nicknamed the "Green Prince", spoke in an interview with the Hebrew newspaper Maariv about the recruitment process and the services that Musab Yousef presented to Israel During 10 years of espionage in favor of the occupation.

Ben Ishaq commented that "Green Prince" preferred death to life, and said: "Not at all, he loves life, but he lives on the edge, he is addicted to the adrenaline."

Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood admits "sexual seduction"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, The grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, banned in Egypt and classified as a terrorist, Tariq Ramadan admitted that he had actually tried to "seduce" the woman who filed a complaint against him on charges of rape occurred several years ago.

Three of the investigating magistrates in a Paris court have heard for eight hours the accused and victim Christel, the second woman in a series of scandals and complaints to hunt down the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in France and Switzerland.

Video about Hurricane Florence embodies the American lie

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, The US Weather Channel reporter, Mike Seidel, showed how far the American lie could have been, as he appeared to be battling the strong winds of Hurricane Florence while covering the hurricane in North Carolina.

But two people appeared in the background as they walked quietly, in a spontaneous shot that revealed the reporter's exaggeration, and falsified the scene he was making.

Michael Jackson was sexually assaulted by Wade Robinson

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-In a television interview, world famous dancer Wade Robinson revealed that the late King of Pop Michael Jackson was sexually assaulted while receiving dance lessons from him.

Wade Robinson said:

CBS president Lesley Monves resigns amid sexual harassment scandal

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, CBS has announced the resignation of Chief Executive Leslie Monves because of a new scandal of sexual assault and harassment on charges of six women.

(68 years), lost part of the end-of-service bonus worth about $ 100 million.

A pornographic film by Tunisian artist Mariam Ben Mami, and people in front of the judiciary

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / Tunisia/ Tunisian actress Mariam Ben Mami appeared in a promotional film for a pornographic film, filmed in a swimming-pool hotel, and the video sparked outrage among her fans.

Mariam Ben Mami is one of the artists who is admired and admired by the Tunisian public due to her media activities and works of art.

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