Video, scandal in Argentina: naked women trying to enter the church

A scandal in Argentina, moved from the Catholic Church to social networking sites.

Activists on Facebook circulated a video showing a series of young Catholics lining up in front of the church to prevent any bald woman from entering.

Brazil: closure of financial corruption in Petrobras and Banco de Brazil

Brasilia: After charges of financial corruption and money laundering have been found against the former director of Petrobras and Banco de Brazil, a Brazilian court sentenced them to 11 years' imprisonment.

Aldemar Bandin, The former head of state oil company Petrobras has been convicted of receiving a bribe from Odebrecht of three million Brazilian rials (about 750,000 euros) from the Odebrecht group for his duties on Petrobras and Banco de Brazil.

Video: Algerian artist Fela Ababsa insulting insults against those who criticize

Algerian actress Fallah Ababsa appeared on a live video from Tunisia, via social media sites. She directed the most vehement insults to her followers in response to the great problems that the Ababsa family experiences.

A Moroccan imam practices indecency with a child inside the mosque

In a mosque in the Moroccan city of Temara, an imam of an infamous mosque was caught with a child after being watched by the families of his victims from children under the age of 8 and reported.

Ivanka Trump scandal, an old sexual relationship surfaced

White House, A sexual scandal has surfaced for the son of the president and his adviser, Ivanka Trump, where the famous producer Quincy Jones has revealed unexpected dramatic comments about his relationship with her and important details about the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy.

"I promised Ivanka Trump 12 years ago when she was 24 years old," Jones, 84, told Vulture magazine.

American actress Yuma Thurman and producer Harvey Weinstein and sex scandal

Hollywood stars, star news: American actress Yuma Thurman and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, news sex scandal.

In an interview published in the New York Times, American actress Yuma Thurman said Harvey and Ernestine had sexually assaulted her in 1994 after the release of the movie "Balp Fiction".

Video, two nurses throw a person on the sidewalk at a temperature below zero

Russia, medicine in Russia, Two Russian nurses got rid of an injured person in the foot, bouncing on the sidewalk in a temperature near zero, according to surveillance cameras on the streets opposite the hospital.

Hospital in the southwestern city of Sochi. According to the video posted by the Daily Mail on its site, the two nurses appeared pushing a man sitting in a wheelchair outside hospital No. 4 in Sochi, and then disappeared behind a car, and then returned to the chair without the man.

Journalist accuses US star Michael Douglas of sexual harassment

Hollywood stars, harassment scandals, Susanne Prodi, the journalist and author of Today's NBC News, accused the American star, Michael Douglas, of sexual harassment. She said that he had committed acts of indecent assault, verbally harassed her, and made an "improper act" When she worked for him in the 1980s.

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